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Texas School Officials Should Be Fired For This



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  • Anthony Ruelas was suspended from his middle school in Kileen, Texas for saving his classmate's life. 
  • Ruelas disobeyed his teacher's instruction to stay in his seat and instead picked up the girl suffering from a severe asthma attack and rushed her to the nurse's office, saving her life.
  • In an outright lie, the school has now changed their story saying he was suspended the same day for different reasons. 
  • Ruelas' family has chosen to take him out of the system and instead home school him. 

Mandy Cortes was distraught and downright furious. Her son, Anthony Ruelas, had been suspended from school after defying a teacher's order so that he could help a classmate who was suffering an asthma attack. Instead of staying in his seat, as instructed, he had carried the girl to the nurse's office – and, his family said, he had been disciplined for doing so.

Cortes decided she couldn't send her son back to Gateway Middle School in Killeen, Texas. She told The Washington Post that he will begin home-schooling with his aunt next week.

Not only has she lost faith in school officials, Cortes said, but so has her 15-year-old son, who struggled to wrap his head around the idea that he was being punished for possibly saving someone's life last week.

Whatever lingering doubts Cortes had about home-schooling the eighth-grader disappeared, she told The Post, when school officials released a statement denying that a student had been “disciplined for providing aid to another student.” At the time, she said, Reulas was serving a two-day suspension.

“I think it really did bother him, and the fact that he feels like the adults at the school didn't care, that's why he's not going back,” she said. “You don't care about him, his classmates and this girl that almost died. How is he going to come back to school and respect you, and after you've been lying about him?”

She added: “He already has the bad kid jacket on because he's at this alternative school, and now they're basically calling him a liar, too.”

The episode, she said, has been “infuriating.”

The saga has garnered international attention, and the boy's mother said their family has received supportive emails from as far as the Netherlands.

A San Francisco businessman has even offered to pay for Ruelas to participate in a two-day Wilderness First Aid course in Austin. Cortes said her son has expressed interest in becoming a fireman or an EMT and is “very excited” about the offer, which he accepted. He also plans to accept an offer from Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, who invited Ruelas to intern in his Capitol Hill office this summer, the boy's mother said.

Refusing to let anyone leave the classroom, the teacher emailed the school nurse and waited for a reply, telling students to stay calm and remain in their seats.

When Tishica Fisher fell out of her chair several minutes later, Ruelas later recounted, he decided to take action.

“We ain't got time to wait for no email from the nurse,” a teacher's report quotes him as saying, according to Fox News Latino.

In a statement provided to The Post on Wednesday, the Killeen Independent School District said that its crisis management plan directs teachers “to contact the Campus Principal and the Nurse in the case of a Medical Emergency.”

The district did not mention Ruelas by name but said that “the student was suspended because of an unrelated incident.” The statement said that district officials were “unable to provide details about individual students,” citing privacy laws.

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Fisher recovered and later thanked Ruelas in person.

“All I know is I blacked out, and I felt myself getting picked up by somebody,” she told NBC affiliate KCEN.

Cortes told The Post that she thinks her son's decision to take action was influenced by the death of his father, who was fatally stabbed in the parking lot of a San Antonio grocery store on Thanksgiving Day in 2007, when Anthony was just 7.

Anthony Ruelas Sr. had gone to the store to buy beer when he got into a fight over a girlfriend, police later told the San Antonio Express-News.

“Two other men got involved in the scuffle, and as one was leaving the parking lot he threw a large butcher knife at two men who were following him,” the Express-News reported. “The knife missed the men but hit Ruelas in the chest.”

Ruelas, 33 at the time, was pronounced dead at the scene, the newspaper reported.

As a child, Cortes said, her son overheard vivid descriptions of his father's final moments, when he collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath, his body writhing in pain. The description haunted the boy, and he re-created the scene in drawings over and over again in a notebook, Cortes said.

“The way he talks about Tishica's asthma attack – the little things he says, like how she was gasping for air, the way her body was moving – it really scared him,” Cortes said. “I think it also reminded him of his father's death.”

When he saw a life possibly slipping away, he reacted instinctively, his mother said. It's possible, she said, that her son understood what was going on better than his teacher: He has two cousins with asthma, one of whom slipped into a coma after a severe attack.

Ruelas is protective of both relatives and frequently worries about their safety, his mother said.

Cortes thinks that's why witnessing this latest attack was so hard on her son. By the time he got Fisher outside the classroom, she said, the tiny middle schooler had gone limp in his arms. Ruelas was crushed, his mother said, thinking that his friend had died and that he hadn't done enough to stop it from happening.

Within minutes, Cortes said, her son had been written up and school officials were refusing to give him any information about Fisher's condition. Cortes said she received a call from school officials telling her that her son had been suspended for walking out of class.

He's still processing what happened, she said.

“Even now, he'll just get really quiet, and I can see him sitting there in his mind, playing it back over and over,” Cortes said. “He'll say: ‘I wonder if she's alright? Do you think that something like that could happen again?'

“I know it bothers him. It's a lot for a young person to experience.”

Cortes isn't the only parent furious about the way Fisher's asthma attack was handled by school officials.

In an interview with KCEN, Fisher's stepfather, Jeffery Bailey, said that while he's shocked by how Ruelas was treated, he said he's even more shocked that his daughter was left to suffer on a classroom floor.

“Where was security at and why didn't the nurse come to the room?” Bailey asked, according to KCEN. “It took an email?”

Despite his frustration, Bailey may be the only person alive prouder of Ruelas than his mother.

“I wanna invite him as part of my family,” he said, referring to the heroic teenager. “I don't know what I would have done, I really don't.

Learn more of this news from The Young Turks here:

By Peter Holley | The Washington Post


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  • Suzanne says:

    I was a teacher for 31 yrs and this is disgusting!
    You don’t wait around while a child is in distress. The teacher should have made a phone call or picked up the child and told the other students to follow him/her to the office. This boy should be awarded and praised! It just goes to show STUPID people are everywhere!

  • Kimberly says:

    God Bless this brave student! i cant believe the teacher was waiting for an email reply… REALLY?!! He should not be suspended, he should be rewarded! What in the heck is happening to this country – right is wrong, wrong is right, I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode every day! God help our country…

  • Kristin Cordiak says:

    Asthma attacks require swift/active response. Whomever in charge obviously gave no indication to the class of either reaction nor any sense of competence. Bravo to a young man who understood that timing was critical in this emergency. Thank you to the parents for raising a caring, compassionate child.

  • Name says:

    To watch the death of anyone should be totally personal decision. As a retired teacher, I feel that not only should the teacher and the administration be fired, I think all of Texas should be fired.

  • Frances sanger says:

    I’m praying for our country to turn back to God.

  • Catherine says:


  • Brad says:

    What is this country becoming.

  • Carl Reiners says:

    Lives are far more important than any adult’s orders or ego!

  • Bryan says:

    This is a total disgrace to the student. He helped a fellow student and was suspended for it. What is wrong with this schools supervisors???? They should be jailed for not helping the student who was suffering an asthma attack! !

  • Naomi Housknecht says:

    This is a good example of when protocol should have been reevaluated and even adults couldn’t make the obviously correct judgment call. Clearly, logic was so far gone from these school officials that they couldn’t make the right decision and they have to try to take the blame off of themselves and put it on the kid who decided to make the right call himself.

  • carlos says:

    It really sounds exactly hoe its written. I strongly believe that this HERO got punished for disobeying his teacher. If that’s not the case here then why hasn’t the school released a statement saying why he was suspended. Where is the girl at,what are the students saying about this. He saved a fellow student life. he should be called a HERO.

  • Norman says:

    Time is critical. We are all one breath away from DEATH.

  • Matthew says:

    Because if somebody is gonna die and you can save their life you should in my state if you know cpr or first aid and you don’t help you can go to jail for not helping

  • Stephen Davis says:

    Common sense for basic first aid dictates ABC’s and A being Airway. Teachers just don’t care about anything but their pay check!

  • edward poisson says:

    School officalsmust be oboboma”s (CHOCOLATE DROPS )

  • warren cottingham says:

    The school officials reactions are unbelievable.

  • Glenda says:

    All adults involved in this case should be held accountable for their actions and be fired and never teach or run a school again. A life was saved. We need to support the young man for saving this girls life not treat him badly.

  • Cliff says:

    This all sounds like a “power trip” to me. The teacher needed to get her head out of her posterior . I agree with the one person that posted, “common core” is attempting to “dumb down” our children and make them good little COMMUNISTS!

  • dennis lopez says:

    they would be making him a hero if it were their child.

  • Pat says:

    What was the stupid teacher thinking? She only tried to call the office on a phone. She could have opened the door and screamed and got someone there to help faster. But a student is
    punished for trying to help. He should have been praised for what he did.

  • Brian Merriman says:

    Teachers are supposed to teach. What’s the lesson that they learned after this episode.

  • G D Craven says:

    The teacher should have had enough medical knowledge to understand how lethal asthma can be and should have been the one carrying the student to the nurse’s office with help from the hero.

  • Glenn says:

    Based solely on what I read in this article, this appears to be yet another example of bureaucracy getting in the way of common sense. Unfortunately this is happening with alarming regularity. We need to downsize our government and get back to the fundamental principles that made this country great.

  • Frakn Gomez says:

    Anthony did the right thing and those people in the school that are punishing him should be fired on the spot.


    Today, it seems to me, our “education” system is dumbing kids down; NOT teaching basics. They are NOT learning Analytical Thinking; this young man looked at the situation, realized some thing had to be done IMMEDIATELY and reacted. Teaching kids to =stand around and watch= while an event they could possibly assist with happens seems, to me, what certain Totalitarian Countries teach: NO ONE takes ANY action UNTIL a Person in Charge directs them. The American Spirit is the exact opposite: it’s the Personal Initiative that makes Americans standout from all other Countries.

  • Curtis Jones Jr. says:

    If this true, the Entire School Administration should be fired and their Teaching Credentials should be taken away permanently. They should be charged with attempted murder and prosecuted.

  • Name says:

    Some officials believe they are above the law they should be punished not the kid FIRE THem SOME people DON’T have the brains God gave a healthy P SS Ant

  • Harrell D. Malone says:

    The teacher who is said to have emailed the nurse should immediately be placed on leave until the teacher and the school can be fully investigated to get to the truth. If the teacher emailed for assitance, she should be fired.l

  • Steve says:

    This young man not only did the right thing by helping out his fellow classmate, but he should be honored by the American Red Cross as a local hero. He should be rewarded by the school. The teacher was not wise in emailing the nurse, she should have called both the nurse and the front office. I have been called to help students/custodian in distress several times as a Boy Scout trained first aid and AED with CPR.

  • Phillip Leach says:

    The student saw someone in trouble and needed help, the teacher should have rendered help, seeing no response the student did the right thing and saved the girls life, he is a hero.

  • William Adams says:

    He may have saved a life. The teacher is a jerk.

  • DanS says:

    We have left no room for common sense – our schools are littered with liberal cowards who resort to bullying in an effort to enforce their agenda – don’t look for integrity in the US educational community

  • ludlow porch says:

    Forget “clockboy” this young man is the one that should be in invited to the Capitol, and awarded the Congressional Medal for his saving anothers life! He is a outstanding young man!

  • Tamra Lewis says:

    Ignorant! I’ll bet you if it had been the teacher having an asthma attack & he did the same thing, he wouldn’t be in trouble.

  • Ira Cotton says:

    School officials like these give all school administrators a bad name. Clearly they had a poor procedure in place and used bad judgement in suspending the boy. I did see that he was already in an alternative school. Such schools tend to have a lower tolerance for any rule violations, but in this case their rigidity overrode common sense. Maybe they don’t need to be fired, but the School Board should override them and force an apology.

  • Joann says:

    The teacher should be fired & jailed! Period!

  • Dale Marshall says:

    The boy acted more like an adult than his teacher. In an emergency you don’t wait for a reply to an e-mail. The only person with any sense was the young man. Hope his future plans to become an EMT come true.

  • Mike Woodley says:

    First, I want to say “OUTSTANDING” to the young man for listening to his moral compass. As a retired Firefighter, I am appalled at the lack of professionalism on everyone’s part here. An E-mail? Really? In the real world its called “The Duty To Act” as a plain human being its called doing the right thing. What is so hard about treating folks the way you would want to be treated?

  • Kevin Godwin says:

    He saved a life

  • David DeMarco says:

    This kid should be given an award. Not penalized. If more people did things like him it’d be a better world

  • Edward says:

    This teacher should be fired. And the principle should be fired to and a investigation should be done to confirm everything and then file a huge lawsuit against the school

  • Jake Davis says:

    He did what was right, regardless of what happened. So PROUD that a young person would do that. Thank GOD that he DID and the girl is OK.

  • Rulken says:

    This is just another case of incompetence on the overpaid teachers and school administration. Is this all part of the Obama’s ‘Hope and Change” agenda? Teacher and administration need to be fired and the school board need to be investigated!

  • Robert says:

    They would watch her die instead of helping. fire the teacher too.

  • Paul Nagy says:

    School administrations should never blindly apply rules. So the kid defied his teacher’s instructions to stay in his seat. He did what he did with the best intentions and for him to be suspended is a travesty.

  • Daniel says:

    What kind of moral are we trying to bestow on our young. That it’s better to watch someone die of instead of helping them. That’s everyone for themselves meaning “hope you never need hsop because your not going to get it”. It not only unmorally, but it goes against the constitution. However, law states the we have to chose the lesser of two evils; 1: watching a person die and quite possibly get sued by survivors and/or get charged in court with their death and 2: save a persons life and possibly get sued for it. Either way, you can get sued, but the law has statutes to protect the doer of good deeds, primarily the ‘Good Samaritan law’ so know your stuff before acting either way and no one has the right interfere with a good judgement call. School officials cannot stop you or punish you for this kind of act. On what grounds did they base their acts on? Did his actions obligate them to legally defend him? If so then why didn’t school officials impede or act on behalf of the shooters in the mass shootings that or widespread violence that seems to occur almost daily now. If they’re responsible in one situation then should’nt they be held responsible in all situations or do they get to pick and choose? Just saying

  • DOC CHARLES says:


  • A. I. Kalmanash says:

    Thomas Paine – Common Sense.

  • wlliam geary says:

    because we live in a liberal nation with no common sense, we are a nation of educated idiots

  • Liam says:

    The teacher should have taken the lead. When a student did all they wanted to do is punish him for being careing and making sure a life was saved. God bless this young man.

  • Name says:

    People in charge now a days have their head so far up their asses I don’t know how they dont suffocate. They put in planes with out thinking it out. If some one on fire at the pool side push them in the water , do you need promission Come on people get your heads out of your asses and get some common scene back in our lives. S.E.Ackley. Florida

  • Gerald Woods says:

    Too many rules and restrictions that are stupid just to give someone power, and absolutely no common sense whatsoever!!

  • trey says:

    Procedures over human life what a shame!!! Anthony your father would be proud hold your head high and know you did the right thing the only thing!!! May you be safe and blessed in all you do!!! HERO!!!

  • Chuck says:

    Another case of immaturity in a position of authority.The teacher should be suspended at the very least and made to take a class on how to treat his fellow human beings.

  • James Beene says:

    Nothing has been reported about the school’s response to this event. Until both sides have had their say, I cannot agree to the firing of the personnel at the school. Why hasn’t the complete response from the school been reported. Did all of this take place in the alternative school? Too many questions. Mainly, was help just around the corner? Why did teacher hesitate? I am a retired public school teacher and one time I picked up a student and rushed her into the nurse’s office when she injured herself in a bad fall. Give us all the circumstances before rushing to the ultimate conclusion that “heads must roll.”

  • Al says:

    Depending upon email for the nurse to respond to an emergency is beyond brain dead stupid! If that’s school policy, that’s even more outrageously stupid. Does the nurse have nothing better to do than stare the computer screen waiting to be notified of an emergency? Why didn’t the teacher pick up the girl and take her to the nurse? The boy obviously knew more about asthma attacks than the adults in the school. For shame they were so clueless. The boy should have been commended instead of the administration making up a fake reason for disciplining him to cover their own a$$es.

  • verne fuller says:

    the school policy is deeply flawed. the boy was
    there as God wanted him to be. Action here speaks much louder than a slow email policy.

  • Paul Kelly says:

    Both the teacher and Principal should be fired for endangering the life of the girl with Asthma.

  • Brian Paci says:

    I work for a school dept. and I can tell you first hand that the policy’s that are written for most schools are archaic and ridiculous. We as educators are responsible for the children in the school and so are the one another. To suspend a student for not wanting to watch a fellow student die is absolutely absurd!! I’m really surprised that with the way the schools tie our hands that more students have not ended up in harms way or dead. Congrats to the students who stood up and said I’m not going to be part of this absurdity.

  • Alexis Gonzalez says:

    Get them out of the school system where they are doing more harm than good.



  • Doug says:

    We entrust our children to the school and to oversee and take care of them. It is not just educating them but taking care of them while they are at school, if the adults are not capable of doing this then they have no place overseeing children.

  • DB says:

    I am an RN. Asthma can be deadly. If that girl stopped breathing were the students expected to just sit and watch her die while waiting for an email response? Then they would bring in all the counselors to help those young people deal with the trauma? That has to be one of the top 10 Stupid School Policies! That young man is a hero as far as I’m concerned. The school should be ashamed and make intelligent policies for emergency situations. Maybe they should ask this young man to help them!

  • Joe says:

    I am a believer in Jesus, and scripture and the teachings by Him say we are to help others, not let them die. I think the teacher and all the administration hould lose their and spend some time in jail.

  • Mary says:

    This child got the sick student to person in school appointed to help.
    God Bless him!!!!

  • Myrna says:

    This is “common core.” The teachers were just following the “common core” curriculum…they have been lobotomized therefore they have the common core of NO common sense!

  • Sue Brown says:

    this was a medical emergency that young man saved her life as he recognized what was wrong.

  • Richard crayne says:

    They should be FIRED because they did not do their DUTY to cal EMS or help the student that was Dieing. Shame on THEM.

  • Jon Haas says:

    This is an example of the inherent inefficiency built into most Government systems, unfortunately including our schools. The teacher present, if all the facts of this story are true, should be fired for lying, let alone not helping the girl herself!

  • Rita says:

    When I was in school, we had a teacher go into a diabetic shock and if we the students did not run to the school nurse, she could have died. It is insane this young man is being punished for doing good. I guess if this teacher has a health issue, according to their rules, just let her die and sit and watch. I have asthma and YOU CANNOT WAIT WHEN IN AN ATTACK! Stupidity seems to reign.

  • Royce & Mary See says:

    What do we have, a war on kids as well as women. You can`t build character this way. They have to learn “life matters“, respect eachother. This is a classic example of the wrong demeanor bestowed in our young teachers in college by leftist professors. these regs. and rules aren`t written in stone. They`re guide lines. There are no rules when it comes to saving lives. All officials involed should be terminated.

  • Royce & Mary See says:

    What do we have, a war on kids as well as women. You can`t build character this way. They have to learn “life matters“, respect eachother. This is a classic example of the wrong demeanor bestowed in our young teachers in college by leftist professors. these regs. and rules aren`t written in stone. They`re guide lines. There are no rules when it comes to saving lives. All officials involed should be terminated.

  • Gresham Bouma says:

    School betrayed fiduciary responsibility, then doubled down by punishing student for acting properly. Complete incompetence and negligent indifference.

  • Arthur Berm says:

    This young man seems to be a lot smarter and compassionate than the teacher and school staff in handling this, Congratulations to Antony!!

  • leila cassady says:

    They don’t have common sense.

  • jerry says:

    The authorities in schools now are so worried about doing something wrong that they do nothing and that is wrong. The only way to tell them they are wrong is to fire all the individuals!

  • Norm Anderson says:

    This teacher should be retrained on how to use common sense. The boy was able to get the girl to the nurse before the nurse even saw the email. If the girl had died the teacher should have tried for murder.

  • Robert Highland says:

    If they don’t care about their students, they shouldn’t be there in the first place! If that Teacher(I use that name LOOSELY) couldn’t tell that student needed Medical help he should be FIRED for that reason a lone!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom says:

    Because teachers must follow the rules laid down by school district attorneys…who are more concerned about liability, than life! So sue the bastards on “Failure to Protect the Student, in a Medical Emergency”, and name the principle and School Administrators as co defendants. Kudo’s and Blessings to the fine
    young man…Lead On Son, make America Proud! Former Ambulance Driver and Cop

  • David Scott says:

    The teacher should have seen this girl was in trouble and could have died without the bravery of this young man.

  • Bud Chapman says:

    We teach our kids while their growing Christian values and that human life is precious. So it’s not surprising that this kid saved the life of another kid. My question is why didn’t the teacher do emergency procedures. That school needs to rethink it’s values.

  • Michelle says:

    Asthma attacks are potentially dangerous /fatal because the lungs are impaired. It is therefore imperative that someone with asthma have immediate access to medication or treatment, not wait for an email response. Either an emergency call button or phone access should have been available or better yet she should have had access to her inhaler when symptoms began.

  • Juan says:

    how much is human life worth to them? That student should be honored not vilified!

  • Elaina Lance says:

    Teacher included, school policies were made by idiots. Any teacher should be smart enough to be aware of a REAL crisis in the classroom and act accordingly.

  • Bill Schoonover says:

    You can trace the incompetency of school officials and teachers back to the colleges and universities for brainwashing these idiots and giving them diplomas. Whatever happened to common sense?

  • Bonnie L. Waller says:

    The boy should be given a metal for being a hero. He probably saved her life. We need to get rid of administration members who can’t see this. They should more about saving her life than him disobeying the stupid teacher’s instructions to stay in his seat. The teacher should have approved his actions and assigned a leader to watch the class and gone with him. So sad.

  • Gwen says:

    What is wrong with these schools lately? This young man did the right thing and helped the young girl.

  • Edward D Pollack says:

    Deliberately preventing a child from receiving medical care while in a life threatening situation is unconscionable and totally dispicable.

  • Richard says:

    All teachers are supposed to protect all students it’s amazing how many of these so called teachers there are they should be fired.

  • Michael says:

    It is a ridiculous school policy to rely upon an email to the school nurse for an emergency medical response. She could easily have been unavailable for numerous reasons and I suspect the school policy also prevented calling 911 without the approval of nurse or principal. The entire school district should immediately receive First Responder Training with the teachers participating. I would encourage the girl’s parents to sue and for the boy’s mother to sue to have the “black mark” removed – however, I do agree that he is better off being home schooled – more parents should be doing that and let the teachers/staff find other employment that does not involve tax payer funding.

  • Dave Duchesneau says:

    Why Should School Officials Be Fired?

    Any leader and/or teacher who brings charges against a first responder (student or otherwise) rather than admitting that the emergency response policies, planning, and training are woefully inadequate — has already demonstrated that they are both uncaring and incompetent, and cannot be trusted with the lives of their charges. Their first reaction is to maintain control, save face and defend their actions, rather than to put the needs of others above their own.

    It would be a different story altogether if the teacher had recognized the policy mistake (even after the fact) and subsequently defended the actions of the “hero” student, at the risk of losing the teaching job. The teacher would earn the trust of the community, which would almost certainly have protected the teacher in that instance. The safety policy or policies would probably have been changed immediately to reflect improvements, and staff would probably receive additional training.

    Similarly, if a teacher complains to school officials about an incident like this, where a “hero” student ignores the teacher instead of obeying, then that teacher has learned nothing, and is seeking control or job preservation above the needs of students. That teacher should be fired, not disciplined, because doing the right thing is not in their nature — and wrong-headed decisions will recur for similar reasons. If the leadership does not recognize the error of such a teacher and immediately take remedial action, then that leadership should also be fired, for exactly the same reasons. Job retention should come with proof of situational awareness and remorse (else, how will the future be better?), accompanied by a strong desire to do what is in the best interests of each and every student. It is not acceptable to protect one’s job by establishing, maintaining, and/or following wrong-headed policy — or to protect one’s self-interests or level of control — over the needs of students.

    Teachers and other school officials have very special jobs with very special roles and responsibilities. If they cannot fulfill those roles and responsibilities, which definitely include protecting our children, then they should not be allowed to retain their jobs. Entitlement and tenure have nothing to do with it, since they should be fired “for cause.” It should intentionally be difficult to repeat the same kind of behavior for someone else’s children in a different school or school district.

    There have been other cases where students have died because school policy and staff training were inadequate — and staff did not take medical needs seriously. My daughter and her friend were “asthma buddies” who would go to the school health office together when either of them needed an inhaler treatment. On one occasion when a TEACHER thought it was unnecessary and didn’t allow it, my daughter’s friend died. Policies were changed immediately, on a district-wide basis, but it shouldn’t have to come to that.

    Note that the anecdotal information I just provided about my daughter and her friend may NOT be published without permission, because of the limited context, and the fact that you have not explained what you’re going to do with the information you may glean from your “Tell us why…” request.

  • Elaine Morris says:

    Why weren’t any school teachers, the school nurse or administration helping? This kid did what they should have been doing!! Place the people who stopped this kid on Administrative Leave; and give the kid an award!

  • Brian says:

    School officials should be fired – not only for lying and covering up, but for taking a gestapo-like approach to conditioning students to do nothing, wait for “official” rescue only, and comply-or-die in submission to “authority”. They are far more concerned with Communist Core imprinting than in raising good, wise citizens.

  • Sharon says:

    I have asthma. You don’t wait.

  • Jose Romero says:

    There needs to be an investigation on this matter. The school policy needs to be looked at and the school staff needs to receive training on how to handle school emergencies. Time is of the essence and the teacher is obligated to render aid. The teacher and staff should be sanctioned for trying to cover up the incident with lies. Seems like the school staff is more interested in imposing rules and expressing their control over the students then to be the leaders and mentors that they are entrusted to be.

  • Gary S says:

    Society, including schools have become so politically correct with ridiculous and obtuse rules. This gentleman/hero should receive at least the acknowledgement he deserves and is a role model for others.

  • Me ledge Knopf says:

    Saving a life certainly trumps obeying a dictator teacher!

  • Richard says:

    The people that work at this school are so trained to only fallow the rules, so they don’t have to make a choice. How can we expect our children to learn to think. When you are told only to fallow the rules, and do as your told. The teacher in this class was afraid to do anything different than she was told. Even if it ended in hurting some one. This way she had the safety of the system.

  • sandy says:

    the teacher had no right telling him not to help if the school supports this teacher then maybe they should look at closing the school there not interested in helping the kids

  • Patrick Sennello says:

    Our schools need to be teaching our young people to be thinking and intelligent citizens, not rule-following monkey-cowards. The MISeducation fomented upon our children by such people is antithetical to the very idea of responsible citizenship.

  • artha Tuker says:

    Its a shame and disgrace what America is coming to Thanksto Obma and the soreheads Democrats. I can’t understand why they do’n’t get him out. If it were a white president they have already got him out. Its a funny thing they all but feather and tared Richard Nixo, yet they won’t do aany thing with Obama.

  • D Jenkins says:

    To wait for a nurse to respond to an email is perhaps acceptable when a child is only in discomfort. To continue waiting when the child collapses and you do not know if the nurse has even seen the message is ridiculous. The boy exhibited leadership in moving the unconscious girl to where she might get more immediate medical treatment and likely where the facilities to deal with her attach were located.

  • Steven Hyde says:

    Because a child’s life is more important than rules of decorum. The teacher is obviously not qualified to hold the position she has, & the personnel involved in the suspension, have no care for their charges. They should all be fired.

  • Ben says:

    Is there NO common sense left in America ?
    God have Mercy on our Souls

  • Gary Uran says:

    A classic example of a liberal education. No common sense or empathy.

  • Name says:

    Schools need to recognize the rights of students. What educational value is there to forcing a student to watch a fellow student’s death?

  • REV. DR. RONALD L. SIMS says:

    Anthony R deserves a MEDAL for His Heroic Efforts on behalf of his classmate.
    The teacher and the principal and anyone else involved with the suspension of Anthony R should be fired, and also brought up on charges of stupidity and child abuse.

  • Ronald Miller says:

    Thats what is wrong with the school system to many Teachers with no common sence

  • John says:

    seems no common sense with our education or political leaders today

  • Lori Pfouts says:

    Texas – I’m proud to call you neighbor, for doing all you can to get rid of all your trash. But no offense intended to Texas or Texans- the boy should be given a medal -school officials fired.

  • David E. Grilley says:

    Bravo young man! Do what is right – always. I am glad you are out of the system.

  • Ken& Marie Hughes says:

    Stand up for all your freedoms as so many died so we could have them!

  • Ken& Marie Hughes says:

    Stand up for all your freedoms as so many died so we could have them!

  • Gary & Marlene Arthur says:

    If a teacher refused to assist in saving a life, MUST be fired along with any involved officials. This should also means NEVER to work in education again

  • Gary & Marlene Arthur says:

    If a teacher refused to assist in saving a life, MUST be fired along with any involved officials. This should also means NEVER to work in education again

  • jack harris says:

    the students are smarter than the teachers, HUmmmm

  • Harry says:

    The left-wingers have emasculated what was once a fine educational system. Now the dimwit “teachers” arrive with their BA degrees in education, assuring that they know little or nothing about vital subject matter. Think: reading, writing in cursive, studying history for its lessons we all need, then math, the sciences, logic and all the other courses needed for success! Many years ago, the communists said “First, cripple the schools and then the rest will be easy.”

  • Edmond Thomas Siwecki says:

    I was an EMT for over ten years. When life is at risk, delay is a sure invitation to death! The Teacher should have taken the action that the student did. It was wrong that the student was forced to react to a situation that any responsible adult should have! Give him a medal and FIRE the so called Teacher who tried to teach him not to get involved!

  • James Douglas says:

    Why? Because this boy is a hero. He acted on his to save a life when the “adults” just stood there and did nothing. He should be praised for his actions not punished. The teacher and who ever else that did nothing should not only be fired bit should also charged with criminal negligence. Principal and administration should also be removed and instructed on proper protocol on how to act when someone especially one of their students is in a life threatening situation . God bless this young man because again he is a hero!!!

  • James Douglas says:

    Why? Because this boy is a hero. He acted on his to save a life when the “adults” just stood there and did nothing. He should be praised for his actions not punished. The teacher and who ever else that did nothing should not only be fired bit should also charged with criminal negligence. Principal and administration should also be removed and instructed on proper protocol on how to act when someone especially one of their students is in a life threatening situation . God bless this young man because again he is a hero!!!

  • Carol Teodosio says:

    When I read stuff like this, the truth come out. “It all about the Children!!!” NO IT’S NOT! It’s about the administration. IT it is all about the Children, this would have never happened. It’s ALL Lip Service.


    I think that when someones life is at stake the teacher should have taken her to the nurse herself instead of waiting for the nurse to come to her. I have never heard of a school punishing someone for saving a life before. He should have gotten special comindation instead of being expelled.

  • Vicki says:

    I have had asthma for 25 years and I know how deadly it is. Once, when I was in Emergency an x-ray determined I had pneumonia in both lungs as well as asthma and it took me 2 hrs. to finally get medication. I was in total panic, hardly able to breathe, and nobody was listening and no help was forthcoming….even in Emergency. He absolutely did the right thing and the city you live in should honor him with recognition for what he did. He’s a hero!!! Get a good lawyer and sue the school. They punished him because, at 17, he used his head & common sense and chose to save a life instead of obeying an out-of-place order to sit. What a great example the administration of the school is. They made an egregious mistake and should be held accountable. If I were the parent of the girl, I would put her in a different school before the school causes her death by apathy.

  • DUKE says:

    Anthony Ruelas is truly a hero. The school teacher and ‘officials’ are disgusting, inept, incompetent sociopaths who should be fired immediately and not offered either severance or any kind of favorable letter of recommendation. They need to be thrown out of the ‘education’ field.

  • g says:

    Welome to backwards world, where people whom we have given the responsibility to make common sense decisions is just non-existent . And then when the it comes to being accountable they pull this shit . Society , in my opinion has digressed to the point where it IS safer and more productive to home teach . The system has FAILED us AGAIN , ladies and gentlemen.

  • Camille Gilliam says:

    What on earth has happened to our schools, are they being run by the devil? Get these liberals out of the classroom.

  • Toby Smith says:

    Student safety should be paramount! This is a travesty!

  • Phyllis says:

    How can a school wait on a email to do something someone could die that way The school nurse may be busy with another student or away from her computer. I think this young man did the right thing and may have saved her life under certain circumstances

  • Leigh Shears says:

    The boy did what the teacher should have done to saw the girls life and was punished for it. This is not right, and the school personnel should be punished in an appropriate fashion.

  • Lowell says:

    I absolutely agree. To risk someone’s life over some stupid policy is abhorrent and should not be stood for. Heads should roll here. The teacher, the nurse and those who decided to punish this young man should all be gone. He is a hero, and he should be help up as an example, not made an example of. What has gone wrong in our education system??? It’s lunacy unleashed!

  • James Pice says:

    MASS STUPIDITY on the part of the school officials!!

  • Dave says:

    This student did the right thing and NO AMOUNT of liberal bull shit will change the facts!

  • Lela S. says:

    A life should take priority and should never be second-guessed. Since when have rules and regulations been more important than saving a life?

  • Ralph Reimund says:

    someones health and well being is far more important than our communist inspired “educational” system

  • SEWilliams says:

    Being in the position of teacher does not give one ultimate ‘power to decide’ – a teacher has the authority to make a decision on what NEEDS to be done, not what one erroneously decides to be done. Saving a life is more important than all other decisions!

  • Kenneth B. Kelm says:

    The teacher obviously wasn’t too concerned about the afflicted student and when she only used e-mail to contact the nurse during an emergency, SHE should be reprimanded AND the school “officials” also need to be reminded of the proper protocol for dealing with this kind of medical emergency!!

  • M Lee says:

    to punish someone who is saving a life due to some insane intolerant rules has really gotten out of hand, whatever happened to common sense here?

  • edward says:

    child has a heart>>>>praise him>>>don’t destroy his heart because you have none>>god bless him>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jeri Leigh Casky says:

    Cover-up lying is one of the most harmful forms of lying. So was it here, except perhaps as the fallout from the publicity may make up for the harm.

  • Annette Thomas says:

    To save a life is heroic & noble. This school needs to be taught a lesson. You don’t punish heros.

  • D. J. says:

    There is no excuse for what the school authorities have done, and are trying to cover their butts on. They should be sued and forced to surrender (by subpoena if need be) the “actual” reason he was suspended…and the Mayor should give him a medal! That young man is a hero and a shining example of what people SHOULD do! SHAME ON THEM (the school district and it’s administrators)!!!

  • None of your business says:

    Because he wasn’t in charge the teacher was.

  • Carlton Horton says:

    He was doing the right thing shame on the school.

  • Robert Hodge says:

    Idiots are too stupid to be around kids.

  • Ron Reiher says:

    The young man was a responsible first responder and as such did the best thing he could think of. He is a hero and the school is dead wrong. Even if the young lady had died he would be held harmless as a first responder.

  • EK says:

    Anytime a persons life has to take a backseat to a “procedure / protocol ” , it’s time to re-evaluate the procedure / protocol.

  • Glenn says:

    Missing from educational curricula for a very long time – and obviously missing from the educations of the educator and administration – is the ability to prioritize according to common sense rules. This kid understands that the order to remain in his seat was far less important than the life of his fellow student – that was the choice with which he was faced. He passed the test with flying colors. The teacher and administration get an “F”.

    It may also be related to the fact that our basic Natural (God-given) Right to control our own lives and destinies – the foundational concept undergirding ALL of our individual rights – cannot be taught without destroying the progressive views on religion vs secular humanism, moral absolutes vs moral relativism and other bogus, baffling bulls**t being taught in our schools that falsely teaches a “right” to destroy life with abortion without any discussion of WHEN that life begins.

    Or it might simply be that the young man is a member of a Boy Scout Troop.

  • Dave Beahan says:

    That teacher and the school district need to be held accountable for their inability to perform right action and save a student’s life regardless of their stupid e-mailing of the school nurse. That is the most ludicrous, asinine thing I have ever heard of. What that student did to save his fellow classmate’s life was heroic and he should be rewarded for his life saving actions, not belittled by some dumb-ass school politicians. I give that student my deepest respect for his courage to do the right thing regardless of that idiotic teachers commands to stay seated. That girl might have died right there, if it had not been for that boys quick thinking and carrying her to the nurse. If she had died, the teacher and the school district should be held accountable for her death and prosecuted to full extent of the law. What is wrong with the thinking in this country any more? This teenager needs a medal for his actions and lauded, not belittled by wrong headed idiot school officials and teachers. I don’t blame that mom for not going back to that school and home teaching her son.

  • Jon Whisler says:

    When a life is in danger and there is no foreseen danger to he the person helping, there no reason to go by what the teacher demanded-that demand was utterly stupid. Hurrah for the quick thinking student.

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