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Trump Destroys Fraud Fauci After Reviewing Emails



Trump Destroys Fraud Fauci After Reviewing Emails-ss-Featured

Former President Donald Trump unloads on Anthony Fauci over emails that recently surfaced, revealing statements that show Fauci is a fraud.

Trump released a statement regarding the Fauci emails. In it, he wrote that after seeing the said messages, he felt relief that he didn’t follow Fauci’s advice. Trump also cited an example, particularly of him closing the borders to China early on, even though Fauci didn’t want them close. He noted that Democrats and “Fake News Media” called him a “xenophobe” over the matter.

The former president then remarked that, in the end, his decision was “life-saving,” and the same thing took place with the U.S. closing the borders to Europe. Trump noted that he was also given credit for it for saving many lives.

Trump also noted that Fauci failed to emphasize how fast vaccine production is. He said the doctor believed it would take three to five years to develop. However, the former president said he “got it done” in under nine months, thanks to Operation Warm Speed. He then noted that the said vaccine is currently helping in saving the world.

Trump Unloads on Fauci Over Emails Revealing Doctor's True Nature

He went on to say that, under his administration, he made “the greatest bet in history, which was trusting the vaccine even before confirming that it worked.

The former president then noted how Fauci flip-flopped over the effectiveness of mask-wearing. He said at first, the doctor said it wouldn’t be useful. However, Fauci later changed his mind and “became a radical masker!”

Trump also said a lot of questions need to be answered by Fauci. He placed the spotlight on the grant given to a Wuhan lab since the Obama administration in 2014. Now, Trump, along with critics, are questioning how much Fauci knows about “gain of function” research. They also want to know when he found out about it.

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  • David says:

    Trump said the “vaccine” was/is safe too. There are thousands and thousands of people around the world that would disagree with you. What EVERYONE should be saying is it might help, but it’s also very dangerous and could kill you, blind you, anaphylaxos, blah. Blah, blah

  • Ben says:

    I can’t believe how the news turned everything around at the time. The trouble is we are out numbered. What should we do?

  • The professor says:

    Ben …we should pray that’s what we should do …. but also we should do everything in our power to get Nancy Schumer and Biden out of office …so many peoplese Democrats.. so many people do not know what is going on in this country we are being taken to the slaughterhouse by these Democrats ….. I spent 2 1/2 years of my life in Germany protecting NATO countries from communism and now we have this Chinese communist virus … but I love my country I will not falter I will not waver but these Democrats I hope they go to hell in a handbasket

  • Johnny says:

    VOTE 2024 for our president TRUMP if you want your country back , right now we need to scent in the military to shut down our gov and take back our country , and drain the stump

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