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Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats: They’re Playing ‘Ridiculous Theater’ with Second Amendment Rights



Senator Ted Cruz-Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats' Gun Control Push, Says They're Playing 'Ridiculous Theater' with Second Amendment Rights-ss-Featured

On Tuesday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz criticized a number of proposals connected to the gun control push by Democratic members of Congress. Cruz said these proposals punish law-abiding gun owners even while it does little to prevent mass shootings.

Cruz spoke at a hearing about gun violence held by the Senate Judiciary Committee. There, the GOP senator said Democrats are playing “ridiculous theater” with regards to the people’s Second Amendment rights.

He noted that in committee hearings following a mass shooting, Democrats start proposing measures that will take firearms away from law-abiding gun owners. Cruz said this is because it’s the Democrats’ political objective. The Texas lawmaker then added that such measures are not effective in reducing crime; instead, they make the problem worse.

Cruz said that when the law disarms law-abiding citizens, the possibility of them becoming victims increases. According to the senator, to stop the murders, they need to go after those perpetrating the crime.

Democrats Continue to Push for Gun Control

The committee hearing took place less than 24 hours after the recent shooting in Boulder, Colorado. The incident left 10 people dead, including a Boulder Police officer. It also came less than a week after the Atlanta-area shooting, which led to the deaths of eight individuals.
With this, Senate Democrats are trying to urge their fellow lawmakers to support gun control proposals that the House of Representatives passed in February.

The proposed measure would require stricter background checks on all commercial gun purchases and transfers. It would also provide the FBI with more time to conduct the said background checks. The measure also closes several loopholes that would let a person acquire a gun prior to the completion of background checks.

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  • Patti G says:

    Democrats are using Boulders tragedy to fulfill 2nd amendment but they might as well give the gun to people coming in from across borders because they’re coming in to USA with or without permission. They’re bringing diseases, guns, talibans, murderers, human traffickers, gangs and drug dealer. Democrats are letting anybody in to USA!!!

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