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Top New York Congressional Democrats Call for Cuomo’s Resignation



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Two top New York Democrats have joined others in calling for Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as governor after several people accused him of sexual misconduct.

On Friday, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several of their colleagues in the Democratic party in calling for Cuomo’s resignation.

Ocasio-Cortes, along with Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), released a statement. In it, they noted that this week, another sexual assault and a sixth harassment allegation was made against the governor. They added that the reports were alarming. It made them raise concerns regarding how safe the state administration’s staff are.

On Friday afternoon, Cuomo had a press call, saying he would not resign. He adamantly said he did not do what he was accused of.

New Allegations Against Cuomo Surface

The legislators addressed the matter following an Albany Times Union report surfaced. The report said Cuomo had groped a woman while they were at the executive mansion. The woman said Cuomo called for her to go there because he had asked for help regarding a cellphone issue. According to the paper, the governor reached under her blouse.

On Wednesday, Cuomo denied the accusations. He said he had never done anything like this.

The woman in the said report is the sixth one to come out with allegations against the New York governor. These accusations also serve as the latest one that Cuomo is facing.

For four months, Cuomo has somewhat managed to dodge criticisms and punishment regarding the way he handled COVID-19 response and the recording of cases among nursing homes. Regarding this, the New York state attorney general released a report. The report revealed that deaths in nursing homes were undercounted by up to 50 percent.

Recently, this coronavirus-related scandal of Cuomo’s has been brushed aside. This comes after claims of sexual harassment and assault surfaced against him. These claims range from inappropriate remarks to groping.

Last month, the governor released an apology. In it, he mentioned he might have made insensitive or overly personal remarks to people around him. He said this may have made other people feel things he did not intend. However, Cuomo was adamant that he did not inappropriately touch anyone.

Democrats Ask for Cuomo's Resignation

Nevertheless, more and more Democrats have called for the governor’s resignation. Apart from Ocasio-Cortez and Nadler, several other representatives like Nyda Velazquez, Carolyn Maloney, and Sean Patrick Maloney, among several more, also called for Cuomo to step down.

Nadler said such accusations are “credible” and that they should be taken seriously. He also said that the people of New York lost confidence in Cuomo, so the governor must resign.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated his call for Cuomo to resign on Friday. He said that Cuomo should resign as he can’t do his job anymore. He also told Cuomo to “do something that’s decent” after the many indecent things he allegedly did and resign.

The statements calling for Cuomo to step down came one day after the state’s Assembly started the efforts to impeach him.

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  • Joseph Kinge says:

    I’m Italian. This Deezgrazyad Chooch is a pimple on a decent Goombah’s ass. He needs to go.

  • Concrete Cowboy says:

    Of course Cuomo must resign. He has become a liability to the party. He has outlived his usefulness. He can no longer be controlled. He’s a loose cannon. Also he’s not a good liar.(too transparent) And when it comes to lying, the democrazies are experts.

  • The professor says:

    John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe … Bill Clinton and Monica …. Elliot Spitzer and the prostitutes …. and now Andrew (RANDY ANDY) Cuomo …. do you see a pattern here … they’re all Democrats !!!

  • Chad says:

    Not that I have ever liked this disgusting pile of crap and everytime I heard his preaching and talking down to New yorkers made me want to turn him off! He deserves his day in court, if it ever gets to that. In regards to sexual allegations against him. I would hate to think that someone could just say that they were accused against another with no proof of the allegations against them just here say. As for the 15,000 nursing home deaths in which he had and was in full control of and tried to hide what was going on, yes he should of resigned a very long time ago. People and his political party think that sexual allegations are much more worse than 15,000 nursing home deaths in which he did cause and COULD of been prevented, then there is something truly wrong in America, as well as the left political party now and only now calling for him to resign. :/

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    Not just Bill Clinton and Monica. It’s Bill Clinton and many little girls on Epstein’s Island!!
    And yes, it’s hard to prove sexual harassment. I don’t really know of a way to get proof. I think recorders and tapes would work. Maybe witnesses, too. Are there any other ways?

  • CZR2181 says:

    We must all take note and realize that the Democrats are corrupt and we must vote them out. Also prosecute them for this criminal act and many more.

  • David Einspahr says:

    Everyone knew he messed with the girls. Why the fuss now? Is it to distract from the 15,000 who died in nursing homes because of his covid orders? He should be charged, arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated for 5,000 counts of manslaughter.

  • Ava Cummins says:

    America how do we know if this Traitor/murder will go to JAIL or is this another distraction from these corrupted Elected Officials. I want believe this crap he is lock up!! This could be just part of their lies and Agenda, and just BS & Do Nothing for America. I’m still waiting on the 2016 President and his Administration to get lock-up! Obama and his Radical Crew take-down…How can Slow Joe open his mouth to say “Let’s both Rep. and Dem. work together when Old Joe and his corrupted Administration allowing 3700 Children be carry and dump by the dangerous CARTELS at America Border illegally for the America Tax-payers to continue support them if this is TRUE… Demon-Rats are good LIERS and not good to lead any country. They azz should have been IMPEACH not Trump. Slow no speech Joe need to sat down and stop embarrassing our America with shame…..

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Mayor Bozo 🤡 is in trouble 👿👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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