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Texas Teacher Wins Job Back After Being Fired For Reporting Students to ICE

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Classroom | Texas Teacher Wins Job Back After Being Fired For Reporting Students to ICE | Featured

Georgia Clark, an English teacher in Texas, asked President Trump on Twitter to remove “illegal students from Mexico” from her school. This caused her to lose her job, but later won an appeal to win it back. According to Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath, Clark’s offensive tweets were protected by the First Amendment. Clark’s Twitter account has now been deleted.

Clark explained to a district investigator that she thought the messages were private direct messages to the president. “Clark was put on administrative leave in May after the school district was alerted to her Twitter posts to Trump,” said Star-Telegram.

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Superintendent Kent P. Scribner recommended that Clark be terminated due to insensitive racial language and social media abuse. The school board unanimously agreed. In August, an independent hearing examiner recommended that the school board reinstate Clark as her termination was not justified.

In September, the school board rejected the recommendation. They maintained the decision of terminating Clark’s continuing teacher contract.

In a report by Fox News, Clark is” now entitled to return to the classroom with back pay and employment benefits or district officials can fork over one year’s salary.”

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