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What You Missed This Weekend: Toxic Masculinity Edition



What You Missed This Weekend: Toxic Masculinity Edition, see more at:

Once again Monday has come, which means that the weekend has come and gone. Hopefully, you were too busy enjoying your free time to follow the latest events.  After all, we all need a little quality time away from the stories of the world. So allow us to fill you in on everything you may have missed.



A peace deal between FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, that has taken four years to negotiate, has just been voted down. That's right. A peace negotiation between FARC rebels and the Colombian citizens has just been rejected. 50.2% of the Colombian people voted against the agreement. Even though the deal was rejected the President of Colombia assured the people that the ceasefire between the two would remain in place.

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William Maillis, a 9-year-old from Pennsylvania just graduated High School. That's right. Just graduated High School. He is now taking a full schedule of classes at a local community college as a way to ease into the busy college life, and then will be enrolling in Carnegie Mellon. The thing that makes William so remarkable though is what he wants to do with his life. William wants to become an Astrophysicist to prove that God exists. To put it into perspective most 9-year-olds are busy enjoying recess in fourth grade. Not William.



A British man, undergoing an experimental HIV treatment may be the first person to ever be ‘cured' of HIV. The treatment targets HIV cells even in their dormant state and a test subject recently was discovered to be completely void of HIV cells. However, it is too early to say for certain that the cure came from the new drug.

If the dormant cells of HIV are gone then it will be a success in the war against HIV. The treatment works in two stages. First, a vaccine is received which allows the body to recognize the HIV cells. Then a drug is administered that wakes up dormant T-cells which allows the immune system to spot them. After the drugs are administered the normal body function kicks in and the HIV cells are cleared out. The reports from the test are supposed to be released in 2018.



Apparently, toxic masculinity is a big problem in America. Duke University recently held it's first course of ‘Constructive Male Allyship.' The women's center has organized the nine-week series of seminars as a part of Duke's Men's Program. The seminar talks about “sex, power, and violence,” and has shown films on pornography. It seems that the women of Duke University are concerned about the masculinity of Americans and are trying to inform male students of the dangers of “toxic masculinity.”

Some of this you might have already known, but just in case you didn't we wanted to fill you in. Don't forget to keep reading every Monday to get your fill of the Weekend Wrap-Up.

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