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Space Force Flag to Be Presented to President Trump on Friday During Signing Ceremony

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The official flag of a new U.S. military service will be unveiled on Friday, May 15th. This will be a first in 72 years. The flag of the Space Force will be presented to President Trump. This will happen during a signing ceremony for the 2020 Armed Forces Day proclamation.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Gen. John Raymond, the Space Force’s chief of space operations, will be presenting the flag to the president. Tech Times reported that it will symbolize its expanded missions to outer space.

“The flag takes the key and central elements of the seal and places them on a black field fringed in platinum with the words ‘United States Space Force’ and Roman numerals MMXIX (2019) below,” then said an administration official.

According to Fox News, the Defense Logistics Agency’s “Flag Room” in Philadelphia produced it. This agency also made the president’s personal flags.

In 2018, when President Trump directed the Defense Department to establish the sixth branch of the military, he said, “it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space, we must have American dominance in space.”

“Since then, the Trump administration has directed NASA to return American astronauts to the surface of the moon by 2024 under the Artemis program,” Fox News said in its report.

President Trump signed into law a measure that created the Space Force in December. Bloomberg also reported that the Space Force’s procurement budget may reach $4.7 billion by the fiscal year 2025.

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  1. Avatar

    Tony Barreda

    May 16, 2020 at 12:35 PM

    This reminds me of a child wrapping a towel around his neck and pretends he is Superman. Trump is all about superficial and cosmetics and little substance. Boisterous and pompous will be part of his legacy besides being biggest liar in the world.

    • Avatar


      May 16, 2020 at 8:35 PM

      That’s a VERY BOLD statement! Spoken like a 100,% pure DEMOCRAP! The biggest liar award needs to go to the Clintons,Pelosi, and bringing up the rear O’mama! M.A.G.A.! WAKE UP AMERICA WHILE YOU STILL CAN AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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