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51% Of Americans Say Stricter Gun Control Won’t Stop Shootings



American students who are calling for stricter gun control in the U.S. | 51% Of Americans Say Stricter Gun Control Won’t Stop Shootings | featured

Stricter gun control won’t stop shootings from happening. This is what 51% of Americans said in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey. In addition, a further 59% say that it’s not possible to completely prevent mass shootings.

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Rasmussen Reports Survey Say 51% of US Voters Say Stricter Gun Control Won’t Help

Protesters from all over the world show their support for American students who are calling for stricter gun control in the U.S. | Rasmussen Reports Survey Say 51% of US Voters Say Stricter Gun Control Won’t Help

A survey from Rasmussen Reports shows that 51% of American voters do not think stricter gun control would stop mass public shootings.

In addition, around 59% don’t think it’s possible to completely prevent mass shootings like the recent one in Brooklyn. 

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The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey happened between April 11 to 13, 2022. It interviewed more than 1,000 American voters during this time and also asked their party affiliation. 

Stricter Gun Control Won’t Prevent Shootings

In the wake of Tuesday’s mass shooting on a Brooklyn subway train, a majority of American voters say that tighter gun control laws won’t matter much.

A majority believes that tightening up gun control laws won’t help much in shootings. In contrast, only 38% think that more gun laws can help prevent mass shootings. Another 11% said they’re not sure what it can accomplish. 

The Rasmussen Report findings remain virtually unchanged from the previous survey conducted last March. During that time, President Joe Biden called for more gun control laws after a spate of two mass shootings. 

The US Doesn’t Need Stricter Gun Control Laws

In addition, the survey also asked American voters if the US needs stricter gun control laws. 43% agreed that the country does need new laws to help prevent shootings and other gun violence.

Another 8% said that they remain unsure whether additional gun safety laws can help. The majority of 50% say that the United States does not need any additional gun control laws.  

More revealing is the divide over the question if the US can actually prevent mass shootings. 22% of American voters felt optimistic that it’s possible to completely prevent mass shootings.

59% disagreed, and said it's not possible to completely prevent mass shootings. Meanwhile, 19% remained unsure. 

Democrats, Republicans DIsagree on Gun Control

When taking party lines into consideration, more Democrats support stricter gun controls than their Republican counterparts.

In fact, 65% of Democrats agree that tighter gun measures can help. However, only 23% of Republicans feel the same. In the same survey, 61% of Democrats believe that tiger gun laws can prevent attacks.

This includes the likes of what happened last Tuesday in Brooklyn. Broken down by race, more black voters support more gun control versus white voters.

In fact, 54% of black voters say that this can prevent attacks like the subway attack in Brooklyn. 

However, the reality disputes the assertion that gun control laws help a lot. The Mike Bloomberg-affiliated group Everytown for Gun Safety ranks New York No. 3 in the nation “for gun law strength”.

However, the Brooklyn subway shooting still happened. In addition, California ranks number 1 in gun control strength. However, another shooting incident happened last April 3 in the state’s capital. 

Watch the NewsNation video reporting that President Joe Biden announces a federal crackdown on ghost guns:

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Do you agree that stricter gun control laws don’t help prevent shootings? If so, what do you think is the solution?

Tell us what you think about the causes of gun violence. Share your comments below. 

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