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Trump Tells Close Friends He Will Be ‘Reinstated’ as President by August



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On Monday, Maggie Haberman, a New York Times reporter, said that Donald Trump has suggested a scenario, in which he would be reinstated as president.

On Twitter, she said that the former president has told a number of people that he expects to be reinstated by August. The reporter noted that these remarks come, following his possible indictment from the investigation into his business by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Trump Dwells on the 2020 Election

Additionally, Haberman claimed that the former president still dwells on the 2020 Election results. This saw Joe Biden take on the presidency.

The reporter claims that Trump doesn’t release statements about “audits” in states just because he wanted to. It seems the former president remains “laser-focused on them,” according to people who’ve been in contact with the former president.

According to The Inquisitr, Trump seems to be having a difficult time adjusting to life outside the White House.

More People Recognize the Possibility of Trump Becoming President Again

As per Forbes, the idea of Trump becoming president again has started to gain the attention of his followers.

According to the news outlet, Sidney Powell, a former Trump election lawyer, claimed during her appearance at the For God And Country Patriot Roundup on Saturday that the ex-President may return to power

During the same event, Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, appeared to favor a “Myanmar-style coup” that could return the former president to the White House. Although he later took back these comments.

Supporters Believed Trump Would Be Reinstated on March 4

A number of Trump supporters believed that the former president would return to power on March 4.

According to the BBC, this idea seems to have come from a belief among QAnon followers. They thought that the U.S. turned into a corporation after the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1971 passed.

As The Inquisitr reported, Biden taking power caused controversial QAnon conspiracy followers to look for answers. They seem to have been hoping for a future with the former president following his defeat.

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  • Nancy Coh-hill says:

    Bring him on. America thrived under PRES Trump. He DID NOT HIDE FOR DAYS IN HIS BASEMENT like you know who did. He knew what was needed by my Anerica ABD he went after it. He did , and passed his signature on documents that were positive for America. Totally NOT the ignorance of problems caused by sleepy Joe and what’s her name Harris have done to our beloved America. As is said, bring him on. Him is President Trump.

  • Tommy C says:

    That would be a blessing. Trump took care of this country. It was America first. He created jobs here. He told people that he wouldn’t sell out this country to China and he didn’t. He stopped giving other countries money for nothing. He sent illegals back. He made our borders safe. He improved life for a majority of Americans. He took out the terrorist Quds and Isis leader. He produced record breaking GDP growth. He held China responsible for the Coronavirus. He launched the greatest public health achievement in history. He made America great again.
    What has Joe Biden done??? You rarely even see him or his VP.

  • Melvin Burt says:

    That would be the greatest happening in the United States since he was elected President✨🙏

  • MrRipkin says:

    Way To Go Tommy C. You Sir Nailed It.

  • MIke Hunt says:

    Where are all the sobbing conspiracy theorists?

  • stan says:

    president trump stood for our flag and he nelt for the cross.he backed the blue and he backed our troops,he made this great country safe.sleepy joe and harris hv no business being in the white house,they didnt win the 2020 election and anyone who still beleves biden won fair and honest are just as corupt as they are.biden is a puppet to the shadow govt they both need to b removed from the wh before they do anymore damage to destroy our freedom and this great country of ours,because there is no other like it.

  • Ben says:

    That is only wishful thinking

  • Nanc P. says:

    Right on, Tommy C. Got it down pat. I am an independent, just want the wrongs done by Biden fixed and need someone strong to do it before the ruination of this country.

  • Dave says:

    So once again we have a reporter syaing Trump said something. Forgive me, but virtually everything that comes from the MSM when they report something Trump said they add or delete a word or two, do good old fashioned out of context reporting, and generally do everything they can to leave a false idea of what Trump actually said or meant. I beleive nothing they say until it is corroborated.

  • Elizabeth McVicker says:

    I would love to see Trump president again. He won not Biden. They cheat and lie and steal. I pray God will bring them to their knees.

  • RONDA says:

    Our God is in control..He put Joe Biden in the White House; but, our God has been known to have changed His mind….my prayer is: He, (God) will give us our beloved Donald J Trump again soon and very soon..I pray God will say, “Ok, enough is enough”…..America needs to turn to God as a nation….Christians need to pray, pray, pray …God says He will heal our land if we humble ourselves (Christians) pray and turn from our wicked ways. America needs Jesus! Donald J Trump is the most patriotic President America has ever had. He has done more for this nation than ANY other President…he loves America…He wants to be our President…..He is THE BEST !!!

  • Tony Barreda says:

    He so loves our Country that when other countries were honoring those killed in war and buried in Europe, trump was all about himself and his politics. He so loves our Country that he gave the rich huge tax cuts. He so loves our Country that he encouraged the attempted coup against our Country. He so loves our Country that he disrespects all of us with his lies and conspiracy theories. Etc etc etc

  • Michelle says:

    President Donald J. Trump, he lives our country more than Biden, he helps our people more than Biden, he protects our people more than Biden. What was stole from him, and us, will be given back to us and those who were in on the steal, will be behind bars!!!

  • Oracle says:

    This statement….” According to the BBC, this idea seems to have come from a belief among QAnon followers. They thought that the U.S. turned into a corporation after the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1971 passed.”… seems to be by those levers media misleading the readers by making perverted truths ….Look up the definition of UNITED STATED and it will tell you ..a “ federal CORPORATION “ that means that the crazy Q followers are correct. And UNITED STATES is in fact NOT America a business entity! Look it do your research now Trump did win the elections look at war is going on with all the court integrity litigations I dislike misleading media cabal

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Who’s the snowflake now 😂😂😂😂😂 cry more pathetic trumptards

  • BBA says:

    Wow, too many people fall for these troll stories. It’s one of those ” Becky said her cousins husband’s brother said” scenarios. Here’s the hard facts that are heart breaking. Trump will not be POTUS before 2024 and most likely will not be after that either. The corrupt Government now owns all of us and there will be no more elections to where your vote actually matters. We allowed this power take over of all of our lives with the 2020 stolen election and it will only get worse from here on out. The only way to get out of this mess would be very brutal and bloody and I do not see enough patriots left to get the job done!

  • TMT says:

    Where do I sign up for the revolution to remove traitor joe?

  • Richard S says:

    Tony Barrida you’re an idiot and a blind one at that. If you can’t see the difference between sleepy Joe’s America last and Trumps America First. Everything Joe Biden’s administration has done has been to destroy this country. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING Trump did was,and still is, for this country. Look for me and thousands of others like me to be in your face to prove the election fraud and take this country back!

  • Mike says:

    I feel that if God has his way,Mr.Trump will win this fight and bring this country to a stable status.

  • Marilin says:

    Where do I sign up? Count me in.

  • Susan lee says:

    The best thing that could happen to the USA is Trump to come back if he can. We have seen most of the scamming the lying the judgment and racist of the Dems it’s sickening. Trump is for the people. He knew the election was stolen. He knew it was going to be stolen before it was. It is explained in many messages. I believe in Trump! Who wants to live the way they are making us live now? It’s all about pelosi, Biden,Harris, Schumer and the Democrats that care about themselves. Biden lied to the people to get in. He has not been a pres yet. He is told what to say and do! The Obama’s are even involved. They need to go! All of them! They are liars and cheaters and do not care about us in any kind of way or they would care how we lived and left it the way it wa. No, They are so jealous of Trump that they needed to destroy everything he done for us. It is sickening. Very unfair that we have to live and deal with this when we know better and we the people know the ELECTION WAS STOLEN.
    Only Trump has it in him to help us the people or God! We need the help!
    The corrupt Government needs to be stopped! Blood shed will happen. We will protect ourselves but I will die before ever being owned by anyone or told how to live. We need help!
    Live free or die

  • sheri esquivias says:

    Trump did great things for this country that we truly would never have known,until little by alot it is taken away!I want my children and grandchildren to experience the love of country and freedom that he gave us after Obama!!

  • rottenrollin says:


    And send the fraud Mr. Biden to hell before he finishes murdering America.

  • Charles says:

    If We The People don’t demand the STOLEN election of November 3, 2020 be OVER TURNED , you can forget about any elections going forward . There will never be another LEGAL AND FAIR election going forward if the REAL winner of the 2020 election , President Donald J Trump isn’t allowed to assume his rightful place in the Oval Office .

  • Robert says:

    If you inbreads know how to read read the Constitution. tRump will NEVER BE INSTALLED AS PRESIDENT. That is not how it works. You people are so full of crap you don’t know your left from right. Everything that comes out of your mouths is queeranon bull shit

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