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The FBI Never Needed Apple To Crack IPhone



The surprise development effectively ends a pitched court battle between Apple and the Obama administration.

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The government told a federal court Monday without any details that it accessed data on gunman Syed Farook’s iPhone and no longer requires Apple’s assistance. Farook and his wife died in a gun battle with police after killing 14 people in San Bernardino, California, in December.

Apple did not immediately comment on the development.

A U.S. magistrate last month ordered Apple to provide the FBI with software to help it hack into Farook’s work-issued iPhone. The order touched off a debate pitting digital privacy rights against national security concerns.

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  • Gerry says:

    I think the FBI had people intelligent enough to crack the phone to begin with but was trying to go the legal route which with this present administration and his puppet judges is NOT the way to go.

  • Linda says:

    It is part of a devious, criminal gov’t

  • Name says:

    …FBI can’t “crack” an iphone. Give it to one of the many hackers on the internet that thrive on the challange of inserting viruses.

  • Loren Jones says:

    once someone takes physical control of an electronic device, there are other methods to access the information. IE removal of the chips, acid etching, electro magnetics etc…. just to name a few.

  • Edward Swisher says:

    It is all about Control Of The People Mindset. Being submissive by giving up our Constitutional Rights/Bill of Rights as American Citizens.

  • Terry Quick says:

    FBI have their own experts did not need Apple


  • Ken says:

    The FBI just didn’t want to take the time to break it down! Sure, it would’ve been easier for the cell phone company to give in, but for all our security reasons thee fbi was wrong! That still doesn’t mean that the FBI cannot hack our cell phones! Way too much government intrusion! If we would’ve closed the borders to all illegal aliens we p robably wouldn’t even be having this discussion! Scrutinize, investigate, profile, etc. Until the so-called mslim community condems these terror acts and denounces them, by the way, they know who they are, and turns them in, I want closed borders. Mr. Trump might get his way on making Mexico pay for their insullance. Make a deal with all manufacturing companies there that the govt. Will waver tax burdens on their companies for five years, then give favorable tax incentives. That will shut the mouth of the Mexican president!

  • don says:

    The security technology in the iPhone is not unbreakable. The FBI could find numerous tools on-line that would break the phone. The problem is that these tools require the thief to have the physical device available in their possession. This was a bigger move – an attempt by the US government to create an open backdoor into all iPhones and set a precedent that they have the right to have back doors built-in to all mobile devices where they can, at any time and no matter where the device is located in the world, snoop on the owners activities. Not Cool. Definitely not American. Just another example of the government trying to over reach for their benefit not the benefit of US citizens.

  • Dave says:

    Because I believe it’s all a bunch of bullshit that they couldn’t get into the info in the first place!

  • Patricia Brittell says:

    This is about the most untruthful thing ever for the FBI. Since when was there ever any obstacle that got in the way of an investigation by the FBI? Lies on top of lies are floating around everything involving the FBI, CIA, and all the rest of law enforcement.

  • Janis Fisher says:

    Because the NSA has recorded ALL conversations and texts and the contents of the phone or ‘cloud’ storage are therefore irrelevant.

  • Kyle Mitchell says:

    TheF.B.I. have some smart people!

  • richard zwirblis says:

    Big Brother Thinks They KNOW IT ALL>

  • Gordon says:

    Done the same way that information on my old iPhone was transferred to my new iPhone. Then I installed new passcode.

  • Mary says:

    The FBI has the best cyber geeks in the world, why would they need Apple except to divert attention elsewhere.

  • john says:

    Its the gov…they never tell the truth.

  • Lester Pratt says:

    The FBI could use NSA to find out who the raghead phoned. They mostly wanted co’s to stop putting encription ability in their devices.

  • Name says:

    WHY NOT?


  • a. oxley says:

    It was ploy to get Apple to cave in which would give them an avenue to do the same to any company they choose to break into private info.
    another attempt to move into socialism.

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