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White House Backs Hillary For President



White House Backs Hillary For President, see more at:

White House Backs Hillary For President (Image: NYDailyNews)

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not strangers to quarrelling during their campaigns, but after Bernie Sanders questioned Clintons qualifications The White House stepped in. Eric Shultz, the White House spokesman, took time aboard Air Force One to be questioned, and his response to Bernie Sanders comment was that Clinton “comes to the race with more experience than any non-vice president in recent campaign history.”

Although it is true that Obama has not publicly backed either one of the Democratic candidates he did say that he was “proud of that service,” referring to Hillary Clinton’s service in his administration in the White House.

Hillary does have some “political” experience that is true. Ignoring her 11 years as the First Lady of Arkansas, because that doesn’t count as any political service, as well as her 8 years as the First Lady of the United States. She was the United States Senator for 8 years, as well as Secretary of State of 4 years, with a grand total of 12 years in any form of political service. Some might see that as having some form of “qualifications” to run for the President of the United States, but what about all the things that she has done that the White House isn’t putting into consideration.


She now has ties to the Panama Paper Leaks, because of her campaign chairman John Podesta.


She has breached a major form of national security by using a private email account to handle information from her job with the White House, and then proceeded to lie about it.

Her numerous lies could be listed out for the public to see, which they have been, but we will just sum them up here as her numerous lies.



To breaks those three massive mistakes down:

She is tied to tax evasion and offshore accounting.

– She not only broke national security, by using a private email account but then lied about it.

– She is constantly lying, taking back things she has said once, and saying something new now.

All three of those things add up to someone who is not qualified to be president. A president is supposed to be a leader of a country, not a 13-year-old little girl lying girl, endangers a country, and may or may not be involved in tax evasion (aka stealing). So how can the White House have the nerve to come out and completely disregard all the red flags that Hillary Clinton has produced and say that she has “comes to the race with more experience than any non-vice president in recent campaign history.” The statement in itself just shows who’s loyalty Barack Obama has. Maybe Hillary wasn’t lying when she said that she wont be convicted in the email scandal, she probably already knows that Obama has her back.

It seems to me that there is to much “I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine,” between Obama and Clinton.

One hiccup after another, and Hillary’s campaign is still going strong. None of the blemishes on her character and or actions have made any difference in her campaiging for the president. Is that the kind of politics we can look forward to if Hillary makes it into office?

We need a strong leader, ruling for the people and by the people. Not a liar with friends in high places.


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