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The Current Phase Of This Pandemic



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With over 600,000 deaths and millions of cases from this horrific pandemic, wouldn't it make sense (at least, common sense), for all of us to cooperate with the public health efforts of the scientists and experts in the area?

It never made sense to me when some resisted wearing a mask making claims such as it restricted their freedoms/ rights, etc! From an ethical perspective, shouldn't the greater good especially related to overcoming this virus and its impacts be the most – desirable course of action.

Besides the obvious health impacts, this has had an overall negative impact on most areas of our lives limiting us and harming our individual economic situation! Instead of celebrating the introduction of remarkably successful safe vaccinations which if nearly – everyone took advantage of a significant number of Americans have thus far refused to take!

Since the roll-out of these vaccines, predominantly those who refuse to be vaccinated have been 97% of the serious cases (requiring, hospitalization, or worse). With, that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider examine review and discuss 5 keys to why we are currently where we are.

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The Current Phase Of This Pandemic: 5 Keys

1. Vaccinated, versus unvaccinated: Why should getting meaningful treatment, and getting the vaccine, be a partisan, political issue/ decision? Yet, when we look at a map, of where vaccinations, have the lowest numbers, it almost, consistently, coincides, with the election map, of areas of so-called, red, and blue areas!

Yesterday, the Governor of New Jersey, stated, in that state, 99.2% of the cases, were unvaccinated, and, national figures, are similar (approximately, 97%).

2. Should we still, wear masks?: The largest percentage of those, who resisted, wearing masks, are the same, as those, refusing vaccinations! Since, children, under 12, and some, extremely – at – risk, individuals, haven't been (can't get) vaccinated, those individuals, who make a decision to refuse, are, not, only, risking their own health, but the well – being, of others.

Since, many of the variants, spread more quickly, than the original virus, there may be scenarios, where it is, still wise, to wear masks, such as in crowded, indoor situations, schools (especially, with younger children), etc.

3. Variants, such as Delta: Variants of the virus, such as the Delta Variant, are becoming, prevalent! It seems, the vaccinations, largely – protect, against these, especially, against the most serious cases! Therefore, wouldn't it make sense, for the common good, to prevail?

4. Overall public health/ greater good: Historically, there have been precedents, regarding, requiring most, to get some vaccine, such as polio treatments, measles, mumps, etc! In order for a child, to be registered, in most schools, he must show proof, of receiving several of these! The public health, and the greater good, should, and most, prevail!

5. Common sense/ Politics: Although, on many occasions, we have witnessed, that, common sense, is extremely, rare when it comes to public policies, etc, shouldn't ensuring health and safety, be a popular, desirable one? Let's demand, politics, be removed, from safety – type, issues!

The shut – downs, in this country, began in March 2020, and, have only, been lifted, in many regions, recently (although, some, such as California, have resumed, indoor – mask restrictions, etc)! For the health, safety, and well-being, and to eliminate the damaging impacts of this pandemic, wouldn't it make sense, for each of us, to do our part, and get vaccinated?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades.

Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense:

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  • Larry Martin says:

    If only American could believe the numbers they tell us about the Caronavirus, it seems to be totally inflated, A friend died from Prostate Cancer, they listed it as Covid 19, another person I read about, was killed in sort of Stunts they were doing, and they listed it as Caronavirus death. The Medical field should be spot checked and investgated if need be about False diagnosis and falsifying death certificates to read Covid-19.

  • Elaine says:

    When the “authorities” lose their credibility why should Americans trust anything they say? If this round of virus is deadly then why are all thrift stores still operational? Where do all those donated items come from??? Maybe b/c restrictive measures will not work with this virus? I bet many items are donated from people who died from covid 19 why would that be allowed? When so many things about this pandemic don’t make sense then something is very wrong with our authorities.

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