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Trump Was Right: Even Liberals Want The Wall



Esquire magazine sent their liberal journalist Jay Fielden to Texas to drive along the border and talk to the locals he met. The goal was to talk to real and honest people living there and find out if they supported the wall or if it was just a political stunt. He went on MSNBC's Morning Joe to report what he witnessed and wrote about.

It turns out that pretty much everyone he met along the border supported the wall and wanted it to be made. Fielden said it made no difference about their race, political alignment, or income. They are ready for the construction to begin.

He also noted that those who supported the wall the most were first generation legal immigrants who felt that others should have to go through the same process they went through. As Fielden puts it, illegal immigrants need to get in line.

Overall, it is very interesting to see what so many of us already new getting actual main stream media attention by liberals. Building a wall makes sense and it needs to happen. Those living on the border shouldn't have to keep suffering because people in the north feel like it may hurt someone's feelings.

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  • Ken says:

    It will not only keep out illegal immigrants, it will help keep out drug traffic as well. Trump is right, the wall is necessary.

  • Peter says:


  • Marie says:


  • dan says:

    100 million illegals @ $20 thousand per is enough. We have had all we can take of Obama, Clintons and their rules for radicals.

  • Paula says:

    Talk to the legal immigrants and you’ll see

  • John says:

    It’s funny I have grand daughter that is 5 yrs old and they would not let enroll in kindergarten because she was born before Sept 1. But the people from Mexico, if they don’t speak English they have all the right for shool, medical and free lunches. Also the wall. Will slow down all of the drugs and illegals coming across the border

  • Charles says:

    Security , control entry of all illegals from all outside countries.

  • Kathy says:

    safety from terrorist who have only one thing in
    mind which is to kill American citizens

  • Carl P Schnibbe says:

    Because the wall will prevent illegals from crossing the border and entering our country without doing it legally !

  • joe says:

    Not fair to LEGAL immigrants. Keeps wages low for the poorest workers.

  • Ben Franklin says:

    If you talk to Hispanics that actually did everything the Forrest way, they are very proud when they get their citizenship. When the others Hispanics do it the illegal way they don’t care about this country

  • Randolph says:

    Probably not but claymores and bouncing betty’s will also drone support with cameras attached would be helpful to border agents. Another thing to do is set up machine gun fire to let them know if they did not turn back you would shoot to kill.

  • J. says:

    I agree for the exact same reasons submitted by the more local residents. “Get in line”. Welcome if you want to become Americans and abide by American laws, but come legally.

  • Angie absten says:

    Illegals cost us so much.

  • charlie says:

    Any one with any intelligence knows the wall will help.

  • donna says:

    The wall will help keep out mexican’s that are not suppose to be here and isis.

  • larry says:

    build it and deport all of them

  • Peter says:

    Most people recognize the great value of having the wall!

  • Charles Waters says:

    We are a nation of immigrants. However, the people who did it legally, reject those who come illegally without paying their dues.

  • michael harvson says:

    national security


    that’s right people take hour guns just like Germans did to the Jews then they gave them showers, don’t put up a wall let anybody in here who cares Hillarey doesn’t take us over the news mead run the country ?

  • jasper says:

    They have saying that for years, nothing new, mexicans are pissed at the illegals still taking the jobs. Open boarders don’t work. Do it right or stay home.

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