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Trump Campaign Bets Radical Left Violence Turns Swing Voters Red



President Donald Trump Walks from the West Wing | Trump Campaign Bets Radical Left Violence Turns Swing Voters Red | Featured

Radical left-wing groups are running amok in several U.S. cities. Additionally, local Democratic leadership has done little or nothing to quell the violent unrest. President Trump’s latest campaign ads hope to swing voters in battleground states by highlighting the left-wing carnage.

Trump’s reelection campaign is running a series of new ads calling out Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and far-left Dems for allowing mobs to run rampant through their cities virtually unchecked by law enforcement. It’s part of the campaign’s image of Trump as the law & order president.

The ads slam Democrats on a series of controversial issues, particularly defunding the police. One ad set to air in Wisconsin, where riots over a police shooting in Kenosha are destroying local businesses and terrorizing residents, says, “lawless criminals terrorize Kenosha,” the ad says. “Joe Biden takes a knee. Biden and the radical left’s weak response has led to chaos and violence,” it went on to say. The ad continues to blast the Democratic push to defund the police and says the policy “would make it worse.”

Ads to Win Over Voters

A senior Trump official said the party paused its TV ads in battleground states during the Republican National Convention. They told Fox News the party “saw no sense in spending buckets of donor money” when it was getting “free” ads from the convention coverage. However, it continued running ads on national news networks.

The Trump campaign’s newest series of targeted ads will launch in five early-voting states. These states include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. “That’s why we’re doing it,” a Trump campaign official told Fox News. “It’s a new approach because of the overwhelming number of people we anticipate will be voting early, so we’re focusing on those states,” the official added. The ads aimed at Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina will paint Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden as “a tool of the radical left,” according to the official.

However, the ads set to run in Wisconsin and Minnesota will speak directly to the many voters “who have felt the impact of the violent mobs” in their cities. Minnesota was one of the first states to suffer from unchecked mob violence. Additionally, Wisconsin is also descending into chaos after the Kenosha shooting.

As an alternative to unchecked mob violence and political intimidation, the ads say President Trump will help restore law and order in U.S. cities. “President Trump is making it stop,” one ad set to run in Wisconsin says. “Sending the National Guard and federal law enforcement to protect Wisconsin families.”

Sending a Message

The sums up the Trump platform rather neatly: “Communities, not criminals. Jobs, not mobs. Strong leadership when America needs it most.”

The message could be a winner. Just last month, lax Democratic leadership in Minnesota led six mayors in the state who endorsed President Trump for reelection. Their words echo the sentiments of many moderate Democrats who feel alienated by the party’s pivot towards the radical left.

“Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party,” said the dissenting Minnesota mayors. “It has been moved so far to the left it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats. We didn’t choose to leave the Democratic Party, the party left us.”

The Democrats think their hard-left swing is a great strategy to win over voters. However, despite obedient support for their spin-doctor partners in the mainstream media, many voters are fed up with a party that refuses to condemn rampant left-wing lawlessness and stubbornly rejects many forms of traditional American values.

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