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Sleepy Joe Lives Up to Name, Holds Awful Press Conference



Joe Biden turns 79 years old, he is the longest-serving president of the United States | Sleepy Joe Lives Up to Name, Holds Awful Press Conference | featured

The President known as Sleepy Joe Biden lived up to his nickname once again. During the press conference commemorating his first year in office, the president sounded like a tired old man. An old man who barely remembers anything.

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Sleepy Joe Holds A Disaster of a Press Conference

President Joe Biden visits the National Domestic Violence Hotline | Sleepy Joe

Many observers found little to cheer about the President’s press conference yesterday. A majority of the two-hour-long conference involved him answering pre-approved questions from reporters friendly to the White House.

However, the President acted and answered like a stereotypical old man. He talked about things that happened back in his day. He also went to his weird “whisper shout” way of emphasizing points.

All in all, the conference didn’t inspire the confidence that many supporters hoped for. Instead, the images of Sleepy Joe Biden came back to haunt them. 

‘Back In My Day’

During the conference, the President seemed to keep referring to the good ol’ days. It came to a point where he admitted that ​​ he “forgot” that he’s President of the USA and not a senator.

He said that to explain why his first year in office was rife with missteps and confusing policies.  However, he also said earlier that he did more than any other president in history. 

At the same time, Sleepy Joe couldn’t remember what he said as late as last week. He insisted he didn’t compare current senators opposed to ending the filibuster to Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis.

Minutes later, he warned two Democratic senators, Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) of their decision to vote no. He said that their betrayal will linger with them throughout their career. 

Confusing Russia-Ukraine Policy

The highlight of Biden’s numerous gaffes during the night involved answering a question about mounting US-Ukraine tensions. Biden started by saying that he believes that a Russian invasion is imminent.

As a result, the US is ready to impose economic penalties should Russia proceed. He then clarified that a “minor incursion”  will lead to a lesser response from the US. 

Political observers were left stunned by Sleepy Joe’s reply. National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin wrote about the President’s nonchalant response.

“Biden is attacking the legitimacy of American elections while signaling Putin to try a ‘minor incursion’ in Ukraine. None of this is normal.

None of this is OK,” he said.  Another pundit, Andrew Malcolm also chimed in. “Biden just appeared to okay a ‘minor’ Russian incursion of Ukraine. So, the invasion of an independent neighboring nation is bad. An incursion is OK with this president,” he said. 

Overpromise Or Outperform?

Meanwhile, critics also called out Biden when he told reporters that he did not overpromise what he can do during his first year. On the contrary, he claimed he outperformed what people expected him to accomplish.

One reaction came from Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). “I'm not sure what planet he's inhabiting but on planet earth, his record is a record of failure,” he retorted. 

In addition, conservative radio talk show host Buck Sexton also reacted to Sleepy Joe’s claims. “Biden just claimed he has ‘outperformed what anybody thought would happen Sheer lunacy,” he noted.

Sexton’s program co-host Clay Travis agreed. “Joe Biden says he’s outperformed what anyone thought was possible in his first year in office. Really. He just said this,” he said in disbelief.  

Watch the CBS News Special Report video covering President Joe Biden’s press conference marking the first year in office | Special Report

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  • Sheri Moore says:

    I feel that Joe Biden will go down as the worst president in history. This press conference made the US a laughing stock to the world. God help us. If the Democrats are not removed from power in the 2024 election this country will be totally ruined as a democracy.

  • David says:

    What a sad day. He just rambled on about the same lies. He continually blamed the Republicans for them not letting Sleepy destroy America. He thinks by changing his mind about lock downs and being too slow at the job but promise great things will get all the Dems elected. Claiming the Republicans are destroying the electrolyte process is his biggest joke. Everything he claims about the election fraud is what the Dems have done. He is a JOKE!!!

  • Sam says:

    Ramblings of a devil pissessed pedophile who was most likely daydreaming of pinching little girls nipples, molesting his gramdchildren and smoking crack with his son. Regsrdless of whst you think, we are now living under illegal medical tyranny and socialism. The very thing the left screaned Trump was going to do for four years.

  • Texas Heart Breaker says:

    There is only one problem with JOE THE HO retiring. Look who’s next in line stinking Kamala. And if that weren’t bad enough and we were able to get rid of her. Who’s next, even worse Nancy Pelosi.

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