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Slick Willie Strikes Again



  • Bill Clinton had a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an airport in Pheonix on Monday.
  • Reporters asked Lynch about the suspicious meeting to which she said the conversation centered around “his grandchildren.”
  • Many believe that this could cause Senator John Cornyn from Texas to be handed command over the Hillary Email Server investigation.

Apparently, Bill Clinton decided to “drop in” on Attorney General Loretta Lynch, while they were both at an airport in Pheonix on Monday.

People are raising an eyebrow at the suspicious meeting.

Bill Clinton was supposedly waiting to leave the state when he went onboard Lynch's government aircraft, shortly after she landed. The conversations that went on inside the aircraft are unknown, although, Lynch did later tell reporters that the center of the conversation revolved around “his grandchildren.”

“It was primarily social and about our travels,” Lynch went on to say “There was no discussion of any matter pending for the department or any matter pending for any other body.”

We are all well aware of the investigation that the FBI and The Justice Department are conducting on the use of Hillary's private email server for classified information. It is unknown yet whether Hillary has interviewed by the FBI or Justice Department, but at the moment there has been no discussion of it. Yet, it is clear that Hillary is trying to juggle all her balls in the air at once, and the looming email scandal overhead doesn't help.

Reporters have asked Lynch about the suspicious looking meeting with Bill on in her government aircraft, and the conflict of interest that could arise from such a meeting. Lynch assured the reporter that the State Department is doing everything that they can and that the agents who are investigating the scandal are agents “who always follow the facts and the law and do the same thorough independent examination in this matter that they've done in all” matters.

Yet, some people think that the meeting could prompt Senator John Cornyn from Texas to lead the investigation with other congressional Republicans. This would keep the investigation out of command of the State Department.



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  • Cliff says:

    There are NO “chance meetings” when it comes to SCUMOCRATS.
    THIS WAS “planned”. This is the most CROOKED “administration” EVER, BUT if Hitlery gets a “pass” from Lynch I am afraid you will see the American people raise up in proportions you have never seen before.
    I also think THIS is what oscumbag WANTS , so he can DECREE “martial Law”,
    declare HIMSELF the “supreme ruler” and suspend all elections.

  • HBM says:

    Anyone that was supposed to be heading up an investigation Hillary would have immediately told her Husband that he had to leave because him talking to her in any way would have created the concern of conflict of intrest and LORETTA LYNCH knows that and yet she still spent 30 minutes talking with Bill Clinton. EXTREAMLY SUSPECIOUS BEHAVIOR FOR SOMEONE IN LORETTA’S POSITION!!!

  • Steven says:

    After That Move Lynch should Step Down !
    Hillary should Pay the Price for Her Lies and Crimes ! ! ! If Not Why Should Any of Us Obey ? ? ? “The Law” ? ? ?

  • Phil says:

    The Clinton crime family in the past have always slithered their ways through without having to pay the penalties for their crimes whether they pay someone off or they end up dead the day before they are to testify against them. WE hope Bengahzzy, the e-mails, and shady donations to the Clinton Foundation, do not for our country’s sake have the same out come.

  • dan says:

    They are both swindling payoff–give me money and I’ll take care of you–crooks.

  • Terri Storm says:

    The Clintons believe they are above the law. The American people no longer have faith in our judicial system when it comes to the Clintons.

  • keith says:

    Have them both do a lie detector test, it would be done to WE THE PEOPLE if the positions were reversed. Hell for that matter if positions were reversed we would already be in lock-up

  • Omccobg says:

    Typical for criminals like these

  • Bruce says:

    The Clintons will do anything to get what they want. Both should be in jail.

  • Mike S. says:

    Like I have said before HILLARY is a modern day JANE FONDA,

  • Mike says:

    Hillary is a modern day Jane Fonda …… Plus think about it there all sleeping together . So how do think this gonea turn out in the END

  • Ernest Martin says:

    they are both lawyers and they both understand what this meeting would be viewed as . It’s a stall tactic , Lynch doesn’t want to prosecute Hillary and Bill wants Hillary elected be for the damage is turned over .

  • anna says:

    Both Clintons are disbarred lawyers, all 3 know better, but they do not believe that the law applies to them. this needs to end Hillary should be prosecuted for her crimes for the dealings and e-mails .

  • JBMarks says:

    SLICK WILLY for sure was trying to influence Loretta Lynch,especially since she was appointed by him in the past and again he thinks that he and Hillary are above the law and he was/is trying to use his influence of being a past POTUS to make claims on his influence of same. He and Hillary are both corrupt and disgraceful individuals that belong in jail for their misconduct and deeds against the people of the USA.

  • Donna says:

    They are both crooks and will do anything to save their own butts and make a dollar to their benefit. They are liars and crooks and both should be in jail for all the crimes they have committed!!!

  • Philip Hodge says:

    Both are as crooked as a snakes tail.The truth is not in them.

  • Philip Hodge says:

    Both are as crooked as a snakes tail.The truth is not in them.

  • Eric E. Olson says:

    Just another example of political back room deals ,it has got to stop. Hillary has been in politics for 40 years under a cloud of suspicion. We (the people) are tired of career politicians that care nothing about the people that pay their salaries. How does someone earning $200000 a year that was bankrupt in 1992- 24 years ago is now worth 45 million and no one asks these questions. least ways the media .

  • Terry Weston says:

    Waddle the Hutt will walk. Remember Gen Petraeus was charged and plead guilty, on a HELL of a lot less ! But they went after him (Gen Petraeus.) because he was doing his job. Not trying to lie to the American people. Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Noithing is ever my FAULT YOU RACIST WHITES !) Obama, will NEVER let the Bloody BIT*H of Benghazi be charges and put on the witness stand. He, Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Noithing is ever my FAULT YOU RACIST WHITES !) Obama, Knows that Hitlery will take down most of the liberal democrats with her, if she goes down THEY GO DOWN !

    She and Slick Willy are too high profile to have an accident or a debilitating disease that causes complete loss of their speech or muscle control. Where they would be incapable to testify on the stand under oath.

    They’re going to skate as they always do. So get out and VOTE people. If she, the Bloody BIT*H of Benghazi gets into the White House ? You think eight years of Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Noithing is ever my FAULT YOU RACIST WHITES !) Obama was bad ?

    You aint seen nothing yet !

  • Paula says:

    They are all corrupt!

  • Charlie says:

    You should realize that when a Clinton is moving their mouth they are most likely telling a lie.

  • Carolyn Reever says:

    Wonder how much of his ill-gotten money and other goodies was promised to Lynch to keep Hillary from suffering any consequences. Billy wants so badly to be First Man. The fix is in – even from Obama.

  • Forrest says:

    the voters aren,t stupid they know grand children wasn,t the topic more likely email scandal and clinton foundation

  • f dedora says:

    The Rule of Law is broken in the USA.
    This nation has become a haven of miscreants preying on it’s people…

  • WW` says:

    The Clintons are some of the biggest crooks to ever work in the US Govt. OF COURSE they will do whatever is necessary to try to keep her out of trouble prior to the elections!

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