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QAnon Followers Gather in Dallas to Wait for JFK Jr to Reappear



Hooded man wearing a Qanon sweatshirt at Trump Rally | QAnon Followers Gather in Dallas to Wait for JFK Jr to Reappear | featured

Several hundred QAnon followers gathered in downtown Dallas this Tuesday afternoon. They were expecting John F Kennedy Jr to appear, which then signals the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president of the USA. 

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QAnon Followers Gathered For JFK Jr’s Return

Qanon initial agaisnt a faded blue grunge flag background-QAnon Followers

The QAnon supporters started gathering Monday night in Dallas near Dealey Plaza. This is where former US President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot while he was riding in a motorcade.

Around 1 pm Tuesday, the crowd began swelling. Some of the people in attendance said they were waiting for the reappearance of Kennedy’s son John Jr. 

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The younger Kennedy died in a plane crash in 1999 at the age of 38. However, many QAnon followers believe that John Jr is actually alive and in hiding for the last 22 years.

According to reports, QAnon said that John F Kennedy Jr will reappear at Dealey Plaza before midnight Tuesday. 

JFK Jr’s Reappearance Signals The Reinstatement of Trump As US President

A popular QAnon social media account claims that JFK Jr’s appearance heralds the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump to the White House.

Then, Trump will step down and hand over the presidency to JFK Jr. Afterward, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would serve as vice president. Meanwhile, Trump would ultimately become “king of kings,” according to a Newsweek report.

Accordingly, the QAnon conspiracy theory centers on a nearly fanatical loyalty to Trump. The former President will lead the fight in defeating the “Deep State”  shadow government. This cabal supposedly consists of leftist politicians and pedophile celebrities.

Experts Surprised By Number of Dallas Attendees

Law enforcement experts tracking the QAnon community expressed surprise by how many followers attended the Dallas event. Jared Holt is a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

He specializes in domestic extremism research. “This wasn’t a widespread belief, even among QAnon followers,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, other law enforcement groups such as the FBI warned of the dangers of real-world violence by QAnon followers. Many of the January 6 Capitol riot attendees were also QAnon believers.  

QAnon is an umbrella group comprised of loosely organized subgroups. Different factions agree on different ideologies. Holt said that he believes Tuesday’s event grew out of chat channels obsessed with numerology.

Posts in those channels indicated JFK Jr. would reveal himself Tuesday, but Holt said he was uncertain why believers decided he would pick Dallas. Of all places to pick for his reappearance, why would JFK Jr pick the place where his father died.

While many people will find QAnon activities laughable, Holt worries about how a large group was able to mobilize. “If they’re willing to show up to the Grassy Knoll thinking JFK Jr. is coming back, it scares me to think of what happens when they get real power,” he said.

JFK Jr Popular Among QAnon

Surprisingly, John F Kennedy Jr is a popular figure among QAnon followers. In 2019, some members believed he would return on July 4 as Trump’s vice president.

Another theory posits that JFK Jr. is “Q,” the group’s anonymous leader, according to Forbes. After a few hours of standing on the Grassy Knoll, waving at passing cars and reciting the pledge of allegiance, the crowd retreated from heavy rains.

Many were still hopeful that the revelation will occur at a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas the same night. Others vowed to return at midnight to the Grassy Knoll, where they think JFK Jr. will appear.

Micki Larson-Olson, a QAnon supporter, believes that JFK Jr’s reappearance will help usher in a Trump-JFK Jr. administration.

When asked what she’ll do when either Kennedy doesn't show up, she remains hopeful. “We’ll figure that something happened in the plan that made it not safe to do it,” she said.

“If it doesn’t go down how I believe it will, that’s OK. We’ll figure it just wasn’t the right time,” she said. 

Watch The Independent video reporting that QAnon followers gather in Dallas for JFK Jr ‘reveal':

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