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Professional Football Player Tim Tebow at the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic on April 14, 2012 | What People Are Saying About Tim Tebow’s NFL Return | Featured

Tim Tebow’s one-year contract to play tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars met cheers from fans. It also didn’t stop detractors from criticizing the signing, including current and former NFL players. In fact, many think that Tebow should stay out of the league. 

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Tim Tebow To Audition For Jaguars Roster Spot

In fairness, Tebow has no guaranteed roster spot for the upcoming NFL season. According to the website, “Tim Tebow didn't get a multi-year deal with the Jaguars.

His contract doesn't even have guarantees in it, so he's truly what we call a “camp body”. With that being said, when you pull up the Jacksonville Jaguars' roster, you'll notice that Tim Tebow is joining a position group that is rather thin.”

Tebow’s signing only means he has a chance to make the final cut at tight end for head coach Urban Meyer’s team. Meyer is Tebow’s college coach.

In fact, Tebow last played in the NFL in 2012. The former quarterback spent the last four years trying out professional baseball. Specifically, he played for the New York Mets farm teams. 

Signing Polarized Players

With his signing for a spot n Jacksonville, Tebow set social media on fire. Last Friday, Tebow became the first NFL player to have a bestseller jersey with five different teams.

As “Tebowmania” officially respawned, many players and media members showed their annoyance. Those opposed include Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush.

Incensed that Tebow got a job before another notorious player, Colin Kaepernick. The controversial Kaepernick is more famous for kneeling during the playing of the national anthem than his NFL career. Bush tweeted: “Tebow got a job before Kaepernick. Wait till we play Jacksonville.” 

Meanwhile, ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith implied that Tebow’s signing was a product of white privilege. “When we see someone of a different ilk, of different ethnicity, getting opportunities we know we would never get, that’s where the words white privilege come from. … There’s no way to eradicate white privilege without white individuals giving up some of their privileges,” Smith said.

Support From Fellow Players

While Tim Tebow took a lot of potshots for his signing, there are some who chose to support the former quarterback. This includes a seven-year NFL veteran and current free agent, Trey Burton.

Talking to ESPN, Burton said “I don’t understand the outrage. There are 90 [roster] spots. If they want to bring someone in, why not? A lot of teams take fliers on guys from various backgrounds every year.” 

Burton can relate somewhat to Tebow’s situation. He received plenty of attention during high school, ultimately signing up for Meyer’s University of Florida squad.

While he went undrafted, Burton eventually signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. He went on to throw a touchdown in the famous “Philly Special” play during Super Bowl 52. 

Tebow Needs To Work For It

Burton believes Tebow can make it as a successful tight end in the NFL, but he’ll need to work harder. “From an athletic and mental standpoint, there’s no doubt he’ll do a great job. It’s the day-to-day physical part, the technique that’s the toughest thing,” Burton said. 

“As a quarterback, you’re in the pocket looking into coverage. At tight end, you know the coverages but you have to go full speed in a three-point stance and diagnose.

You see the linebacker, the defensive end, and the safety on your side of the field. … There’s a lot more to it than whether he can do it or not. It’s deeper than that,” Burton added. 

Competing For A Spot

Tim Tebow will compete for a Jaguar roster spot with six other tight ends currently on the Jacksonville roster. However, his familiarity with Meyer’s offense should help him switch from quarterback to tight end.

At this point, it remains unproven, and Tebow will need to prove that his 34-year old body is ready. “I really hope he does well. I love what he’s about, how he plays the game.

There’s no doubt in the world, he’s the type of guy to try and defy the odds. You say he can’t do it, well, he’s going to give it all that he has,” Burton said.

Watch ESPN’s First Take as Max Kellerman says Tim Tebow ‘shouldn’t apologize’ for signing with the Jaguars:

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1 Comment

  • Pam says:

    Love Teebow on and off the field… Football needs real heroes not thugs and criminals in cleats on the field. Not white priv. Kaep needed kicked back to the hasbeens only about black violence not football. Let America has her real heroes.

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