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Republicans Call Out Biden Admin for Spending $2B to NOT Continue the Border Wall



Republicans Call Out Biden's Admin for Spedning $2B to NOT Continue the Border Wall-ss-Featured

Several Senate Republicans have revealed that the Biden administration spent more than $2 billion to avoid building the wall at the southern border.

According to Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, Biden has paid contractors to just babysit metal. What's more, it is paying contractors $2 billion and counting to do just that. While this happens, the country is seeing the most number of illegal immigrants encountered in 20 years.

The senator said he found it absurd that Americans pay contractors to “babysit” metal gates just because the president doesn’t want to install the border wall since he wants to “study” it.

Per a report released by Senate Republicans last July 23, DOD contractors who in January received $10 billion, have been forced to spend $2 billion to “watch steel rust” due to the new border policies.

It also named the DOD’s budget as the source of the money wasted. The report also said that this continued waste of funding could create national security and border security risks.

Biden Administration Wastes More Money on Stopping Border Wall Construction than What Republicans Estimated

According to the investigation of several Republican lawmakers, the initial daily cost of $6 million to not build the border wall fell to $3 million when the said contractors have laid off workers. Given this, the senators noted that the federal government pays contractors the said amount daily to go to sites and guard the construction materials that they don’t use.

The report then concluded that these estimates don’t fully represent the Biden administration’s waste of funds. They also don't include all the ongoing costs of DOD’s suspension of projects that it funds with its 284 accounts. The Republican lawmakers then wrote that, given these caveats, Biden likely wastes significantly more taxpayer resources than what they estimated in the report in his efforts to just avoid building the border wall.

The border crisis is becoming worse day by day. Despite this, most U.S. residents likely have no clue how bad things have become.

Princeton Police Advisors has projected over 1.8 million illegal immigrants to cross the border into the U.S. in 2021.

The group claimed that it would become the “worst ever” recorded. This serves as another reminder of how bad the situation has become under Biden, per the Washington Examiner.

It also mentioned that the figure would include 250,000 more people than the highest number recorded back in the year 2000.

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