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Rep. Taylor Greene Fined $48k for Defying House Mask Rules



N95 face mask, gavel and United States of America flag | Rep. Taylor Greene Fined $48k for Defying House Mask Rules | featured

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has accumulated around $48,000 in fines for repeated violations of the House mask mandate.

The House Sergeant-At-Arms already reprimanded the Georgia representative at least 20 times this year for continually refusing to wear a mask on the House floor. 

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At Least Seven Fines This Year for Taylor Greene

Money bag with the word Fine and the judge's hammer-Taylor Greene

Last Monday, the House Ethics Committee reported that they fined Taylor Greene at least seven times in 2021. The most recent fine happened last September.

The committee's public disclosures appear to comprise just a fraction of Taylor Greene’s mask violations. Once the House committee announces the violations, lawmakers have 30 days to appeal the fines.  

which come after lawmakers have had 30 days to file an appeal if they wish, appear to be just a fraction of all of Greene's mask violations to date.

House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker issued a letter dated Oct. 28 listing Taylor Greene’s violations of the mask mandate. Walker reported that they have documented the Georgia representative not wearing a mask at least 20 times.

Green received a $500 fine for her first offense last May. Subsequent penalties amounted to $2,500. “You have been observed not wearing a mask on July 29, August 2, September 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, and October 1, 12, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, and 27, and have been asked by a member of my staff to wear a mask while in the Hall of the House of Representatives on each occasion unless recognized to speak by the chair,” Walker wrote in the letter. Greene later shared this letter with The Hill.

Taylor Greene To Continue Defying Mask Mandates

Earlier this year, Taylor Greene wore masks decorated with “Trump Won” and “Censored” around the Capitol. However, she started foregoing masks despite the mandate.

“I will continue my stand on the House floor against authoritarian Democrat mandates because I don’t want the American people to stand alone,” Greene said in a statement on Monday.

In July 2020, House Democrats established a mask mandate as Several GOP lawmakers continue to refuse to wear masks. Democrats later added fines as Republican lawmakers like Taylor Greene continue to defy the orders. 

Greene Filed Appeal On Her First Fine

Greene filed an appeal with the House Ethics Committee to challenge her first fine last May. However, the panel upheld the violation. Since then, Greene stopped fighting her fines.

She has yet to pay them as well. Other Republican lawmakers that also defied the mask order include Reps. Thomas Massie (KY) and Ralph Norman (SC), filed a lawsuit in July to challenge the constitutionality of the mask fines. 

In addition, Greene isn't the only House Republican racking up thousands of dollars in fines for the mask mandate. The House Ethics Committee also disclosed that Representative Andrew Clyde (R-GA) is on the hook for $8,000 in total fines.

This is the total for at least four violations of the mask order. Clyde didn’t file any appeals for the mask fines. Clyde did challenge the fines levied on him for his continued refusal to subject him to metal detectors in the Capitol building. 

Watch the One Minute New in English video reporting that Marjorie Taylor Greene was fined $48000 for not wearing a mask:

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  • rdb says:

    I like how the demarats will go after the republicans for violating house rules! But, be da** if the demarats be held accountable for their bull s***! And! I like to remind people how deceptive the demarats are! Their party started from! Get this! The KKK! Do your research for yourself! They hide behind a mask.

  • Todd says:

    So by charging Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congress admits that these “Hurd Immunity Vaccines” do not work!!! But they want the general public to get them anyways, I must ask what is Truth behind the vaccines, and the virus?

    The reason I ask is I lost a few elderly loved ones, last year who might of died anyways but until they were put inside of a hospital,or doctors office for a check up, they were still fine.

  • Randy Benoit says:

    It has been proven that mask DON’T work! This is a DEMOCRAT POWER CONTROL TRIP!

  • Ole sleepy Joe says:

    I think we’ve seen proof this year that neither masks nor vaccines keep one from getting Covid-19. Best remedy is to keep your immune system strong using a variety of vitamin supplements on a continued regiment.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    I love these comments never short of idiots 🤣

  • Betty Harrison says:


  • Anonymous says:

    To Brandon O, “Let’s go Brandon”

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    If we could impose a fine for being stupid, sleepy joe could get the national debt paid off , for he’s one stupid mother fucker. only in America we get fined for exercising our god giving rights. OH SHIT, I forgot, they hate GOD also.LETS GO BRANDON.

  • Deborah Torrey says:

    First in for most! Let’s go Brandon! The mask and the vaccines have been proved not to work. Most of the people have woke up and no this is a flu virus that was stirred into a pandemic! The Biden administration and let’s not forget Pelosi I’ll need to be sent to Gitmo, I am lined up in front of the fire squad. They have broken so many laws and they all committed treason. The devil is going down God will win!

  • Billy Wilson says:

    The President and Pelosi are some of the biggest Mask violaters . Wht isshe not fininingtghem all ?

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