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Trump Is Not Happy With His Impeachment Lawyers



US President Donald Trump speaks at a press conference in the East Room of the White House-Trump Is Not Happy-ss-featured

Reportedly, former President Donald Trump is not happy with his impeachment lawyers. It started with the legal team’s opening statement, Then, it went downhill from there. People familiar with the former president said that Trump had trouble controlling his emotions while he watched the trial unfold.

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Opening Statement 

The lawyers, Bruce Castor Jr and David Schoen planned to focus on the impeachment’s unconstitutionality. However, they had to switch tactics almost immediately as they faced a prosecuting team that seemed more prepared. The lawyers switched speaking slots at the last minute, leaving Trump’s Senate allies surprised. Schoen should have gone first, but Castor instead went ahead. The legal team said they had to adjust their order on account of the House managers’ “well done” presentation. 

Castor delivered a long-winded argument and even sprinkled some praise for the House impeachment managers for a “well done” presentation. Also, he praised senators from his home state of Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey (R) and Bob Casey (D). When he finally arrived at his point, Castor said Trump’s second impeachment trial in 13 months would “open the floodgates” to future impeachments. Then, he suggested out of the blue that former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder can face impeachment. 

Change of Tone

Soon as Schoen took over from Castor, the defense tone changed. Schoen started with guns blazing, charging Democrats of using the impeachment as a political bloodsport to prevent Trump from running for office again. He also accused Democrats of trying to disenfranchise voters who voted for Trump. 

A Trump senior adviser explained that Castor attempted to lower the emotional temperature of the Senate hall before Schoen made his scathing attack on the Dems.”This is about lowering the temperature following the Democrats’ emotionally charged opening, before dropping the hammer on the unconstitutional nature of this impeachment witch hunt,” the adviser said.

Vote Results

When the votes came in to determine the trial’s constitutionality, the Senate voted 56-44 in favor of “constitutional.” Reportedly, Trump screamed at the broadcast while Castor struggled to present his point. However, one source defended the team. Given that the team only had less than a week to prepare, the team performed as expected. 

While Trump showed his displeasure on how his lawyers handled the first day, his aides remained confident of an acquittal. Given the composition of the Senate, he can still muster enough party votes to secure a “not guilty” verdict. Trump sources say he needs to lie low until the end of the trial. Afterward, he can re-emerge to help get Republicans to win the midterms. 

GOP Senators Are Unimpressed

Meanwhile, some GOP senators felt unimpressed with the defense team. Senator John Cornyn (TX)  told reporters bluntly it wasn’t a good performance. “I thought the President’s lawyer, the first lawyer, just rambled on and on and on and didn’t really address the constitutional argument,” he said.  Still, Cornyn voted the trial unconstitutional. One of the Republicans who voted in favor of “constitutional,” Senator Bill Cassidy (LA) compared the prosecution and the defense teams. He said House managers remained focused and organized, while Trump’s team wasn’t. “They did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand, and when they talked about it they kind of glided over, almost as if they were embarrassed about their arguments,” Cassidy noted.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK) also found the defense confusing. “Today was supposed to be an opportunity to, to be briefed on the constitutionality of whether or not you can move forward with an impeachment of a former president,” she said. “I thought that — that the House presented a pretty good, pretty good legal analysis.” She said that she felt stunned at Castor’s presentation. Even after 45 minutes, Murkowski couldn’t figure where the argument is going. “I don’t think he helped with us better understanding where he was coming from on the constitutionality of this,” she added. 

What Happened? 

A Trump adviser asked “What the hell is going on?” as they tried to come to grips with the opening day. The adviser said that Trump can face serious trouble if his current issues continue to criminal court. The former commander-in-chief is having trouble acquiring a high-profile legal team to take up his cases. “Trump is f–ked if anyone ever charges him. No one wants to work with him,” the adviser said.

Watch the Sky News Australia news video reporting that former President Donald Trump is reportedly not pleased with his lawyers:

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What do you think Trump and his legal team should do next? Also, should Trump consider getting a new legal team? Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

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  • Mary says:

    Hang in there President Trump I watched your legal team and they are very smart . I do think they have this and I pray for you and your family everyday. The Republicans are on your side you will be fine remember God is in control.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    I can’t wait for him to be convicted he deserves not only to not be able to run for office again but also should lose his citizenship for his attempts to tear this country apart god bless the Democrats bringing this man to justice

  • Roseanne Stuedeman says:

    This is embarrassing for our country. The Dems are so afraid of Trump’s continued popularity that they don’t care. We love you, President Trump and Melania, your policies and your accomplishments while in office. We are sorry for the way you have been treated. They are just Soooo afraid
    that you will discover and prove the election fraud and make a huge difference in 2022 AND 2024.And they are simply jealous of you and your lifestyle and of your ability to get things done. God bless you and your family and God bless America.

  • Huapakechi says:

    Yes, President Donald Trump is guilty of exposing the globalist conspiracy that infests Washington and he’s also guilty of respecting the Constitution. He’s guilty of “criminally” stripping government agencies of their power by eliminating niggling regulation that had no purpose but to discourage citizens from their 4th Amendment rights. He’s guilty of bringing American jobs back to our nation by removing onerous and strangling taxes. He’s guilty of bringing our troops home from endless wars in countries where we have no interest or investment.
    I can support a President that carries that guilt.

  • david says:

    let it go the republions still have the final vote i think your in good luck!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Plead guilty. Take your punishment like a man.

  • Jennifer Spry says:

    We’re behing you Mr. Trump!
    You did a hell of a job as our POTUS.
    Chill out and let your legal team do their job! You got this!

  • John Lucchino says:

    Impeach Obama, that’s who needs to be on trial. Then we need to impeach the biggest criminal of all, the fake and mindless, spineless Biden!!!

  • IRJ says:

    Just go to jail, and pay for it himself

  • Stephen 1 says:

    Trumpturd is not happy with his lawers,what else is new?Trump and his legal team are assholes.The lawers know that trumpturd is an uneducated piece of shit.All he knows is to lie and spew more bullshit because trumpturd knows he didn’t win the election in fact,Biden actually beat the fat boy soundly.As for GOD,GOD doesn’t want anything to do with an admitted pussy grabbing thief who doesn’t even believe in GOD unless it benefits him.trump supposedly is the president of religion yeah right.The asshole has gotten rich off the American people,him and his family of immigrants and misfits.His family ought to be ashamed of itself.But what do you expect from a man who would fuck his own daughter if she was willing.his kids and wife are vermin that need to be can add daddys little douch bag baron to the list.trump has included democrats children in the past so his douche baron is fair game.GOD has no use for a family of vermin such as trumps.GOD IS NOT HAPPY WITH THE EVANGELICAL ASSHOLES EITHER.They use religion when it benefits them.Stop praying for the worthless assholes that let over 450,000 die because trump said it was a hoax so did some of the sycophants the lying evangelicals.Trumpturd has killed more also the 9 dead men buried and burned at trumps stupid wall .were killed by the men trumpturd hired for the wall.Ought to build a wall up Melania’s crack,she had a lot of traffic up there doing porn before fat donald bought her.Everyone tried to make her classy how do you make a whore classy?she couldn’t make a wart on Michelle Obama’s black ass.thats class,not some porn hoe wearing a jacket that said who cares.she destroyed the rose garden at White House to make the place look like a shithole.GOD does not want anything to do with Trumpturd and his bastards.Just one look at eric and don jr and you can see the asshole oozing from both.

  • Carol Gacioch says:

    Remember Trump exposed the evil in the swamp. Time and God will bring justice. This circus going on now is really funny. They are so mad he exposed them that they just cant give up and admit their wrongs. Vote them all out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Carol, Yes he did and was a awesome President!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Stephen, Look at your president now, Evil Biden because he has already caused so much Evil in just 3 weeks, Told you So!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Branden, Look at your evil team Biden, Harris & Pelosi They all need to be impeached from their evil doings since Our President Trump took office. Stop Think!! Why are they so scared!! Ha they have always tried to be two step forward of Trump and I would bet that they had a hand in Jan 06, It will all come out for those Evil Demo Rats, Ha

  • Anonymous says:

    IRJ, Yes exactly your president biden, v president Harris and SOTH pelosi needs to go jail and face their punishment that they have caused for The American People, American and OUR President Trump!! They are evil!!

  • Richard R. Tryon II says:

    I am pleased that those who want Donald Trump to lose his citizenship, can now justify incorrectly a conviction, and take it away. He can then lead a New USA and not be a traitor to the socialists, who have taken away from him, the one that the founders built.

    Of course, it will be best to stay in a State that is among a majority of those that can not abide letting China win more than the bankrupt Dem cities and perhaps several divided states. The New USA may have a temporary Capital, but not need to take on the almost a million in Washington, D.C. or the debt and cost of funding the”Deep State” that runs Biden et al with help from China.

    Yes, Biden will order the U.S. National Guard, that he did not trust to guard the Congress in the Capitol building, because he feared they would start an insurrection. There is no need for one, just a secession, as all see that the party in power is bent on dismantling borders, and all opponents to disarming the citizen right to be armed, ‘packing’ the S.C., ruining the economy and keeping children out of school, so as to have a generation incapable of learning self reliance and accept total dependence.

    So, God, if He wanted to, could not seek anything else to Save our Freedom, and individual responsibility for self. With a New U.S.A., Trump can lead again, sans the debt of the almost bankrupt one. Biden can not trust the National Guard, or the military to destroy to self destruct. He can put Obama into an expanded S.C., but no socialist can win without class war. That has already been raging in Blue State big cities where socialist leaders can only applaud violence to prove that class war can rage while most refuse to be involved without reason. Racism, religion, are ancient history. The only one issue remaining is Collectivism vs Individualism. If God had wanted 7 billion socialists, He would have made us the only species with identical DNA in all ways except to enable procreation. Only socialist scientists may one day make human clones. Most do not want collectivism.

  • David says:

    It’s hilarious reading the maniacal ramblings of people like Stephen. Typical leftist democrat, too dumb to not but into all the fake news, and too dumb to realize there’s no way Biden had an increase of 130% of votes, after the states somehow all stopped counting at the same time. ALSO, President Trump is now a private citizen, so why impeach?! Afraid of him much?! Also so immature and obsessed with the President, can’t restrain themselves and resort to name-calling like the petulant 3 year old illegitimate president we now have. And I’m sure uou feel schumer should ve impeached for enciting violence on the steps of the Supreme Court? Or harris sjould be ompeached for enciting and encouraging the continuing of the riots? Or how about hiden & onama for illegally spying on the Presidential campaign? Of course not, because you lack critical thinking skills. Glad you’re so hapoy they’re wasting more taxpayera dollars on a phoney impeachment trial! Oh and guess what, he’s gaining MORE support. So, hey crazy congress and crazy senators, rino’s included, on behalf of Mr President Donald Trump, THANK YOU!

  • david p says:

    throw himself on the mercy of the court

  • roman smetak says:

    trump should poke his head where the sun dont shine? cuz he provoked a bunch of APPARENT POSSIBLY IMBIBED, crazed, obviousley misinformed, blatent idiots, to raid the nations capitol, vandalize & attempt bodily harm upon anyone they deemed, WITH DIFFERENT BELIEFS,
    So i guess the republican party for the most part really are mostly {there are some who have not TURNED THEIR BACKS UPON THE CONSTITUTION, AND ARENT AFRAID OR WILLING TO BETRAY THE OATHS OF OFFICES THEY TOOK} {a standing applaud for you conservative constitution” supporting brilliant, honest “true red republicans” though few in number now, we will root out those “autocratic communist supporting haters”}who would welcome life under slavery

  • Don says:

    David, you need to work on your English skills.

  • Don says:

    Roman, you too need to work on your English skills.

  • David says:

    Don you need to actually tyep a relevant comment. Or, go graee some English papers, since that’s what you came here to do! It’s not like people are actually writing essays, they’re commenting, often with emoji’s, abbreviations, etc. You should go back to reading your dictionary for fun!

  • David says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if one or two lawyers on Trump’s defense team turned out to be closet never Trumpers, just like Bill Bar.

  • Lois says:

    so tired of this bull crap from the left. i have never seen such immature idiots as those who are claiming to be representing the citizens of this country. the left cried and wailed for over 4 years over the last election and tried everything they could every day to make President trump go away. guess what. it ain’t gonna happen. they are making themselves look stupid and the rest of the world is watching. this goes for the RINOs too. WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING. this fiasco must end NOW. WHO should really be removed? start with Biden and work your way back thru the ranks.

  • Anonymous one says:

    I believe it is a big mistake to try to impeach Trump. It sets a precedent that was never intended by our forefathers and destroys the hope for unity of our country. Trump has been challenged, attacked, and fought with since the day he was elected. He is not a politician and does not play the game the way the lifetime politicians think he should. Americans have the right to protest whatever their government proposes to do. It is part of our freedom of speech. Trump encouraged his followers to speak up, fight, and protest “in a peaceful way”. He never asked for violence. But the crowd was infiltrated by Antifa, and those that wanted to riot and cause harm. Those people were not Trump’s followers; they were not even protestors, and far from peaceful. They were criminals and as such should be punished for the wrongs they performed. The Democrats are pushing for impeachment of Trump because they are in fear of him coming back and seeking justice against them for the last four years of torment they directed at him. It is an emotional thing, not a legal thing. Truth will prevail.

  • tunamister says:

    this is for …stephen #1… pull ur head out of the obozo-biden ass-hole..!! enjoy what FREEDOMS YOU HAVE NOW BECAUSE ‘ bidens COMMIE POLICES WILL STIFFEL EVEN HIS STUPID VOTER’s BASE..’!!!!.. Higher taxes , wearing mask , closed down societies , mandatory vacines , and ur not HAPPY WITH THE POLICE , WELL UR NEW MILITARY & blm- antifah – FORCES WILL REALLY THRILL YOU , TO YOUR DEATH , I HOPE..!!.. DEMS WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THESE ACTS OF’TREASON & TERRANY’ , AGAINST AMERICA..!!

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