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Sleepy Joe has the Lowest Approval Rating with Hispanic Voters in New Poll



Sleepy Joe has the Lowest Approval Rating with Hispanic Voters in New Poll-ss-Featured

Pres. Joe Biden’s approval ratings among Hispanics in the United States continue to go down.

His approval ratings among Hispanics have fallen to 26%, as per a recent Quinnipiac poll. This figure shows an almost-10% drop from his approval rating back on April 6, when he had 34% approval among Hispanics. Additionally, he had low approval ratings in most demographics.

“Biden's 35% job approval among registered voters ties the low that he received in a Quinnipiac University poll on Jan. 12, 2022, when his job approval rating was a negative 35-54%,” Quinnipiac said in their report.

“Among registered voters, 35% approve of Biden's job performance, while 55% disapprove with 10% not offering an opinion,” the poll analysis went on to say.

The data revealed that only 12% of Hispanic respondents “approve strongly” of the president’s performance, along with an equal 12% who “approve somewhat.”

Forty-one percent of Hispanic respondents, on the other hand, “disapprove strongly” of Biden’s tenure as president, while 13% “disapprove somewhat.”

Now, voters of Hispanic descent are now evenly split when it comes to support between the Democratic and the Republican parties, which is a sharp turn from previously supporting the Democrats overwhelmingly.

“Nothing has happened that was promised,” Bertica Cabrera Morris, a government and businesses consultant told Fox News Digital. “I think the country is more divided than normal. It was divided during Obama, then during Trump, and now again – it's not going in the right direction. It's not the right leader.”

Morris also pushed back on the notion that the U.S. Hispanic community has previously generally supported Democrats.

“To give you an example, I'm Cuban American but a lot of my family is Puerto Rican,” the consultant said. “The numbers showed that they would come to the United States from Puerto Rico and they would immediately be told they are Democrats. But as time went on – the Puerto Rican community is very conservative. You see Puerto Ricans going to war – they are big time in the service. And they don't like what they're seeing.”

“People think of Puerto Ricans as Democrats, but actually when they get to the mainland, they think differently,” she went on to say. “They don't sign in as Democrats, they sign in as Republicans. Or in a very short period of time, they realize what they are.”

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