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Texas Hispanic Voters Leaning Toward Canidates like Trump over Dems



Texas Hispanic Voters Leaning Toward Canidates like Trump over Dems-ss-Featured

The hopes of the Democratic Party of turning the state of Texas blue might completely be shut down as more Hispanic voters, who relied on them for years, have started to support others.

Per a new report, more Hispanic residents of Texas are turning to members of the Republican Party. This continues the trend that was observed during the last presidential election when more “blue” border counties in Texas flipped in favor of former President Donald Trump or fully shifted to support him.

According to a Texas Monthly report, McAllen had the biggest shift in the vote share between parties during the 2020 elections, with the votes moving to favor Trump. Meanwhile, border towns saw Trump’s points improve by 23 points compared to his 2016 numbers. However, South Texas experienced the biggest shift in favor of the Republican Party, and it’s where 18% of Texas’ Hispanic residents live.

The report further stated that the turnout in Starr County went up by almost 300% from 2016 to 2020.

It also noted that Hilary won in the said county by 60 points while Joe Biden only clinched his victory by five points. Additionally, Trump saw his margin of defeat go down by more than half in Webb County.

The report then mentioned that in Zapata County, a place that did not even have its own Republican party, Trump came out as the first GOP presidential candidate to earn a victory there since Warren G. Harding from a century ago.

Given the demographic trends in Texas, this shift is noteworthy.

Out of the 4 million people who moved to Texas in the last 10 years, 2 million were Latino. Meanwhile, only 5% of that were White, per a report by the Washington Post in August.

Hispanic Residents in Texas Seem to Reject Their Image as Immigrants

Texas Monthly then concluded that Hispanics in the state are actively rejecting the notion that they are immigrants.

The report continued to say that while the Hispanic Residents in southern Texas feel proud of their Mexican roots, a lot of them don’t consider themselves “people of color” in any case.

It also noted that back in the 2010 census, 53% of the people who said they were Hispanic or Latino also identified as white.

However, in 2020, 99 percent of Starr County residents, where 96% of the respondents are Hispanic, identified as white. And this result seems to be common all across South Texas, which had 76% of its Hispanic residents identify as white. In Laredo, which has a population that’s 95% Hispanic, saw 96% of its respondents say that they are white.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Manuel Pescador Jr., an occupational safety consultant in McAllen, revealed that he turned his back on the Democratic Party because it only gave him “handouts and false promises.”

He also said that the illegal immigration problem played a huge role in choosing to switch parties.

Back in June, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) said that Latinos will likely move closer towards the GOP if the party sticks to making policies supported by Trump.

Rubio told Breitbart News that the Hispanic or Latino communities are composed of people with common sense, wisdom and working-class values. The senator also noted that Hispanics in Miami and along the Rio Grande Valley have tended to shift heavily in favor of Trump and the GOP.

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