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Election 2020

Four States Certified Election Results



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Four states certified election results yesterday. With the outcomes, prospects grow dimmer for a Trump comeback to get the White House back. Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Minnesota all officially awarded their state to President-elect Joe Biden. North Carolina gave their vote to incumbent Donald Trump.

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Four States Certified Election Results: 3 for Biden, 1 for Trump


Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania signed off on its election results yesterday. Governor Tom Wolf (D) signed the certification awarding the 20 electors to Biden. This officially makes Pennsylvania Democrat blue after four years as a Republican stronghold. The state board certified a total of 3,458,229 votes for Biden. Meanwhile, Trump received 3,377,674 certified votes. This means Biden, a Scranton native, won the elections by a margin of 80,000 votes. As a result, he will receive all 20 electoral votes from the state.

In a tweet, Wolf said: “Today @PAStateDept certified the results of the November 3 election in Pennsylvania for president and vice president of the United States. As required by federal law, I’ve signed the Certificate of Ascertainment for the slate of electors for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


Tuesday also marked the certification of votes for Minnesota. Previously, Secretary of State Steve Simon and board judges reviewed vote totals.  Counting ballots submitted by all 87 counties, a record 1.9 million Minnesotans voted. Due to the pandemic, a majority 58% voted via absentee ballot.

In a 5-0 vote, the board-certified the results that showed Joe Biden defeating Trump. Biden won by over 233,000 votes or about 7 percentage points. Per state law, the board will formally declare the winners of the federal and state elections in three days. Meanwhile, the state's 10 presidential electors will submit their votes on December 14.

Simon proudly reported that the state's voter participation was the highest in the US. For this year’s elections, Despite the pandemic, Minnesota’s turnout came out at 79.96%. “That is safely number one in the country for this year in terms of turnout,” Simon said.


Nevada became the fourth battleground state to certify its results Tuesday. Despite efforts by Trump's lawyers to delay the proceedings, the Nevada Supreme Court approved the state’s election results Tuesday. Previously, state Republicans and Trump campaign lawyers tried to disallow vote-by-mail ballots to all 1.82 million active registered voters. Also, they requested a stop to the counting of 1.4 million votes cast.

Based on official results, Biden received 50.06% of the votes while Trump got 47.67%. The Democrat President-elect won by a margin of 33,596 votes over Trump. The unanimous SC decision will send their certification to Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak.  The decision confirms that Biden will receive all six electoral votes. As such, Nevada’s six presidential electors will meet on December 14 in Carson City.

North Carolina

Also on Tuesday, the state’s Board of Elections certified the results of the elections. Before noon, the board voted 4-1 to certify the victory of Donald Trump over Joe Biden by 1.3 percentage points. Consequently, North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes will officially go to President Donald Trump.

BOE Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell reported that voter turnout was 75.4%. Given that the elections happened during a pandemic, she found the numbers “remarkable.” Previously, the 2016 elections managed to generate 69% participation. 

Time is Running Out

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers promised to provide evidence of voter fraud. However, time is running out. As states certify their election results, the consensus on who won is becoming more apparent. Also, there is the matter of President Trump tacitly approving the transition process. This might show his willingness to accept the possibility of electoral defeat. That is unless the Trump campaign team comes up with something that can hold up in court. Otherwise, Trump might need to act as a statesman again in the best interest of the country.

Watch this as Arirang News reports that Joe Biden is the certified winner in Pennsylvania and Nevada:

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Do you agree that time is running out for the Trump campaign team to salvage the elections? Let us know what you think and share your thoughts on the election. Give us your opinions in the comment section below!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Biden is not who the people selected,

  • Anonymous says:

    Makes me sick to my stomach to see this amazing country go down from thief,lies,cheating and yes murder that includes the murder of born and unborn BABYS! . PROGRESSIVES LIBERALS And all there kind belong in Europe, china,Russia, middle east .

  • Anonymous says:

    Should throw out all and vote again don’t allow mail in VOTING

  • Cindy Crider says:

    I believe all of the lawsuits need to be taken to fruition. No matter whether it changes the election or not, all of the bullshifft needs to come out so the country knows exactly what happened. Unless that happens, all of those brainwashed Americans will never understand the depth and breadth of the deep state. I hope that SCOTUS finds for Trump, and that there is a remedy for the injustice that we are living with right now. Trump is the rightful winner of this election, and I have to believe that there is a remedy in our laws that will keep Trump in for 4 more years. I believe that this is the climax of the shifft that has been going on for years, and God willing, we are going to take our country back from the jaws of evil!!!

  • Larry Larkin says:

    Something fishy about all the late ballots coming in for Biden. My gut feeling says something was wrong with all this .My gut feelings are sometimes wrong, but mostly right!!

  • Joel Schrank says:

    This was the most corrupt election in history. Biden stayed in the basement because he knew the FIX was in.

  • Richard says:

    this looks to be the Fall of the UNITED STATES of America. The shadow government aka. “Deep State” growing undercover (in the background) quietly while being infiltrated with communist, socialist, marxism, and nazism until such a time presented itself so as not to waste a crisis. This crisis happened to be a decisive attack on the world by China by releasing a Bio-Chemical identified as a modified strand of the Corona Virus. This virus was study and modified by a scientist in the USA. and returned to Wuhan, China. There 2 Bio-chemical Lab technicians studied and modified it some more then released it on the world.

    Do your research!!

    Richard Lewis

  • Richard says:

    Your elected Leaders President, V. P., Congress (both houses) are run and controlled by the shadow government. The shadow government (aka. Deep State) dictates instruction, polices, agendas, to your elected officials, and maintains their obedience through bribery, coercion, harassment, slander, threats of bodily harm to yourself, or your family, murder, and assassinations, members form all over the World.

    This shadow government has been operating since World War II, and getting stronger through every generation, and Presidential election. Its list of members is exhaustive, and reaches into every facet of government, business, financial institute, and human life, activity.

    The shadow government is massive, powerful, sinister. There depth, breadth encompasses world wide facet of life.

    They want to remove President Trump and the cost doesn’t matter.

    Richard Lewis

  • Anonymous says:

    This election was as fair as any other. Biden won, so deal with it & move on with your lives. He’ll be a great president…better than Trump!

  • Richard M. says:

    It is unfortunate that truckloads of ballots are allowed to be delivered during the wee hours of the night and still be counted. I believe the Democratic Party learned from 2016 that they can circumvent the election results by submitting just enough supposedly late mail-in ballots so their candidate wins. Funny how this seems to happen in Democratic-held cities and districts.

  • Stacy B says:

    Trump is the best President in my 56 years on earth. I am a Christian and never would vote for a president and/or Vice President that think a woman has a right to carry a baby for 6, 7, 8 even 9 month and then decide to rip the baby out of her killing the baby as they are doing it. God is not okay with that.

  • James H Hollingsworth says:

    Trump must continue the fight, even after the electoral college votes. There are just too many things against giving this election to Biden, who would be a disaster for our Constitution and our country.

  • Stephens Ernie says:

    The left is trying to steal our liberty but for me there is no life without liberty. So, fair warning lefties, I neither give or sell by liberty, I only give it back to my God if He wants it and you left wingers are not my god.

  • Anonymous says:

    Biden is not the President elect

  • Pama Bennett says:

    President Trump is doing the right thing for the country to pursue getting as accurate vote counts as possible. As it is, the mess that mail-in votes and fraud have caused will make it hard to trust elections again, which is bad for the country. President Trump is right to pursue legal action, regardless of whether the results end up being for him. He is always looking out for America and will continue to do so, no matter what.

  • Pamela OToole says:

    Never in my life have I seen an election like this! The election should be done over. No mail in ballots. Everyone goes to their voting site & vote. This whole election is a disgrace! President Trump needs to remain President. He did everything he said. He cared enough for the American people & gave us a stimulus check. If Biden gets into ofc this country is doomed. We have Biden falling asleep on a national televised interview. Then we have Pelosi who was drunk & slurring her words for an interview. This is NOT what this country needs. I want President Trump to run this country. I’m also glad he’s trying to bring God back into this country the way our forefathers wanted it.

  • Edna Badman says:

    We Need To All Take A Stand And Stand Strongrer Together athru Evetything

    Yes Trump end this Nightmare and just Concede give up in other words and be a man tooo.
    Keep safe 😷

  • Bob says:

    Biden is NOT the President-Elect —at least, not Until December 14, when the Electoral College meets & declares Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election!!

  • R Baker says:

    I thought that a judge enjoined PA from certifying the results until the current lawsuits were heard???

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