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Susan Sarandon Is Disgusted By The DNC



Susan Sarandon is the voice of the never-Hillary movement. She has carried on the fight, even after their leader abandoned them to kiss Hillary's ring.

When asked about the DNC's treatment of Bernie Sanders she responded by saying “it's disgusting.”

Sarandon and the other never-Hillarys might be enough to keep the evil queen out of the White House and while I don't agree with most of their stances (I do like their view on the TPP) I wholeheartedly support them in trying to weed out the corruption that lies in their party.

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You don't have to like Bernie Sanders or agree with his politics, but you should appreciate his desire for an honest party. I personally do not trust the democrats, they get their power and keep their power by using every dirty trick in the book. They are corrupt and dishonest to the point that even their own voter base has turned against them. I just hope it's enough to keep Hillary out of the White House.

So I support Susan Sarandon in her fight. I am glad that she has championed the call and I hope that she can be a rallying figure for those in her party that are tired of the usual corrupt Democrats who keep getting elected.

When asked if she would keep up the fight she replied, “We are alive and empowered.”

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