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Trump Supporters Savagely Attacked In San Jose



The violence of the left is getting out of control. Watch as their rage boils over when Donald Trump comes to their California stronghold of San Jose.

In the video above you will see a large crowd of protesters harassing Trump supporters as they left a rally. The protesters, largely Hispanic, walk up to one man and sucker punch him in, knocking him to the ground. This sort of savage attack was only one of a dozen such attacks on peaceful Trump supporters.

The above tweet shows how these men surround a woman and pelt her with eggs while screaming in her face and blowing air horns… All while waving the Mexican flag. This was also just one of several such attacks where the attacks would rob the people of their Trump hats and burn them, along with the American flag.

After about two hours of these unprovoked attacks, the police finally moved in in riot gear to break up the protesters. The crowd predictably turned on the police, wounding several in clashes.

The mayor of San Jose, who is a strong supporter of Hillary blamed Donald Trump for having the audacity to go to his city and provoke these innocent rioters…

Is it any wonder that California as a whole, but San Jose especially, loves Hillary Clinton? I guess this is just what we should expect from them.

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  • Josephine says:

    I agree that the Trump Supporters were violently attacked by ignorant people like my neighbors.I also feel that Bernie Sanders & Hilary Clinton are also responsible for this unprovoked act on the Trump supporters.

  • Donna mendoza says:

    I think it’s just like Obama he pays people to go in and do this kind of crap and I think that’s what he’s doing to Trump

    • Paul-don't-fuck-with-me-Cee Ya 38Special says:

      Your comment proves that dumb people aren’t born, they are raised with stupid-ass ideology and faulty logic and common-sense filters. If you knew anything you’d see a pattern of ‘lets do what we see happening to us’. By the way is you dumb-ass volunteering for wall-buildings duty?

  • Susan wodzicki says:

    This is America and violence should never be allowed. These people need to be arrested

  • John Trager says:


    Lock these violent thugs up, and if their illegal, send them back to Mexico!
    It’s time to clean up this country from these animals.

  • Bryon says:

    You know trump is right about imagrants there attacking people just like they do in these 3rd world countries to get there way

  • Chiefatk says:

    It should not be hard to find the coward that sucker punched the guy in the white shirt, he was standing in the crowd when the police arrived on motor cycles. He can be clearly identified so let’s see how hard the police try to find and arrest him. Why does anyone in authority protect these illegals? They are not immigrants, immigrants are the ones that have obeyed our laws and applied for naturalization through the legal process. EVERYONE else is here illegally and should be prosecuted then deported. Try this crap in Mexico and see where you end up. If they don’t appreciate our laws and abide by them, they are free to leave and return to the wonderful place that they came from. I believe that the President and most democrat politicians organize this type of behavior and are responsible for the division of this country. Why? purely for their self serving political gain. The people that are that rioting are the ones that are being used as pawns and will eventually suffer the most.

  • Jarhead says:

    Rabid animals should be put down.

  • marie says:

    they are pay attackers,under the law,equal justice? Iam black

  • WomensNews says:

    A dozen or more people were punched and knocked to the ground by protesters during the melee, as anti-Trump demonstrators grabbed the candidate’s signature hats from off of the heads of his supporters in order to set them on fire.

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