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Trump and Biden Brawl in Cleveland



Donald Trump and Joe Biden Pin Badges | Trump and Biden Brawl in Cleveland | Featured

President Trump met Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden on the debate stage for the first time on Tuesday, and neither candidate pulled any punches.

The 90-minute debate was punctuated with insults, interruptions, and interjections from an exasperated moderator trying to break up the verbal brawl. As expected, President Trump took an aggressive approach to the debate. He repeatedly attacked the former VP on the Democratic political agenda. Biden held up better than expected, but Trump’s no-nonsense debate-style clearly ruffled his feathers on a few occasions.

The candidates touched on several issues, but their responses were noticeably lacking in substance. Trump questioned Biden about the Democrat’s socialist healthcare agenda. He also questioned his support for the Green New Deal, and the left’s unwillingness to condemn Antifa and other violent left-wing terror groups.

Trying to Undermine Trump

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden | Trump and Biden Brawl in Cleveland

Conversely, Biden seemed to frame his arguments around why Americans shouldn’t vote for Trump. He made a litany of attacks against the president’s character, accusing him of mishandling the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak and empowering white supremacist groups. He also criticized Trump for his efforts to install a new Supreme Court justice to replace the recently deceased liberal stalwart Justice Ruth Bade Ginsburg before the election.

Biden’s push to undermine Trump has become his campaign’s modus operandi. He didn’t waver from that approach in Tuesday’s debate. However, some experts say he should place less focus on Trump’s shortfalls. They added that he should spend more of his time explaining to voters why they should vote for him.

The President's Response

President Trump Delivers Remarks | Trump and Biden Brawl in Cleveland

Trump hit Biden where it hurts with fact-driven attacks on Biden’s personal and political record. He criticized Biden for his lackluster 47-year career in politics and his views on healthcare and the coronavirus outbreak. Trump’s attacks flustered the former Vice President on several occasions. Biden’s only response was dance around questions and desperately lob insults at Trump. Biden called him a ‘clown’ and even told the president to ‘shut up.’

Biden flat-out refused to answer many of Trump’s most poignant challenges. When President Trump asked Biden to condemn ANTIFA, he deflected and refused. Biden also danced around questions about his son Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine and China. The former VP also denied supporting socialist elements of the Democratic party. He said he was against the so-called ‘Green New Deal.’ After Trump told Biden his party wants to “go socialist”, Biden replied, “I am the Democratic Party right now.”

Moderator Chris Wallace did his best to keep the candidates under control. However, many conservatives are criticizing Wallace for favoring Biden during the debate. In several instances, Wallace interjected to try and silence the president, but he made no such efforts to restrain Biden when he fired off insults and repeatedly interrupted the president.

Partial Media Coverage

The media fix was in before this debate even started. Nothing short of a total meltdown could’ve stopped Biden from being declared the winner, so it’s no surprise that the Fake News media is crowning him debate champion this morning. However, voters need to watch the actual debate and decide for themselves, or they’re just feeding into left-wing misinformation.

The fact that several of the most notorious liberal commentators as pushing for Biden to withdraw from future debates is a telling sign. It indicates that the Biden camp isn’t confident that their candidate can survive two more debates with the president. The media’s disingenuous praise of Biden’s performance is just another example of the elitist media establishment’s willingness to use their position to skew public opinion in their favor.

From a strictly objective view, the debate was a draw, and neither candidate took a decisive victory. Biden performed relatively well, but Trump had a slight edge. If the crooked media moguls don’t get their way, we should have two more chances to see these candidates square off before the election. The next debate is scheduled for October 15. The third – and final – contest will come a week later on October 22. Vice President Mike Pence will go toe to toe with Biden running mate Kamala Harris on October 7.

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