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Turkish Wedding Bomber Was Only 12 Years Old



  • A suicide bombing left 51 dead at a wedding in Turkey.
  • The bomber was a 12-year-old boy, it is unknown if the child was radicalized or used as a weapon by the Islamic State.
  • Over 90 people were injured at the wedding and 17 are still in critical condition.
  • This has been the deadliest attack in Turkey of 2016.

Twelve years old. That's how old a suicide bomber was this past Sunday that ended up killing over 50 people at a wedding in Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pointing the finger at ISIS.

It's unknown at the moment whether the child was radicalized and detonated the bomb himself, or if he was captured and used by the Islamic State. If the worst scenario is true that would mean that the bomb was detonated by another. Most likely, someone who was watching the events unfold.

So far, this has been Turkeys deadliest attack to date, as of 2016.

Gulser Ates, one of the wounded, said the attack happened as the party was ending. He said, “We were sitting on chairs, having a chat with one of our neighbors. During the explosion, the neighbor died on top of me. I remember being underneath. If my neighbor hadn't fallen on top of me, I would have died. The bride and groom's happiest day was poisoned.”

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The bride and groom, thankfully, were safe without serious injuries. After the attack occurred they were rushed to the hospital for examination but were found to have no life-threatening wounds.

The bride said as she was released from the hospital, “They turned our wedding into a bloodbath.”

Funerals for some of the victims of the bombing took place on Sunday. Some showed their respects by laying Kurdish flags over their relatives coffins. Anger accompanied the funerals, as it always tends to do. Some blamed the government for their failure to prevent the attacks.

People at the funerals shouted “shame on you Erdogan,” and others threw water bottles at police that were present at the ceremonies.

The President, Erdogan, claimed that the death toll of the attack was 51, yet, 94 were injured in the attack. A total of 69 people remain in the hospital, 17 of them are in critical condition. The majority that was injured were women and children.

It is unknown if there was a specific target at the wedding, however, the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party were present. Apparently, many jihadists see Kurds as their biggest enemies. The Kurdish are the ones that are fighting back against the Islamic State in Syria.

So far, the Islamic State has not come forward and taken responsibility for the attack.

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