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Republican Sen. Graham Against Staged Democratic Gun Control Push



Senator Lindsey Graham-Sen. Lindsey Graham Defended 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms Against Revived Democratic Gun Control Push-ss-Featured

On Sunday, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham has defended the rights of Americans to bear arms. This comes after Democrats have restarted a push for gun control measures. Graham said that gangs would avoid his house because he owns an AR-15.

After a tragic mass shooting that happened in Boulder, Colorado last week, members of the Democratic party, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, have renewed the push for gun control legislation. They are specifically targeting firearms that are so-called “assault weapons.”

On Sunday, Graham spoke to Fox News host Chris Wallace. During the interview, the former dared Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to bring the said proposal to the Senate floor. Graham believed that even if Schumer does so, he was sure that it would fail.

Graham also mentioned that he owned an AR-15. He claims that if a disaster happened in his state and the police can't protect the area, his house “will be the last one” gangs can go to since he has a weapon to defend himself with.

However, Graham’s critics failed to recognize that, similar to many gun owners, he has guns to stop violence and not commit it. His remarks specifically said that criminals would not target his house since he has a weapon that he can use for self-defense.

Apart from this, Graham said that he is willing to face the real issues that factor in the most in mass shootings.

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  • Edwin Gomez says:

    If you look at the FBI’s crime statistics (last year of complete figures is 2019) you would see that deaths by rifles of all types were less then 400, deaths by hands and feed accounted for over 1000 in the same period. So we are going about all this effort and expense for the least benefit and we are attacking the wrong problem!

  • STEVE says:

    There are 480,000,000 guns in America they know it is impossible to take all gun

    so they will tax gun and ammo which will not SOLVE the problem demo rats only want

    money WOW I cant understand when the people beleve them SAD STEVE

  • Charles Roy Mosley says:

    It’s very sad the American people, were stooped into voting for Joe Biden and Camelia Harris whatever her name is, they’re trying to turn America into communist nation by convincing the American people their way is the right way, I’m proud to be a veteran and fought and served this country. This country was built on our second amendment, for the rights to be able to defend yourself and your family, our loved ones in and times of crisis, yes, I own weapons and I will defend my property my life my family’s life and my state, and my country, if it comes down to it. The second Amendment if people are so ignorant and don’t realize, criminals will have guns, & law abiding US citizens would have nothing to be able to protect their self, I’ll do whatever it take to protect myself and my family my state and my country, I stand strong with NRA, USCCA and other organizations to better protect our rights, for I am an American vet and willing to protect our constitutional rights to bear arms and stand pure to our country to protect our country from democratic communism ways. Don’t let the Democrats take our 2nd Amendments Rights away.

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