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Fire Fauci: Rand Paul Has Two Words After Fauci Emails Exposed!



Fire Fauci Rand Paul Has Two Words After Fauci Emails Exposed-ss-Featured

Sen. Rand Paul only had two words as a response to the Fauci emails.

Buzzfeed News obtained thousands of emails while The Washington Post review hundreds more via the Freedom of Information Act request, all of which show Dr. Anthony Fauci’s responses to either critiques or high praises during his work in disseminating information regarding COVID-19’s dangers to the country as he serves as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ director.

Sen. Rand Paul made his response to the Fauci emails in a tweet. In the said post, he simply said “Told you,” which was accompanied by the hashtag “#firefauci.”

In a follow-up tweet, the senator said that he “can’t wait to see” how mainstream media would spin the emails in favor of their agenda.

Rand Paul Tweeted Response to Fauci Emails

Paul has criticized the NIAID director multiple times already, expressing his views on social media and in interviews. He slammed Fauci for the doctor’s statements connected to herd immunity and mask-wearing for vaccinated people. Paul also criticized Fauci for the latter’s dismissal of a theory claiming that the virus causing COVID-19 possibly came from a lab from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The said theory has been gaining credibility and attention among the media in the last few weeks. This has happened even though Fauci snubbed the idea.

The Senator has also condemned Fauci last May 21 during a congressional hearing. Paul said that a $600,000 federal grant coming from NIAID had not directly funded the lab’s game of function research. The said the research was supposed to involve modifying a virus and turning it more infectious to people.

Instead, the said grant went to EcoHealth Alliance. The said group provided Wuhan Institute of Virology funding to study the risk of whether coronaviruses from bats can infect humans.

Director Francis Collins of NIH previously stated during a hearing that the said grant has not been approved for a gain of function research.

Republicans Believe Grant Went To Fund Gain of Function Research

A number of Republicans, including Paul, maintain that the NIAID money under Fauci’s jurisdiction did go to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and went on to fund gain of function research. This raises ethical and safety concerns, as per a number of experts.

In an email sent in April, Collins wrote to Fauci, dismissing that the so-called “lab-leak theory” is only a conspiracy, as per Buzzfeed News.

In an April 17 email, as obtained by Buzzfeed, Fauci stated that coronavirus mutations that caused COVID-19 seem to be “totally consistent” on what a jump of a virus from animal to human would be like.

The president of EcoHealth, Peter Daszak, thanked Fauci for his support on the “evidence” suggesting that COVID-19 came from a naturally occurring virus jump from animal to human. Fauci supported this theory instead of the one suggesting a leak from the Wuhan Lab.

He also praised Fauci’s “brave” comments and said they will help in dispelling myths about where the virus came from

To this, the NIAID director replied back, thanking Daszak for what he had to say.

Email Reveals Fauci's Line of Thinking

During a hearing of the House Appropriations Committee last May 25, Fauci maintained that he doesn’t object to an investigation into China’s early handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

He also wrote in emails that masks bought from stores would likely not be effective in completely preventing COVID-19 transmissions.

In a response to an email question regarding mask-wearing and traveling via plane, Fauci said the masks are mainly to prevent infected people from spreading the virus to uninfected people. It’s not the other way around as it is not as effective in protecting an uninfected person from getting it.

Fauci wrote in his email that the masks people can buy in pharmacies are “not really effective” in keeping the virus out. He said the virus is small enough to be able to pass through the material.

However, the NIAID director also stated that masks can keep out “gross droplets” from when another person coughs or sneezes.

The said emails show the evolution of Fauci’s line of thinking. It also shows his flip-flopping regarding specific COVID-19-related topics from winter and spring 2020, up to spring 2021.

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  • debra says:

    President Trump should of fired Fauci before leaving office. Now he will be here to stay.
    Good luck Republicans getting him fired now. He has become a movie star.

  • Gregg M Buchwalter says:

    faucci should be hung for treason.

  • David says:

    He belongs hung, right along side XiXi. Paying him to advise us is like paying Hitler to preside over the Nuremberg trials. But I have no expectstion of our coreupt government to do anything. He’s the next Avenatti for the dems. What a scumbag!

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should shoot bleach in our veins Like Trump wanted
    Us to do.. He’s a genius you know

  • Charlotte says:

    And many who voted for Biden already have buyers remorse , including myself!

  • Corncake. says:

    Rand Paul don’t just bare his teeth. HE BITES!! Unlike the rest of the republicans that talk tough and do nothing.

  • LAurie says:

    Fire Fauci should be in jail for treason and killing Americans on purpose he should be tried by The Hague

  • Racquel says:

    I think Dr. Fauccui should be fired, absolutely. We know where covid came from but to say someone should be hung for this is a disgrace to God. It’s God’s job to judge, not ours. WWJD I SAY. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP RETURNING TO THE WHITE HOUSE. HE IS ANOINTED TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. IT’S GOD’S COUNTRY. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • onefree citizen says:

    in response to the weak minded reply about Pres. Trump being a genius by anonymous. The real geniuses are those that voted for or support the current administration that are destroying our country in short order. Talk about idiotic, come on man!

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    To “Anonymous”: Fact check: Trump never said that. Biden twisted Trump’s statement on research showing that bleach kills the virus on surfaces. He never said to injest it.

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