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Kamala Shut Down by Pro-life Advocates after her Ridiculous Prediction



Kamala Shut Down by Pro-life Advocates after her Ridiculous Prediction-ss-Featured

Vice President Kamala Harris gave out a warning, saying that if the Supreme Court overturns the abortion precedent it set before in the Roe v. Wade decision back in 1943, “women will die.” However, many pro-life activists argued that the solution to maternal mortality can never be the killing of unborn children.

“I don’t mean to sound alarmist. I mean this: Women will die,” the vice president told The San Francisco Chronicle in an interview released on Sunday.

Harris made this prediction as she discussed the crucial case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. In the said case, the court is trying to see whether all restrictions before a child’s viability on elective abortion are unconstitutional.

“Women will die,” Harris reiterated. She also said: “In particular, women who don’t have economic resources and can’t then travel to places or somehow have access to safe reproductive health care, including abortion. And it is not an extreme statement — it is a fact.”

Previously, the vice president predicted that women would also die if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. However, she declined to mention what action the White House would pursue if this does happen.

Pro-Life Activists Slam Kamala's Prediction

Of course, pro-life activists have criticized Harris’ prediction, according to Fox News.

For one, Mary Szoch, who serves as the Center For Human Dignity’s director at the Family Research Council, said that the vice president’s prediction heavily relies on a lie claiming that “abortion is safe and necessary for women.” Szoch also said that Harris “She fails to acknowledge that the United States has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world, while having the most liberal abortion laws in the world.”

Szoch also noted that the mortality rate for Black mothers in D.C. is 71 deaths in 100,000 births, even if women there have access to abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy.

“Women are dying because of lack of access to actual health care,” Szoch wrote.

Meanwhile, Kimberlyn Schwartz, who serves as the director of media and communication at Texas Right to Life, said “Pro-abortion doomsday predictions like that from Kamala Harris fall flat in light of Texas's success in ending nearly all abortions … We protected pre-born children from 85-90% of abortions since September 1 with the Texas Heartbeat Act and have proven that society does not need abortion.”

Meanwhile, Live Action founder and president Lila Rose described the vice president’s “callous disregard for children and their right to be born” as a “disgrace.”

“The lives of children are just as valuable as the lives of adults, and it should be every politician’s most pressing duty to ensure our laws protect the most vulnerable,” Rose added, going on to say that, “Instead, Harris wants the law to sanction the greatest human rights abuse and mass slaughter of children our nation has ever seen.”

Even Alveda King, the niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr. and a pro-life advocate said that abortion is not “health care.” Instead, she insists that it is “death care.”

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