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Trump Hints at Florida Gov. DeSantis being his VP



Trump Hints at Florida Gov. DeSantis being his VP-ss-Featured

While a majority of Republicans would prefer Donald Trump, a significant number would also want to see Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis run.

This has caused some to worry and wonder if the MAGA base will be harmed if this affects a primary in which two candidates supporting the MAGA agenda would have to face each other. This is something the former president said he doubts would happen.

However, if both Trump and DeSantis decide to run and end up facing each other, this may have multiple negative consequences, and it may divide the most enthusiastic people who support the MAGA agenda.

Although, it seems Trump may have a solution: the two candidates just need to run on the same ticket.

The former president suggested this while he was on his “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly. The former president was asked if the Florida Governor would have a place on his ticket if he chose to run again. To this, Trump said that he believes DeSantis “would be good.” He also thinks that former Vice President Mike Pence “has been very hurt” by what happened in connection to the incident last Jan. 6. Trump remarked that Pence had been “mortally wounded.”

Support for DeSantis as Trump's VP

Although, he also went on to say he has a few other candidates that he’s considering as a running mate. DeSantis is likely the most prominent and popular one as his beliefs align with Trump and the MAGA supporters.

According to Just the News, the audience applauded when DeSantis was mentioned on Saturday. However, when former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush’s name was mentioned, the crowd decided to utter loud boos.

What Trump suggested could be an excellent solution. It would definitely help unite the MAGA crowd during the election. However, it is still a mystery as to who will certainly run in 2024. It’s also unknown if Trump will run and if DeSantis would want the job.

The Florida governor has recently filed for reelection as governor in the 2022 elections. He revealed that, for now, he only intends to do his job in Florida.

However, if it was meant to be, a Trump-DeSantis ticket would perform well in rallying the MAGA base, and one can be sure of this by just seeing at how the crowd had cheered when DeSantis was mentioned.

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  • Gilbert Shoop says:

    We would DEFINITELY vote for a Trump/DiSantia ticket!!!

  • BBA says:

    I would rather see that ticket flipped to DeSantis/Trump 2024. Let VP Trump handle the heat while President DeSantis does the work of the people. It would work very well with Trump running press blocker for Ron.

  • carl b says:

    It’s quite lear DeSantis is running in 24. As for Trump he also will be running, no way a VP.

  • Sam says:

    Who cares, they’re all crooks. Remember Trunp was snowed on. Y all tof the cpvid ans brought the biologic experimental biogic that wasn’t approved for human use, at “warp speed!” All of them will help usher in the new world order, full of communism! Be prepared!

  • David says:

    For those of you complaining about socialism/communism, but taking the poison and loading everything on your qr code, really need to stop and think about what you’re doing. Doing this is supporting their agenda and allowing them to digitally monitor everything about you. Also think about what it does to those of us that still support and want freedom.
    When the government knows everything about the people, that’s communism. When the people know everything about the government, that’s democracy.

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