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Disneyland Is Number One Terrorist Attraction



Disneyland in Paris | Disneyland Is Number One Terrorist Attraction | featured | Disneyland resort
  • At Disneyland Paris, a man was arrested for carrying two firearms, ammo, and a copy of the Koran.
  • Police also arrested a woman who was traveling with the man.
  • It is unknown at this time what their motives were, but the park remains open for now. 

Disneyland Paris guards stopped a gunman carrying two weapons and a copy of the Koran inside a park hotel, officials said.

No one was injured when the gunman and his female accomplice were arrested Thursday.

The man’s bag — packed with two low-caliber handguns, a box of ammo and the religious text — set off security alarms as it went through an X-ray machine at the Disney-owned New York Hotel, park officials and police said. The Manhattan-themed resort is about a 10-minute walk from the theme park.

Hotel security called cops, who arrested the man, François Banon, the vice president of public affairs and communication for Disneyland Paris, told the Daily News.

“We continue to work closely with the authorities, and the safety and security of our guests and our cast members are our utmost priority,” Banon said.

Cops later arrested an unarmed woman who traveled with the man to the Happiest Place on Earth.

The man — a 28-year-old European —  was not known to police or intelligence, French media reported.

No other details, including the pair's possible motive, were immediately available.

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The park and the hotel remained open after the arrests. Each year, about 10 million people travel to Disneyland Paris, which is among Europe's most-visited tourist attractions and sits just east of the French capital.

France remains under a state of emergency since a series of synchronized terror attacks killed 130 people across the city in November. The attacks, carried out by ISIS fighters, targeted a soccer stadium, a music hall and a row of trendy cafes.

Disney installed metal detectors at its Florida and California parks in December amid rising fears of gun violence. The U.S. locations also stopped selling toy guns and banned adults from wearing costumes.

“We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate,” Disney said in a statement at the time.

Watch this video from Holly Blogs as their family get stuck in Disneyland Paris Due to Terrorism last 2015:

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  • ludlow porch says:

    None of us law abiding citizens are safe in this day and age! We all must take responsibility for our own protection and security! We all are as vulnerable as a newborn child, when we depend on Law Enforcement. They can’t be everywhere at all times. Terrorist and other criminals out number the police. it is up to law abiding citizens, to take up the slack of Law Enforcement! That is why I conceal carry, two 9mm handguns, shouldered under each arm. I refuse to be a victim or become a statistic! Lock-N-Load! The 2nd Amendment, makes me unafraid. I am an “Unapologetic American!”

  • Robert Ruggels says:

    Way over priced!

  • Tom says:

    Because all usually that go there are peace loving parents, with kids.
    Also the damn Parks, will not allow CCW holders to carry, while visiting…setting up a
    Mickey Mouse for a killing zone…
    I will never attend for this reason!

  • Old grunt says:

    You title is very miss leading. According to the BBC the man and woman were stopped and questioned by police as they entered a hotel across from Euro Disney. They did have firearm in their bags and admitted so to the LEOs durning questing. The police released the couple after they determined they were not a threat and the firearms were for personal ISIS threat or attack occurred.

  • Lloyd King says:

    Still unsure why we do not bring terror to terrorist. When one of them is captured or killed place pigs with them. They find these animals to be dirty to be near them is to make one unclean, to be unclean prohibits them to enter paradise or what they believe to be paradise. Do the same for the so called no-go zones send in herds of pigs, for the so called worship centers bury a pig on the property on which they want to build one. And yes I do believe these criminals, thugs and murderers look for soft targets such as Disneyland.

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