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McCarthy Rips $1.9T Stimulus Bill: ‘Just So Liberal’



Congressman Kevin McCarthy speaking at an anti-abortionanti-infanticide press conference outside the United States Capitol-Stimulus Bill-ss-featured

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) slammed the recently passed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill last Saturday. He said the bill is extremely corrupt, costly, and just so liberal. In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy lamented the recent bill. “We have done five other COVID bills and every single one of them was bipartisan. The Biden administration has become the most partisan administration in modern history,” he said. 

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Most Partisan Administration 

“We still have a trillion dollars sitting out there that have to be appropriated,  sent to the economy. The money in this bill for schools, 95% of it won’t even go out this fiscal year, two-thirds of it won’t go out until 2023. The real focus here should be putting people back to work, back to school, and back to health,” said McCarthy. 

For example, McCarthy said he tried redirecting money earmarked for a subway project. This project is near House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. However, every Democrat voted against his proposal. Had he succeeded, he said he would redirect the money for children’s mental health. 

Redirecting Money 

The stimulus bill, called the American Rescue Plan, will fund a new round of stimulus checks worth $1,400 per individual earning less than $75,000 per year. It will also provide $350 billion for states, local governments, and tribal governments as support. $200 billion will go to public schools to help deal with the pandemic. Another $50 billion will go to COVID-19 vaccination distribution, contact tracing, and testing. Also, the bill will fund the weekly unemployment booster checks at $400 through August. 

In addition, the American Rescue Plan includes a measure to establish the federal minimum wage at $15 per hour. Democrats led by Pelosi still included this provision even as the Senate Parliamentarian recommended the minimum wage has no direct relation to the stimulus bill. As a backup, Democrats are looking into a wage hike bill that complies with Senate rules. 

Best Interest of the Country

McCarthy said that the only bipartisan part of the entire legislative process happened when two House Democrats joined GOP lawmakers and voted against the bill. “The Democrats only have a five-seat majority. They just spent almost two trillion dollars in the most partisan way you can,” said McCarthy.  In fact, Democrat Congressman Jared Golden (ME) said that the stimuli plan should’ve been bipartisan. “I like to often remind myself that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. It doesn’t mean that it’s in the best interest of the country,” he said. Golden is one of two Democrats who voted against the stimulus bill.  

“I guess I would say that I don’t think it was in the best interest of the country. I think that we have ended up with a worse public policy as a result, rather than a more targeted bill that would come out of a bipartisan process,” he said.

Nunes: Democrat Trojan Horse

Meanwhile, Representative Devin Nunes (CA) said that the American Rescue Plan is a Trojan horse that Democrats will use as a slush fund to buy votes until 2024. Nunes, in an interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo, said that the proposal “has little to do” with coronavirus relief efforts. “This is a slush fund in order to buy votes that Biden can use over the next four years. It’s a Trojan horse with $2 trillion in it so they can build things like a goofy high-speed rail that they haven’t even completed,” Nunes said.

Nunes referred to a California high-speed rail project that received billions of dollars under the Obama administration’s stimulus program for the 2009 recession. He compared that with the current proposal’s inclusion of a $100 plus million for an underground rail project in Silicon Valley. The project aims to expand Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) underneath San Jose. “I think the American people know that this doesn’t have anything to do with COVID relief,” Nunes said.

Watch the Fox News video where House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says that “Socialists brought this ‘swamp’ back:”

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  • Chas says:

    This country is heading down a road of no return… pretty scary to think about… 28 Trillion and counting….

  • Michael G Dean says:

    As an American, I feel that politicians need to be honest and work for the people. Is the American Rescue Plan partisan? The question should be asked who was the author of the plan. I don’t like where a bill has 47 different parts to the plan that really has nothing to do with the true intended plan. To make a bill where the content cannot be totally read, comprehend it, and be able to accept the whole bill is a waste of time. I understand why it’s done, but it’s truly trying to shove down the throats to accept the parts that are needed.
    Why not just individualize each bill, define the content, why it will help the American people, and each politician that cannot support the bill, put in writing why they can’t support the bill. This way if it’s due to party, or has no valid reason, make it public so voters can see and vote them out.

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