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Religious Freedom For All Non Christians




Religious freedom is and has been a huge topic lately ever since the Christian bakery owners in Oregon were forced to pay damages of $135,000 for refusing service to a gay couple. Regardless of which side of this argument you stand on, you should agree that that is a ridiculous amount of money to be fined over refusal of service. The bakers meant no insult, they were just following their religious views. This presents a very unhealthy precedent moving forward.

When a gay couple comes into the next Christian bakery asking for a cake, the owners will probably agree out of fear. However, what if they make a mistake and accidentally use salt instead of sugar. This proves they are bad or careless bakers and the gay couple should be entitled to their money back. Now, let’s say the gay couple says that it wasn’t an accident, that the bakery owners intentionally ruined their cake in protest. Should the bakery owners have to pay $135,000 and shut down their business because they made a mistake in making a cake that they were forced to make in the first place? 

That is the slippery slope in the battle against religious freedom. It is one thing to make compliance with a public service mandatory, but it is totally different when craft and skill are involved. 

What if a Christian contractor is sought out by an abortion clinic to put a new roof on their building. After six months the roof caves in and it turns out the contractor did a lousy job. The abortion clinic should be able to sue for damages, but should they be able to claim discrimination? What would stop them from saying the man that they found, who only took the job out of fear, had purposely done a bad job on their roof? Should they be allowed to bankrupt him and take away his business? Now, let’s say he had only ever built one roof for a small shed, but out of strong-arm tactics by the federal government, he was now forced to build a large roof for a business when he wasn’t even qualified in the first place.

Let’s say that the cake and the roof were fine and both up to standards, but the buyers didn’t like them anyway. What happens when the gay couple says they expected their cake to taste sweeter or the abortion clinic says the contractor was making a statement painting their roof red? Is this also discrimination?

These examples are definitely reaching, but that’s the point. It isn’t all that hard to see how taking the business from two bakers can spiral out of control. The worst part, this is all done under the guise of equality, but nothing about it is equal.

Would the law protect you if you went to an Islamic butcher and demanded they produce five pounds of bacon?. What if you want a cake to celebrate a baptism on a Saturday. Should a Jewish baker have to open and work on Saturday to make you a cake? Absolutely not, every court would find these claims ridiculous. Yet, when Christians refuse service they get slammed with excessive fines that usually leave them in ruin.


You can have freedom or you can have equality, but you can seldom have both. Nothing is more disgusting or perverse than when the government protects one group while persecuting another.

I sincerely hope that we can have a return to sanity and reason and the true American way. After all, America is a marketplace of ideas. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a bakery that is happy for your business and at the very worst, Walmart will never turn you away.

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  • raymie says:

    my rights not theirs…and I will fight for my rights.

  • Donald says:

    Because we have values and morals the world hates.

  • Mayra schneider says:

    Yes, Christianity is under persecution.
    I keep looking to Jesus the author of my
    salvation and redemption because we under attack.

  • Carolyn says:

    I’ve been wondering why this issue isn’t brought up. Muslims are given extra privileges in schools etc at the same time they are taking away anything remotely Christian. In this PC world Christians are the only people who not only have to be tolerant but promote things they don’t agree with, but nobody has to be tolerant of them. Christians are the people being persecuted all over the world today.



  • patrick driscoll says:

    Every religion has a right to avoid doing what is against their religion. There are plenty of other providers who would be able to provide the services required. This country was founded on christian values, so as a country we have to assess what people we allow to come here. There may be customs and religions that are foreign to our beliefs, such as muslims.

    • Micala says:

      This is because Gays feel empowered by a Bi-President who has forced his own sexual preferences on all heterosexual people. Unfortunately for the Great Liar, homosexuality is STILL NOT ACCEPTED AND IS CONSIDEReD A SIN, no matter how hard this foolish federal govt tries to come down on people. Gays are a “SUB-CULTURE” that will NEVER be accepted by anyone but their own perverted group. As with abortion & Planned Parenthood, another unacceptable behavior that is a HUGE SIN and not recognized by Society…another SIN. Our Society is so full of sin and depravity, that those sinners will cause themselves to self destruct. Know who you are….your time is coming.

  • Dale Gant says:

    Christianity is on the wane and the future for Christians does not look good. Cruz is the only Christian in the running for president and is not ahead of the pack. Clinton will likely be the next president and is not a friend to Christians.

    • Ralph says:

      Christianity is not on the wane. It has become weak, too world’s and too concerned about expanding its paid membership. These trials will purify the ranks, as unfortunate as all these troubles are…

  • Larry Blanz says:

    Because you use Christianity to justify intolerance and hate. The Bible has nothing from Jesus against gays. You use projection.
    Religious freedom means you can hold your beliefs, but does not mean you can use it ( usually without any Biblical justification) to persecute others.

    • Ralph says:

      Bad post Larry. Try and give examples of how religious freedom for Christians is hate. …and how refusing to actively support gay marriage is hateful and unbiblical. You argue like a French Revolutionary, little logic, lot’s of false moral preening.

  • Gary says:

    Ever hear the term “unintended consequences”? Can’t wait until other religions and perspectives start implementing their “religious freedoms” by refusing to serve so-called Christians.

  • Norm Finn says:

    Donald J. Trump is the only candidate that will get the country back on course . Like him or not .

  • mike says:

    religious freedom is part of the make up, but sum of the non christians religioun are to far out there that is against GODS law and no one or nothing is higher than GODS law

  • David V Hudson says:

    Religious Freedom applies to all Religious sects. including Christianity. If it dont, then there is no religious freedom for any Religious sects.

  • Joannie says:

    Religious Freedom is a right given to America in the constatution . This country has reverised the right of most American Christians, allowing groups to change the meaning of our freedom as well as freedom of speech

  • Edna Melcher says:

    We all have freedom; we do NOT have freedom when one group takes it from another group in order to have THEIR freedom, but at the expense of another group. If the non-Christians would just live their life on a daily basis and NOT insist that Christians NOT have any rights, then the non-Christians, in my opinion, are decidedly in the wrong.

  • chris kimball says:

    it seems as if all the special interest groups like homosexuals, abortionists, blacklivesmatter, etc. get support from our government but not christians

  • Jeffry says:

    It seems the media and our politicians and their appointees attack anything that has to do with Christianity, morals or freedom of speech or choice.We need leaders that will let us be truly free and quit worrying about offending or upsetting a particular group or belief system.If you don’t like what I say or believe,just smile and walk away.I would prefer we discuss our deferences like gentlemen/woman and hopefully we can come to an understanding acceptable to both of us.God bless America.She may be bending right now but she will never break.Let’s make her great again.

  • Dean says:

    I agree Christians do not have religious freedoms in this country any more we are ridiculed at every turn and are told we do not have any rights any more we have to conform to Obama`s way or no way and if we say something against Guy rights then we are booted off social media

  • Robert E. Hodge says:

    God said this will; occur and it is ingaged at this time; just going to get a LOT worse.

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