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The U.N. Are Obama’s Secret Police



  • A truck full of military United Nations vehicles was spotted in Virginia.
  • A Facebook user Jeff Stern took the photos while he was driving on Interstate 81 in Virginia.
  • The United Nations has no authority in The United States so the site of the vehicles is questionable.
  • At the moment the United Nations has not commented at the purpose of the vehicles.

On Friday, Facebook user Jeff Stern posted pictures that quickly raised concerning questions. Apparently, as Jeff was driving down Interstate 81 in Virginia, he passed a truck carrying several heavy-duty United Nations military vehicles.

The thing that makes this so concerning is that the United Nations is an international organization that has no authority inside the United States. The organization was founded in 1945 and is made up of 193 Member States. So the question must be asked, why does the United Nations have armored military vehicles inside the United States?

One person commented on Jeff's photos saying, “These are manufactured in Danville. That's why you saw them in VA. They were being delivered.”

However, that raises more questions. Why is America manufacturing United Nations military vehicles?

Apparently, that response wasn't enough for other commenters on Facebook either.

At the moment, the United Nations has not commented on the purpose of the vehicles.

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  • Charles Horn says:

    He is putting in place to use them and other agency’s to take over America .All of this is against the Constitution. He needs to be removed from office for treason now.

  • george atkinson says:

    He feels he has more ally’s in the UN than in the U.S. Push come to shove, he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he can force this country into submission with a UN or civilian police force. For now, we are like a sleeping dog.

  • Jon EXner says:

    I would imagine that president obama would view these U.N. vehicles as his private army if he needed wanted them to be. I believe he recently announced that he would like to head up the U.N. when get gets out of office.
    However, I would like to point out that over the history of the U.N. their military use has been for peace keeping and they have not been very successful at keeping the peace anywhere in the world. They just like to spend our money to make themselves look like they are meaningful and actually have a purpose.

  • vip says:

    Why else would Obam a and Hillary want a gun control treaty with the U.N.?

  • He is using them every way possible to obtrain his objectives.

  • Rivahmitch says:

    Just remember… Blue Helmets make good targets! Semper Fi!!

  • Don says:

    I believe it to be true and will show itself as soon as anything happens that will allow obama to call for Martial Law.

  • Rob says:

    What Obama is getting away with is way past high treason! He should have been hung by the neck years ago! Fuck that liar! I hate that son of a whore! People better damn well wake the fuck up! Obama is one evil little cock sucker! Somebody kill that little twink!

  • Rob says:

    There is supernatural forces working in this world today! Some skinny long eared Islamic nigger hood rat comes out of nowhere and single handedly destroys America! He is hated by so many people, yet he is still breathing American air! Someone kill that son of a whore!

  • Michael Banks says:

    Why else would he offer special privileges to the UN. Two weeks ago there was an article about relinquishing powers to the UN. Sorry I can’t recall the publication or date. I would rather trust a black mamba.

  • CLAUDE says:

    The small arms treaty should have been canned long ago but O is still wanting it to confiscate our guns.

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