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Trump’s Impeachment Case Gets New Lawyers



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With two weeks remaining, former President Donald Trump’s impeachment case just got new players. With his previous legal team exiting, he announced a new team to help defend him on his second Senate trial. Lawyers David Schoen and Bruce Castor will lead Trump’s defense team. After a mutual decision to part ways, former team lawyers Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier is stepping down. Lawyers Joshua Howard, Johnny Gasser, and Greg Harris are also no longer involving themselves in the case.

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A native of South Carolina, Bowers worked in the Justice Department under President George W. Bush. Meanwhile, Barbier, also from South Carolina, served as a federal prosecutor for 15 years. Also, she worked on several high-profile cases before opening up her own boutique criminal defense firm.

Castor and Schoen 

Bruce Castor, a former Pennsylvania district attorney, became famous for his refusal to prosecute actor Bill Cosby in 2005. The accuser, Andrea Constand won her sexual assault case against Cosby using a different prosecutor. Meanwhile, Schoen is a civil and criminal defense lawyer with practices in Alabama and New York. 

The office of the former president gave a statement about the new team. It stated that Schoen already made preparations with other advisers for the trial. Both Castor and Schoen believe that Trump’s impeachment case is unconstitutional. Currently, Trump’s office has yet to disclose if there are other attorneys working on Trump’s impeachment case. However, sources say that another round of additions to the team will happen in a few days. 

Impeachment Case

Last week, the House of Representatives delivered its article of impeachment to the Senate. It charged Trump with “incitement of insurrection” for his role in the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. The Senate scheduled the trial to start next week February 8. Two-thirds of the Senate — or 67 senators — will have to convict Trump to impeach him. This means 17 GOP senators need to join the Democrats in voting for guilty. 

Also, Trump’s statement reiterated that 45 Republican senators voted Tuesday backing the opinion that the case is unconstitutional. On the other hand, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) insisted that the former president take responsibility for his actions. He said that Trump did “the most despicable thing any president has ever done,” and should face accountability. 

Legal Strategy 

According to a person familiar with the change in legal teams, Trump wanted the attorneys to argue about election fraud instead of focusing on the unconstitutionality of the charges. Reportedly, the former president wasn’t keen on pointing on the fact he already left the office. With the impasse over the direction, the former lawyers made a mutual decision to leave the case. 

“The Democrats’ efforts to impeach a president who has already left office is totally unconstitutional and so bad for our country. In fact, 45 Senators have already voted that it is unconstitutional. We have done much work, but have not made a final decision on our legal team, which will be made shortly,” former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said on CNN.

Attorneys who previously defended Trump during his last impeachment case already declined. This includes the top lawyer during Trump’s first impeachment case, Jay Sekulow. In addition, personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani also said he will not represent Trump. Giuliani joined Trump during the January 6 rally that preceded the Capitol riots.

Watch the CBS video report on Trump’s new legal team handling his impeachment case:

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Do you agree with Trump’s strategy to focus on election fraud? Or, do you think that Trump’s impeachment case should focus on the unconstitutionality of the impeachment? Let us know what you think should be the focus moving forward. Share with us your ideas by leaving your comments below.

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  • Phyllis Myers says:

    Focus only on unconstitutional to impeach a civil servant. Save the rest for later. Continue to send articles for the public to continue reading about the fraud and truth. Don’t let up. Wear the Democrats down!

  • Anita games says:

    Biden needs to focus on Americans needs NOW, not about impeaching President Trump. He came without being paid and worked for the people he was voted to work for. Biden has already gone against the will of the people by choosing to stop the pipeline that kept Americans in jobs. Muslims don’t like Americans, why would you allow them access to come into the USA. Biden cared more about how the White House looks by decorating it , instead of working and helping Americans. Stop spending money on the Oval Office and allowing immigrants coming in to take jobs from Americans. You want to allow immigrants to come in while still continuing to keep illegals in jail! Also Biden needs to improve the laws. Prisoners have the liberty to live in prison, when they took a life! Laws need to be harder! You killed and are found guilty you die ! You rape you die! You rape a child, you die! Child molesters die. Think of the kids not the violator!! You steal you go to prison ! You work to live in prison! You pay back what you stole!! Etc. Remember we the people are under God! Jesus was our example! He was crucified immediately, not years later!!

  • Susan says:

    Two separate issues: Election fraud was an obvious problem, also being unconstitutional. However, election fraud needs to be addressed in a separate moment. The American People have been lied to, cheated and we are now in grave danger of losing our country and everything we hold dear and true.
    As for impeachment, it was always the plan of the left to discredit, dishonor, and bring down The People’s President. They are the epitome of evil! The impeachment is based on the same unconstitutional liars, but definitely two different subjects. It would be so nice to convict the Lying Democrats of TREASON. Jail there carcasses with the same intent they threaten our President and constitutional abiding citizens! In fact, if treason holds a more severe punishment than jail, like a firing squad, that would be nicely in order for the thieves, liars, and treasonous narcissistic evil LEFT!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    exactly, this country was in better shape when the victims rights came first and had automatic death sentences when convicted of capital murder

  • j c neu says:

    just leave trump alone hes out of office like the democrats wanted now that he is in civillian life with no power in goverment its unconstutional just because he was a man that did some good things and some bad things while president like all the rest has at some point he was a man of God and our goverment officals dont want God in goverment or schools or work places and now they have bidden to bid their will

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. I dont know how i stumbled on this site. But, im never coming back. Trump should answer for every person that died in riots. He incited violence, plain & simple. Send him to prison & like the other person said, murderers should die. Her words. Y’all are brain washed.

  • Susan says:

    Focus on the unconstitutionality. Right now our constitution is the only thin veil that hangs between us and a reversal of democracy. If they can chip away one part at a time at our constitution then we got nothing left. Protect our constitution and the constitutional laws/rights that are in place. Don’t let them change it.

  • Janis holbrook says:

    In my opinion, the riots were staged by the democrats which was another plan to discredit trump. With the covid present which probably another plan of the devilcrats, led to mail in ballots etc. Another plan of the democrats which gave them advantage to voter fraud to overcome trump. Trump won this election even though they cheated at every pole probably. Trump tore their playhouse down and there’s no way they were gonna let him succeed again. The usa is no longer a free nation unless this voter fraud comes to a halt and is resolved. Evil people are in the whitehouse now and needs to impeached themselves.

  • Sonya Howard says:

    Can any person who does not support Trump please tell me why and provide concrete facts to support you answer?!? He made it perfectly clear when running for office that he is not a politician but a business man and he ran the country like a business, the result was keeping all Americans safe and first, more jobs were created, our men and women in uniform were respected, he accomplished more positive issues in 4 years then any other president including the ones who served 8 years, he donated his pay, he lost millions of dollars in his personal businesses all for America and her legal citizens. America was starting to stand tall and ne feared again our back bone was finally strong. We didn’t go to war under President Trump. Keep in mind that he more than any president did more for the black and Hispanic communities. He was disliked because what he said he will do he did. Yes the way he said things or the way he did things wasn’t always “politically correct” but he wasn’t a politician.

  • Floyd Mullins says:

    The U.S.Military should have removed the treasonous dogs that ran this election fraud. In the old days people would be shot for Treason.

    President Trump should still be in the White house. This all is so wrong.

  • Chas says:

    ANONYMOUS…As an Independent Voter who I think not for the one side of the other you my friend whom is brainwashed!!! I have seen many riots and destruction and killings in Portland with the Dems not even admitting it is even happening…they still can’t seem to speak out against it!!! So don’t even go there with the capital riots as everyone knows this was pre-planned with the efforts of the left wing group called, Atifia who loves to tear down this great nation and continues to do so….

  • Cathy says:

    We need to fight for the election fraud to be exposed and brought to justice. Our freedom and right to vote is at stake. Our votes were changed in those Dominion voting machines and those radical left democrats will keep right on lying until all of America believes the lies that the Mainstream Media is broadcasting. I also feel that this impeachment is just a diversion by the Democrats so the American citizens can forget all about how they stole the election and took over the United States by force. I still say the Democrats planned the riot on January 6th. Just another one of their evil plans to take out President Trump. Wake up America – what the radical left and the swamp creatures are doing is WRONG. President Donald J. Trump is still my president.

  • David says:

    With the staged, democratic backed riots, even by the now fraudulently elected, illegitimate vp harris encouraging it, EVERY single deaths by antifa and burn, loot murder should be placed on them. Impeach both of them now. Biden and obama should both be impeached for the crimes they committed while in office, not limited to, spying on a Presidential campaign and setting up (read the minutes deom the meeting which obama was a part of where they specifically state it is to entrap him.) A Presidential administration conspiring with the intelligence community to attempt a coup on the President. Lock them up (in one of obamas detention camps)and throw away the key!

  • Svend HOYER-NIELSEN says:

    I second all comments above with the exception of ‘anonymous’, who says Trumps is guilty. In addition to the many good comments, I suggest Trump should stress that he will help Republicans win in 2022, and don’s say anything about running or not running in 2024. This will help get more Republicans to vote down this impeachment effort. When Trump has been cleared from this fraudulent democrat scam, he should pursue his Patriot Party and a run in 2024. He will get 80 million votes and steam roll over the Dems. He has my vote.

  • Debra says:

    Trump should have been removed from office after the 1st impeachment. He has done so many things to ruin our relationship with other countries, separating families at the border and too many other things that are not what the US stands for. You people sound like those terrorists that attacked the capital building on Jan 6th.There is no way you can compare Trump to Jesus. I love this country and I have always been proud to admit it but while Trump was in office I was ashamed and embarrassed to say I as an American. President Biden has done more in the time before he took office and in his first 10 days than trump did in his entire 4 years.There is no way that you can compare trump to Jesus. Trump is not a man of God people that know God and follow Him would never do the things trump did.

  • Catherine says:

    the constitution says plainly that impeachment is for elected officials not for American citizens. Mr. Trump in not an elected official such as president or vice president or senator or congressman or congresswoman and so forth . As of the time he left office he is only an American citizen like you and I. So there for according to the constitution of the United States there is no such thing as impeaching him. It is just hateful, and spitefulness on the part of the Democrats to keep this nation from getting on with the more important things at hand. Only 1 president is able to be impeached and that is the current one.

  • JR says:

    Debra must have a peanut for a brain. Trump is egotistical(like Obama), tactless, and very unrefined, but at least he gives a shit about this country. Exactly what has Biden done for this country in the 40 or more years he’s been sucking money from the American taxpayer. As for other countries, I don’t care about their opinion on how we should live. We are the ones to make that choice. Why don’t you bleeding heart liberals send all of your income to South American countries and help the people you are so concerned about. People do not have a right to jump into any country and demand to be taken care of. And by the way, what about the dems who called for people to get in the faces of people that they didn’t like. They burn, steal, and riot, and it is peaceful protests. Conservatives do so and it is terrorism. Why don’t you explain to the people who have lost their ability to take care of their families how that works. Any difference of opinion makes you a xenophobe, racist, or some other kind of hater. So, who are the real terrorists? Maybe you should look in the mirror.

  • Edwin Fiorillo says:

    We must continue to beat back to swamp monsters they have stolen now they want to steal our liberties and give our tax dollars away to 10 million COVID infected illegal aliens. by sleepy Joe Giving them amnesty That is not the correct path to citizenship of this country and we now have 7 million more coming here that sleepy Joe promised some type of amnesty or Pathway to citizenship without following the rules of the United States We need to finish building that wall Democrats are hard stealing our freedoms And giving our tax dollars away to illegal aliens and calling them immigrants

  • CZR2181 says:

    Dominion needs to be brought up on charges for voter fraud and the Georgian vote counters that committed fraud also need to be brought up on charges all the states that participated in fraud Along with Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the swamp people need to be removed

  • Waynell Tatom says:

    This such Bullshit!!! They stole it so let’s see what God has in store!!!

  • Bess Claus says:

    You are now a private citizen These Democrats have bugged you from the beginning. Total waste of Congress. They have not done one good thing while They are obsessed with you. I support you. And wish for 2024

  • Annie Hester says:

    The left think they have made it and all the others in this over taking of the White House. The darkness of your deeds will soon come to light and it will come sooner than you think. America is not a play toy for you to say our right are not ours. America was founded for people who wanted Godly freedom and you left have involved the creator of America who won’t let you destroy His country and take away our religious freedom nor the reason He created this America. You took away the man He put in office to clean up the corruption that’s been going on for years and put yourselves in a place that God didn’t ordain. God is who governs who is leaders of this country. You stole what is not yours. Time is short for you and our President will return to where he belongs. It won’t be 2024 it will be soon as the darkness clears and it will be a big shout from the American people because your fraud left will be exsposed. All those in the White House and all State government official and whom else will be brought down also. God is not to be mocked. Don’t panic America God has heard our prayers. He’s still on the throne and He loves America as He loves you.

  • Pissesogamerican says:

    Need to impeachment Biden and his whole team… they caused all the riots with people burning Bizzness down looting stilling formed a groups they broke the law in so many ways im sick of them getting by with it. These demon seeds need put in priSON THE REST OF THERE LIVES…

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