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Texas Sheriffs Sue Biden Admin Over ICE Restrictions



Migrants from Guatemala turn themselves over to a Border Patrol agent after crossing the border wall | Texas Sheriffs Sue Biden Admin Over ICE Restrictions | featured

Some Texas sheriffs plus some  Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers filed suit against the Biden administration. They called out the federal government for restricting them from deporting illegal immigrants.

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Texas Sheriffs From Border Counties

Texas sheriffs from the border counties of Kinney, Edwards, McMullen, and Hudspeth joined forces with some ICE officers. They accused the Biden administration of violating federal immigration law. They did so by imposing restrictions on ICE operations.

The suit focused on specific orders that limited what they can do to defend the border. It recognizes President Joe Biden's pledge for a more humane approach to immigration. This action contrasts with the harsher policies of former President Donald Trump.

Biden Admin Memo Severely Restricted ICE From Doing It Jobs

Specifically, the Biden administration issued a memo last February 18. This ordered ICE to focus on deporting immigrants with specific criminal charges.  These include those labeled as national security or terrorist threats or gang members. ICE can also deport people convicted of aggravated felonies.

The directive left officers unable to deport immigrants with cases outside these categories. They include those convicted of human trafficking and drug smuggling. In addition, officers must secure permission from bosses before processing deportation.

Human Traffickers and Drug Smugglers Go Scot-Free

The Texas sheriffs and ICE officers said that the memo prevented them from doing their jobs. The memo also went against the mandates of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Specifically, the INA requires detaining aliens convicted of certain crimes. 

Apart from aggravated felonies, this includes crimes of moral turpitude. More importantly, it also includes serious crimes involving drugs. It also includes those tied to human trafficking, money laundering, and firearms violations.

Biden Functionally Abolished the ICE

In May, ICE officials accused the Biden administration of functionally abolishing the agency.  The government restricted its operations so much by limiting what it can do. These restrictions led to ICE officers making fewer arrests.

Now, the agency carries out less than 3,000 deportations a month. With 6,000 officers on record, the agency's 6,000 officers average a single arrest every two months.

However, many Democrats still want to put a stop to the agency's existence. Thankfully, the Biden White House didn’t cave into progressive demands.

But, they did put officers on a very tight leash in matters such as deportation. Biden may not have dissolved the agency, but he did place the agency on probation.

Less Facilities And Deportations

As a result, deportations plummeted, while Texas sheriffs can only look in anger. Even as the southern US border is currently registering 20-year highs in illegal border crossings, policymakers and advocacy groups continue to push for fewer detention facilities and reduced deportation proceedings.

Watch the Washington Examiner report where Texas sheriffs & ICE officers sue Biden over restrictions:

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Do you agree that the Biden administration basically made ICE useless? Do you think that fewer deportations are what the country needs, especially for the southern border states?

Tell us what you think of Biden’s border and immigration policies in the southern states. Share your thoughts below.

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  • Anonymous says:

    very very sad no morals.

  • allison says:

    Look at what a few short months of this ridiculous administration have done to our country. We are a laughing stock around the world. Now we have let in drug dealing murderous criminals into our country that will go on welfare and we hard-working Americans can support and pay for their meals in prison…oh wait they won’t go to prison…God help us

  • Randy says:

    Fully understand the desire and dreams of many who want to come to the United States, there are ways to do this legally, those who choose to do so illegally need to be sent back, regardless of age. Not sure why the current administration wants to simply let in every person who comes to the United States by crossing our borders illegally and benefit from policies that we do not provide to our current citizens. While not all are criminals, allowing any person who comes to the United States illegally to stay, well I guess we just need to accept people who cut in lines then, or those who break the rules for their benefit, wait, that’s the mindset of most democrats based on the media’s reports, we will have the opportunity to change this in approx. 29 months, I just do not understand why the democrats want to destroy this country?

  • Anonymous says:

    Biden needs to allow Ice to do the job that they know how to do.Our country is being over run by illegal immigrants.They are sending the illegals all around in Texas and other States in the country. Who do you think is paying for their being here. At least with deportation we are getting something for our tax dollars being spent. Our poor don’t recieve proper care as it is.That is why we have so much homeless people. Now our government is trying to overwhelm our financial system even more by excepting all these illegal immigrants from around the world. We are in Big trouble as a Free people with this kind of policy for immigration.

  • Mike says:

    He should be sued for a lot more than that!!! Worthless SOB!

  • David says:

    Nothing will be done but the Texan tqxpayers can thank the politicians for wasting their money on the lawsuits. Abbot has access to 1,000’s of National Giard, hw puts 500? Virtue signaling.

  • W says:

    The wall should be completed. The INS should do their job and deportations should be taking place as directed by laws of our land. Memos are not law! The supervisors need to uphold the law – not memos.

    The history of our great nation is being taken away from us. We have always had 6 flags over Texas until the current administration decided that the Civil War was no long important to be known about. The Civil War was started over economic reasons – not Slavery. Lincoln used the war to try and break the South by freeing the slaves – again an economic move.

    OUr country is going to hell and no one is stopping it. Covid hasn’t gone anywhere but we sure aren’t hearing about it too much any more. Administration doesn’t want truth on pandemic still going on to be published to the people. We deserve the truth. The truth about everything – not just what the government want us to know about.

  • Bobbie says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again until this nightmare is over. I’ve lived through some pretty bad times in my 81years in this GREAT country of ours , never have I been this sad at what has happened to the U S A . I only pray to God that I live long enough to see it the way it was during the TRUMP administration. GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸

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