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Biden’s Approval Rating Down Over Kabul Mess



Joe Biden attended the Luzerne County Mobilization Event at Dallas High School | Biden’s Approval Rating Down Over Kabul Mess | featured

Don’t look now, but President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are falling hard and fast. In the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, the president’s numbers slid to just 43%. Many Americans continue to react negatively about how the President managed the disastrous Afghanistan pullout.  

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Biden’s Approval Rating Down Six Points From July

Biden’s approval rating of 43% is his lowest number so far in his eight months sitting in the White House. This is six points below his approval rating last July.

The main group responsible for his fall from grace are Americans who identified themselves as Independents. Overall, only 36% of independents currently approve of his performance. This is a 10% drop from the previous July survey. 

Losing the confidence of independents is an impending sign of doom for Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party. Biden won the Independent vote during the 2020 elections, but now a majority think he’s flying off the rails.

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Now, the president can only hope to prove that his decision on Afghanistan will be seen in a better light by Americans in the long run. 

Failure in Afghanistan Caused Biden’s Drop in Approval Rating

It took seven months of Biden’s presidency for many Americans to start looking at him in a more negative light. Many are now disagreeing with Biden with regards to cultural, economic, and Afghanistan-related issues.

Now, 41% of American adults now strongly disapprove of how Biden is doing his job. This includes 81% of Republicans. 

For Afghanistan in particular, 61% of Americans saw the withdrawal as a failure. This includes 71% of independents, who said that Biden’s management of the Afghanistan crisis is a failure, although refugees are now welcome at this time.

The view on Afghanistan jibes with the majority's disapproval of Biden’s foreign policy stewardship. In addition, 71% of Americans think the war in Afghanistan is an epic fail.

38% thought that the US should have continued with the withdrawal, but should have left some troops. 37% wanted a complete pullout, while 10% wanted all troops to remain there. 

Afghans Should Take Control Of Their Future, Not The US

In addition, only 29% of adult Americans agree that the US has a duty to continue involvement in Afghanistan. In contrast, 61% want Afghans to handle their affairs without US involvement.

However, many Americans felt a sense of compassion for Afghans who worked with the US during their 20-year stay. 73% support the idea of allowing Afghan refugees to come to the United States.

Broken down, however, Republicans are split in what to do with refugees. 49% of Republicans agree with bringing refugees to the US while 44% do not.

Who Is To Blame for Afghanistan?

Partisan lines showed up when the survey asked which President should be responsible for the entire Afghanistan war. 36% of all Americans said it was George W. Bush who originally sent the troops there.

Democrats blame Bush and Donald Trump for what happened. Meanwhile, Republicans said that Biden and Barack Obama were the main culprits. 

As the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, 44% of all survey respondents think that the USA is less safe now than before 9/11.

Only 30% say that the country is much safer now. 25% say it’s the same. Among those who say that the US is not safe at the moment, 66% were Republicans.

Watch The Damage Report’s video asking if the Afghanistan withdrawal is tanking Biden's approval rating:

Which President handled Afghanistan the worst?

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Do you agree with the NPR survey results? Do you approve or disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of his job? Did Afghanistan change your mind about Biden?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • LEON FAIR says:


  • Johnny says:

    our gov. is full of dick heads that are crooked and should be removed , they are out for one thing and that is not the people of this country . I know what we need to do , but can’t say it .

  • Ronnie says:

    It is pretty straightforward, you take the ones you love out of danger first while defending their exit. You get everyone out, period. Then you pull the military out. I do believe this will open a door for terrorist to come to our country again to do more harm than they did before. Our Southern border is wide open and now our enemies can simply walk across. Can you imagine what would happen if they take away our weapons to protect ourselves? Joe didn’t protect those Americans in Afghanistan what makes you think he will protect us here in America? Are all the people coming across the border being tested for Covid 19? If no, why not? You shut down the whole country because of this virus but you are going to leave the border wide open? WHAT? That does not make sense. They tried to impeach Trump on day two of his presidency for what? Now this president does this and no one says anything? Why the duplicity? What is good for one is good for the other. Take Kamala with him because she is just as guilty. Do the right thing, I am sure the voters will in 2022. Brace yourself!

  • william brin says:

    He is a stupid lying Moron! He has lyed about his family business dealings and did not campaign while lying on his couch in the basement! He doesn’t take media questions unless his answeresare prepared and his media is hand picked! he has a miserable attitude and can’t rember what he say’s!He fit’s in perfectly with his party of the squad and queen pilosi! What a bunch of trash

  • Babs says:

    He doesn’t know what truth is. He’s an enemy of the American people, especoa;;y the white ones/ He should not even be allowed to walk our streets. Trade him and his disgusting family along with the other Commies for our Americans being held hostage.

  • William Aubin says:

    I am a retired USAF E-7 & no Commander in chief that I ever served under would have ever come up wit Biden’s screw up. I do not think that he would like to hear the comments about this major screw up at our local American Legion. The very worst thing he did beside even running for President was closing Bagram AFB 1st. Unlike Kabol Airport that was surrounded by 4,000.000 population, Bagram was defenceable if he kept more troops. He left a very small group of our best for sitting ducks. I have a lot more to say, but it’s is pretty rude! I’m sure any sharp human would fully understand my thoughts, with exception of Biden!!!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    How could this Jack ass have any approval rating.

  • Dixie says:

    Biden and the swap and Pelosi all should be shot for abuse of power and plain incompetent. AOc is well they are all idiots and some of swamp illegal or incest, the rest just plain ole stupid and have no rite in White House none of them are worthy and Maxine Waters get your head out of your butt quite telling your party to get in people’s face and hit them hard they need to slap the hell out her and any other democratic that’s being stupid

  • Jaime Marcus says:

    First, lieutenant could probably put together an exit plan a thousand times better than what happened. Everything Biden ordered was the opposite of what should have been done. Especially shutting down Bagram was ruination of a smooth exit. Then when he agreed to allow the Taliban to surround the airport, that was the death order for the American citizens there. The Taliban checked people going to the airport and if they were Americans or had worked for the American the Taliban took their phones and any identification papers they had, beat them up a bit, sent them back home and told them not to come back. When the state department told Americans to go to one gate, Biden’s folks told the soldiers there to close that gate and open the one on the other side of the airport, repeatedly. The Biden’s folks ordered the pilots to put as many people on the planes as possible and to not check ID’s or visa’s. Thus, they left hundreds, if not thousands of Americans and the people who worked with us and brought a hundred thousand people that Joe fantasizes will soon be Democrat voters.

  • Jim Evans says:

    And his approval rating will continue to drop.

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