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Prominent BLM Activist Charles Wade Charged with Child Trafficking & Prostitution



Protests in New York | Prominent BLM Activist Charles Wade Charged with Child Trafficking & Prostitution | Featured

In 2016, well-known Black Lives Matter activist Charles Wade posted an ad on for a 23-year old prostitute, which an undercover police officer responded to. The officer arrived at a Howard Johnson Inn in College Park, MD. A 17-year old girl wearing a bath towel, who later identified Wade as her “manager,” greeted the officer. Authorities arrested Wade and charged him with seven counts of human trafficking and prostitution.

Wade had booked, signed for, and paid for the hotel room. When arrested, he was carrying three cell phones on his person. The minor reported that she provided all money earned to Wade, who was not at all concerned about her age.

Wade Responds

In response to his arrest and the charges against him, which included felonies, Wade claimed that “someone that we had just started temporarily housing was involved in activities in the temporary housing we obtained for them outside of my knowledge that caused me to be arrested after they were as the person who booked, signed for, provided ID for, and paid for the room.”

On Twitter, Wade wrote, “I was forced to make this statement before I was ready because of ongoing efforts by Twitter ‘trolls’ to stop my work and the word of my organization.”

The police report suggested there was evidence that Wade was the person who communicated with the undercover detective. He reportedly did so in the text messages that he exchanged with the detective. Vice agents saw Wade watch the detective enter the room of the minor.

Wade founded Operation Help or Hush in 2015. It helped house and feed activists in Ferguson, MO after the shooting of Mike Brown and the unrest that followed.

Stories like this one, of those involved with BLM while simultaneously partaking in illegal activities, are not unusual. And yet these activists are not held to the same standards as anyone else in the public eye.

This particular story unfolded 4 years ago. Because of this,many consider it “old news,” and not worthy of attention in 2020. If which we judge our news by this standard, why do people hold descendants of slave owners responsible for reparations?

BLM is Not Only About Racial Inequality

If you support Black Lives Matter, you should know that the organization is not only concerned with racial inequality. Of the millions of dollars raised in 2020, it is true that some is being dispersed to grassroots organizations fighting for civil rights. It is also true that the founders of BLM are avowed Marxists and support a Socialist agenda.

It has also been suggested that BLM donations are directly funding the DNC and Joe Biden’s campaign for President.

BLM is strongly in favor of defunding the police entirely, leaving our streets lawless. If they are successful in cutting funding to police, perpetrators like their own Charles Wade will continue to operate illegal businesses unchecked.

BLM is openly in favor of civil disobedience, rioting, looting, and reparations. They believe that stomping out all aspects of American culture will make way for Black culture.

Before you donate to any organization, read more than their mission statement. Read about their founders, their supporters, and their spending. Assess if every aspect of the organization reflects your views – because once you give them your money, they are free to spend it how they see fit.

BLM has previously been under scrutiny for their lack of budgetary transparency; in 2018 one of its New York City chapters left the organization for that reason alone.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Kay says:

    Charles Wade was not convicted in any of those cases he was found not guilty. As with all the other made up stories in this yellow journalism piece, it is portions of pieces printed in conservative posts with none of the truth. Just sad…but typical…and I had been a registered Republican until disillusioned by junk like this.
    Now independent,and glad of it
    This stuff is actual FAKE NEWS!

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