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Trump Needs To Destroy Hillary On Stage This Sunday



Round Two Of The Presidential Debates, see more at:
Round Two Of The Presidential Debates (Image: MGN)

There is only a month left in the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are just breaths away from being at the most crucial debate of their campaigns. This Sunday, at Washington University in St. Louis, MO., the second presidential debate will begin. The candidates will take the floor with pride and either come out a victor or a contender.

This presidential debate marks the point of no return. Both Trump and Clinton have one last chance to sway the viewing public either in or out of their favor.

If you watched the last presidential debate, you may be concerned about this Sunday's outcome. Which is understandable. Yet, the format of this Sunday's debate will be completely different. Instead of Trump and Clinton, alone up on a stage answering questions from the moderator alone, imagine this one as more of a town meeting. The viewing audience will have a chance to participate by asking the candidates questions directly. Also,

There will be two moderators. Anderson Cooper from CNN and Martha Raddatz from ABC. You can expect that half of the questions will come from the participating audience and the other half will come from the moderators. The time limit will remain the same. Each candidate will have two minutes to give their view on any given topic.

After the outcome of the last presidential debate, everyone is weary about this one. The stakes are high. The tension is even higher. Yet, there are still some hurdles that could cause problems for this debate.


Apparently, there are rumors that Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz  are already not getting along. An insider told Page Six that the two moderators are bickering over petty things like who's going to handle what topics. The fear of every moderator is coming off to biased towards one candidate or another. Cooper and Raddatz want to be seen as tough, and of course, they want to shine as well.

The addition of an interactive audience isn't helping them either. Each one is trying to grab the topic that is best suited for them, Raddatz has experience covering national security so she wants it, but Anderson wants that topic as well. Yet, it is impossible to know how the flow of the debate will go when the audience is fielding the topics as well.

The other aspect is, putting topics aside, each moderators tv network is only promoting their anchor. Anderson's CNN network will not be promoting Raddatz and Martha's ABC network will not be promoting Cooper's. That already has an internal conflict between the two that is only adding palpable tension to the already anxiety ridden debate.

There's no denying that moderators have a hard job when it comes to presidential debates. Most often they are labeled as biased and unfair to one candidate or another and the wrath of the political parties come down on them like hellfire. It's also going to be difficult for Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz because they are both, personally, left-leaning voters. However, this is a debate and they are going to have leave their personal views at home … Supposedly.

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Donald Trump has been the target of ridicule by the left since the last presidential debate. That being said, when is Donald Trump not the target of their jokes? This debate will be crucial for him. He and Hillary are neck in neck and if Hillary continues to successfully throw him under the bus, then swing voters might abandon him and he may lose out on the winners circle.

A major thing that Trump has to overcome is Anderson Cooper. Donald Trump has many times expressed his “disapproval” of Cooper being a moderator. After Trump dubbed CNN, the Clinton News Network, he did not see how Anderson Cooper could truthfully be an unbias mediator. He is convinced that, in his words, “…how Anderson Cooper behaves,” he will be very biased. Whether he is biased or not you can expect that after the last debate Trump will come to this battle prepared.

It's not easy being the only Republican on stage in a debate on politics. Not only is Donald Trump competing against Hillary Clinton, but, a lot of the time, he is also competing against the moderator(s). However, his Vice President Mike Pence laid a beautiful foundation for Trump to make a comeback. Pence has always been the peacemaker for Trump's campaign. In his debate, he was cool, calm, and collected. If Trump can use Pence's debate as a springboard and come in with a different approach against Hillary he may have a chance.

The other advantage that Trump has is the audience. One of Trump's key factors as a candidate is his ability to rile up an audience. He is engaging, he has personality, and people want to hear what it is he has to say. That could be for positive or negative reasons, but either way, he engages an audience. That is a trait that Hillary does not have.

Trump has also hinted at bringing up Bill Clinton's extensive history of infidelity. For his sake, let's hope that he  doesn't. He needs to remember that a giant majority of the voting public is female. The last thing a group of voting women wants to see in a candidate is a man berating a woman over being cheated on, time and time again. So for the sake of the voting female population, I'm hoping he doesn't mention it.


Hillary plays the long game during the presidential debates. She doesn't play the audience. She doesn't play the moderator. She plays her opponent. She knows how to get under Donald Trump's skin in a way that seems almost seamless to the viewing audience. If she can continue to slowly enrage Trump she may come out the victor.

Hillary is the first woman to be a presidential candidate. That is a big accomplishment. Yet, with that, comes a lot of stereotypes that she is facing when it comes to the debate. She has to find the right times to interrupt and challenge Trump because the stereotype of a pushy female is always around the corner. The main reason why people believed women shouldn't be president, was because they saw women as making decisions based on emotions. Yet, if Hillary continues to prove that Trump is the emotional one, while she stays calm and collected, she could trick Trump into giving her the presidency.

Watch for Hillary saying, Donald, repeatedly. She did it in the last debate as well. She has a way of slowly digging into Trump so his emotional outburst seems to be coming out the entire debate.

If Hillary can continue to play Trump, the presidency will be hers.

Don't forget to watch the presidential debate this Sunday to see how Trump and Hillary handle themselves. We will be bringing you live, blow by blow, coverage on Twitter @absoluterights. This should prove to be a memorable debate.

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