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Former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden | REMINDER: BIDEN’S POLICIES RESULTED IN JOB LOSS | Featured

The following information was released by the Republican National Committee:

Democrat Rep. Conor defund the police Lamb to manufacturing and coal workers: Joe Biden is the reason you lost your job.

When asked what Bidens greatest weakness and vulnerability is, Lamb responded: In a part of the country like mine there has been a 30 or 40 year period, long before President Trump came along, where we lost heavy industry, we lost jobs in coal, we lost jobs in steel, a ton of manufacturing has gone overseas to Mexico and China. And so I think anybody who was serving in public office during that period is going to have a challenge to come to a place like Western Pennsylvania.

These are the facts: Biden's trade policies destroyed American manufacturing.

Biden supported disastrous trade deals like NAFTA which resulted in 850,000 jobs lost.

Biden led the effort to grant China Most Favored Nation status and supported their membership to the World Trade Organization which eliminated 3.4 million American jobs.

As VP, the American people lived through the slowest U.S. recovery since WWII.

And in the midst of a pandemic, Joe Bidens anti-coal, anti-fracking, Green New Deal energy agenda would be a nightmare for the 19 MILLION Americans who would lose their jobs due to Biden's fracking ban.

Meanwhile, President Trump is leading the Great American Comeback that has resulted in 9.3 million jobs added back over the last 3 months.

Bottom Line: It was Joe Biden who led the charge for policies that failed the American people, and the American people cannot afford a return to Bidens disastrous agenda.

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