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5 Reasons Some Continue To Refuse To Wear Masks!



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You might think, after this past year, and witnessing the horrific impacts of this pandemic, almost everyone, would want to become a part of the solution, rather than, making the problem, worse! One might understand, perhaps, in the initial stages, when, the former President, referred to it, as a hoax, and offering statements, indicating, his denial, and supposed – beliefs, but, at this point, it just doesn’t seem, to make any sense! I fully understand, and appreciate, the syndrome, many feels, which is often referred to, as Pandemic Fatigue, but, on the other hand, is tired of it, and the associated, public health – suggested, restrictions, doesn’t make the virus, go away, on itself. Although study – after – study, clearly indicates, if most people, wearing masks, at least, when they are inside, and/ or, can’t use social distancing (stay 6 feet away), there is still, a significant minority, who, refuse to wear a mask! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 reasons, some continue to refuse to wear masks.

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1. Selfishness: 

Although few would say so, one of the reasons, is a degree of selfishness, and a feeling, only they, are important, and the best – interests of others, isn’t their concern, and/ or, personal responsibility! Only, when the vast majority, decides to put the health, and well – being, of others, ahead of their personal/ selfish ones, this pandemic will be, unnecessarily, prolonged!

2. Stupidity: 

It may sound, harsh, but, the reality is, you can’t fix it, stupid! If, you aren’t willing to be a part of the solution, and become a part of the problem, instead, stupidity, maybe a contributing factor! This doesn’t mean, lack of intelligence, but, rather, refuse to use, facts, effectively, and are guided by their personal opinions, instead!

3. Believe fake facts: 

In our digital world, where it seems, many receive their news, from Social Media, posts, and so-called, news, instead, it potentiates, many fake facts! Recently, I noticed a post, where, they claim, was, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), now, says, masks don’t help, but, in fact, that never occurred!

4. Refuse to delve deeply: 

Common sense, should tell us, masks are effective, for many reasons, but, especially, because, for example, we have experienced, the lowest number of influenza cases, during this period, in recent memory! Doesn’t it make sense, airborne viruses, will be resisted, significantly, when people, wear masks! We need, our citizens, to delve deeply, and respect the bigger – picture!

5. Narcissistic: 

No matter, how, narcissistic, one maybe, it really isn’t, all – about – you! Until/ unless, we approach, herd immunity, after close to 70%, or more, are vaccinated, we must all, continue, following the suggestions of the public health experts, because science, really, matters! Forget your lame – excuses!

While it doesn’t seem, to be, difficult to do, we need more people, to cooperate, and wear masks, if we are to beat this virus, and return to some – semblance, of normal! Are you, willing to be part of the solution?


Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • R. Hankins says:

    Screw you. Face diapers do not work. Zero scientific studies that prove they do unless possibly an infected Daffy Duck is spewing in your face, and then the droplets will be getting your eyes too. When Daffy gets through talking to you, you’d better change your mask immediately before the virus laden spittle dries on your mask and the .06 micron virus gets sucked through your .3 micron N95 mask. Of course in the aerosol transmission that is in every breath you breath, the virus laden aerosol is already often small enough to slide through your mask. Not to mention the open areas all around your mask of which 100% is unsealed against the skin of your face or beard. But HEY, if it makes you feel safe and more virtuous to others, go for it. It’s called freedom of choice which used to count for something in the USA. I just hope you don’t believe the flip flop lies Anthony Fauci spouts all the time. It appears he is chiefly responsible for the SARS-COV-2 gain of function research in the Wuhan Virus Laboratory with
    American NIH funds. Oh, shhhhh, no one is supposed to talk about that.

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