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Pentagon Releases More UFO Reports

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Pentagon Releases More UFO Reports

Last month, the Pentagon released a number of UFO (unidentified flying object) videos taken by US military pilots. The videos had been leaked years before. However, the Pentagon had never authorized their release and so refused to comment. Now, new incident reports from the US military shed light on the bizarre phenomena.

“Hell of a Video”

Last month, the Pentagon officially released footage of UFO encounters with military aircraft. Though the public had already seen the videos, the Pentagon finally determined that releasing them posed no threat to US national security.

The acknowledgment added little to what the public already knew about the incidents. Nevertheless, they confirmed that the Pentagon did not and still does not know what these aerial encounters were.

President Trump commented on the videos, calling them “something else.”

“That’s a hell of a video,” the president commented.  “They do say, and I’ve seen, and I’ve read, and I’ve heard, and I did have one very brief meeting on it [the UFO events].”

Now, the Pentagon has released its full report on the incidents to accompany the videos. The report shows just how little is known about the sightings. It also showed the potential risks they can pose to national security.

Likely Drones

According to the released documents, military personnel assessed that, due to the movement patterns and small size of the unidentified objects, they were likely “Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)”, which is the military’s fancy term for drones. The report stated that they could also be a type ​of missile.

The idea of an unidentified drone flying in restricted US airspace is certainly a cause for concern. For one thing, there is a greater risk of accidental collisions with drones. As stated in the report:

“In many ways, [drones] pose a greater midair risk than manned aircraft. They are often less visually significant and less radar apparent than manned aircraft.”

The other immense risk is the concept of unregistered drones being able to penetrate US airspace undetected, even during training flights in a restricted area. If an adversary nation were able to field such drones, it could feasibly conduct reconnaissance or attack operations on US bases.

There is no assurance that the UFOs sighted were not indeed a foreign aircraft. However, such an incursion into US airspace would be exceptionally bold for an American adversary, such as China or Russia.

Other Explanations

There are a number of other explanations for the UFO sightings, including simple instrumental failure rendering false images. In this case, however, the simplest explanation is least the least likely. In these incidents, pilots were able to visually identify the objects as well as lock onto them with their planes’ targeting systems.

And then there is the more sensational explanation, the one we most closely associate with UFO sightings: alien aircraft. The Pentagon actually ran a program to look into UFO sightings from 2007 to 2012. Although eventually, the Pentagon shut it down due to higher funding priorities. Speculation abounds that the government has inside information regarding the existence of alien life, but these recent reports bring us no closer to such a revelation.

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