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Rudy Giuliani Tested Positive for Coronavirus



Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks about September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to a National Press Club luncheon-Rudy Giuliani Tested Positive-ss-featured

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney and campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus. The President announced Giuliani’s condition in a Tweet Sunday. “@RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in the history of NYC, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election (by far!) in the history of the USA, has tested positive for the China Virus. Get better soon Rudy, we will carry on!!!,” he tweeted.

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Son Andrew Giuliani, a White House staffer, confirmed the news on Twitter as well a few hours later. He said his father is “resting, getting great care and feeling well.” Reportedly, the senior Giuliani is presently admitted at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Campaign Lawyer

The 76-year old Giuliani is the most prominent name in the Trump campaign legal team. Along with other members such as lawyer Jenna Ellis, the team continues seeking legal relief to overturn or put on hold election results in several states. 

Earlier Sunday, Giuliani appeared in a Fox “Sunday Morning Futures” interview with host Maria Bartiromo. Giuliani did not visit the studio for the segment but instead joined the show virtually via an uplink. He looked well and in good spirits during the telecast as he discussed the campaign's legal strategy. Five hours later, the president tweeted his status.

Latest Team Trump Infection

The lawyer is the latest among President Trump’s inner circle to contract COVID-19. The virus hit the President himself during the first week of October. He announced his recovery over a week later. Other members of the White House staff that contracted the virus include press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, senior adviser Hope Hicks, and chief of staff Mark Meadows. 

Guiliani’s son, Andrew, also a White House staffer, tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks before his father did.  In addition, Christianne Allen, Giuliani’s communications director, and campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn also tested positive for the virus.

Travel Activity

Days after the election, Giuliani traveled extensively all over the country, filing legal challenges and requesting courts to suspend or invalidate election results. He claimed massive voter fraud surrounded the elections. In almost all allegations, federal and state courts found no evidence supporting the claims. 

Giuliani also met with local Republican leaders to discuss developments and gather information. Last week, he showed up at a Michigan House panel on Wednesday. Then, he proceeded to Atlanta to join a Georgia state Senate hearing last Thursday. Prior to that, Giuliani attended a November 25 hearing in Pennsylvania. And, he famously hosted a November 19 news conference at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters at the nation’s capitol. Giuliani often appeared in public without a mask.

No Social Distancing During Georgia Meeting

Like Giuliani, most attendees of the Georgia hearing did not wear masks and did not follow social distancing guidelines. State Senator William Ligon issued a statement acknowledging Giuliani’s condition. “Earlier this afternoon, we were made aware that Mayor Rudy Giuliani had received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19,” he said. “Out of an abundance of caution, we want to encourage those who came into close contact with Mayor Giuliani to take every precaution and follow all requisite guidelines to ensure their health and safety.” 

Democrat State Senator Jen Jordan also attended Thursday’s hearing. She tweeted her outrage after finding out Giuliani tested positive. “Little did I know that most credible death threat that I encountered last week was Trump’s own lawyer,” she tweeted. “Giuliani — maskless, in the packed hearing room for 7 hours. To say I am livid would be too kind.”

Team Trump Moves On

Jenna Ellis, a Trump campaign lawyer who worked closely with Giuliani, gave the latter the team’s well wishes. She tweeted “Prayers for Mayor @RudyGiuliani. He is a tough warrior!” 

She said the development won’t hamper their goal of fighting for the elections. “The Trump Legal Team will continue our important work to fight for election integrity!” she vowed. “Our work won’t be affected and we press on. #CountAllLegalVotes.”

Watch the CNBC Nightly News video that reported Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani testing positive for Coronavirus:

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As Rudy Giuliani tested positive for coronavirus, will his condition pose a problem for Team Trump? As he recovers, do you think the legal team will suffer in his absence? Let us know what you think by dropping your comments below.

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  • Catriona Dempster says:

    Naturally I wish Mr. Giuliani the very best and a quick recovery. However the fight must go on, and his more than competent team should move on and win this fight once and for all!
    God Bless America.

  • Shirley casale says:

    No matter what God is in this fight for our Freedom and to get rid of the stealing of this election . Rudy is a fighter and will soon be back in full swing again AMEN!

  • Carol H says:

    We Stand firm behind our Commander and Chief President Donald Trump!! Where can we write or call to have our voices heard. Why don’t we hear on Fox or Newsmax about holding politicians accountable for Dr Faici and Gates involved in sending research to China that brought the virus here.
    Whh they don’t elaborate on all the survival of people instrad of the focus on hospitalization and cases.
    Kee the fear to continue to control the American people !!!
    Please listen to Us.

  • Robyn Vitson says:

    We Republicans WILL prevail, as well as have justice over this fraudulent election & President Trump WILL remain in office, I do believe!!!
    Your sins are calling you out, Democrats! Justice always wins!!

  • CBidenWin says:

    Temporary Halt to all his bull crap.he has some more idiots to keep up his & the Idiot n chief election Fraud Lies until the “true leader” President Elect Joe Biden,is inaugurated January 20th.Goodbye & Good Riddance u repugnant idiots.May giuliani continue to fart on u.

  • JCLincoln says:

    What do you call a pandemic of cases where most people show no symptoms and very few if any people die?
    “Herd Immunity”

  • Donald Goforth says:

    He most likely was infected on Purpose to take him out of the fight these people are on the ropes

  • seppi says:

    shove it up your fucking ass you cheating bitch

  • Michael Tomaino says:

    Many of us agree with your observations. Democrats are desperate and will obviously stop at nothing to steal the election. If they will commit treason with no remorse, they’re obviously capable of any underhanded attacks.

  • Julio says:

    Cbiden:You could not expressed better olee.

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