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Trump says America is ‘in Trouble’ after Brandon’s First Year in Office



On Thursday, Former President Donald Trump went on “Hannity” for a wide-ranging exclusive interview a day following President Joe Biden’s press conference.

During the interview, the former president commented on Biden’s well-criticized remark in connection to a potential “minor incursion” of Russian forces into Ukraine. However, he also provided diplomatic support for his successor, regardless of their personal differences.

Trump stated that it was “a very sad time” for the U.S. He added that outside politics, he wished for Biden “to do well. He’s got to do well.”

The former president then claimed that the U.S. is in trouble. He said: “I don't think we've ever had anything like it in this country. When you look at that horrible situation in Afghanistan, the way they got out, getting out was good but the way they got out, we could have gotten that with strength and with dignity and kept Bagram [Air Base].”

In connection to his successor's first year in office overall, Trump talked about how the president led the entire world to disrespect the U.S.

Trump said he thinks the U.S. has never been in such a position. He said he felt ashamed as to what happened last year to the country and as to what’s going on. He also said Americans feel the same.

The former president then slammed how Biden ushered in record levels of inflation along with a southern border that’s not secure, where millions of illegal aliens are flooding into the country. He also criticized the president for the chaotic U.S. withdrawal in Afghanistan, which resulted in 13 U.S. troops dead after 18 months of no casualties when he was president.

He commented that the U.S. would have had the border wall done in three weeks. He said it was “really working,” and “had an impact” as the country worked with countries like Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The former president lamented that the U.S. used to have the “most secure we’ve ever had,” which disappeared in one instant. The former president thought that, at first, it was due to incompetence. However, he realized that it’s due to incompetent policy as the current administration really wants to “have an open border.”

The former president then gave a prediction that the current administration’s weak foreign policy in connection to the country’s rivals, Russia and China, might cause further turmoil in less than a month.

He said: “So now you have a problem in Ukraine, which you would have never had under my administration… You watch, after the Olympics [taking place in Beijing], You[‘ll] have a big problem with Taiwan.”

“They're all watching and they can't believe what they're seeing,” Trump noted about the U.S.’s rivals and enemies.

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  • San says:

    It’s been a shit show for at least the last 40. Nothing but a bunch of self-serving, greedy, slimy, corrupt, pedophiles. Raping our taxes, and now lining up the last 10 years to release a virus/shot to kill off as many as they can! RECALL EVERY POLITICIAN!!

  • Larry says:

    Epstein guilty zioTrumpy P0S is a TRAITOR to this nation serving our ENEMY Israel not US just like Biden. Israel DID USS Liberty, ISIS, 911 and Epstein RAPE, MURDER, BLACKMAIL and Extortion. Trump met his H00KER wife at Jizzy MAXWELL’s MOSSAD honeytrap brothel called the Kit Kat Club. Same swamp.

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