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US Rejects UN Security Council Call For Ceasefire



American soldier in uniform and civil man in suit shaking hands with adequate national flag on background - Israel | US Rejects UN Security Council Call For Ceasefire | Featured

The Biden administration rejected a UN Security Council draft statement calling for an immediate ceasefire in the fighting. The US supports the call for a ceasefire, but it also supports Israel's right to defend itself from attacks by Hamas.

While almost all Republicans support this position, many progressive Democrats are beginning to question Biden’s support of conservative Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including the approval of $735 million in arms sales. 

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US Rejects UN Security Council Resolution

Last Monday, Washington rejected for the third time a UN Security Council draft statement. The draft called for an immediate de-escalation of the fighting.

The draft also aimed to express its concern over the loss of civilian lives and injuries in more than a week of fighting. As a result, Israel thanked the US for blocking the UN Security Council statement. The Jewish state stressed the need to protect children and other civilians in the area.

The US, a major ally, carries a long history of taking up the cudgels for Israel. The United States often rejects official UN statements that criticized Israel.

In some cases, the US uses its veto power to prevent censuring Israel. This week was no different, although many hoped that the US would sign on to a statement calling for both Israel and Hamas to prevent further bloodshed.

However, the US did as expected, preventing the passage of a UN Security Council statement for the third time in a week. Reportedly, the decision surprised even some US allies.  

Israel Thanks the US

Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz thanked the US in a tweet. “My sincere thanks to the US administration and in particular to @SecDef Lloyd Austin, with whom I spoke this week, for rightly preventing the unjust UN Security Council statement criticizing Israel’s actions in Gaza,” he wrote. “While Hamas, a terror organisation, targets our civilians and commits war crimes, our aims are solely to dismantle terror infrastructure and protect our people.

This criticism of Israel is hypocritical and detrimental to the global fight against terror,” he added. 

Earlier Monday, the White House confirmed that Biden spoke with Netanyahu. Biden voiced support for an eventual ceasefire. Biden himself is a known Israeli supporter.

Insiders said that Biden stressed his belief in Israel’s right to defend itself. However, Biden also welcomed efforts to address violence and bring back peace to Israel. 

Escalating Violence

The conflict in the Middle East is now in its second week and is showing no signs of slowing down.  At least 212 people, including 61 children, already lost their lives over the skirmishes.

Since the violence broke last week, there are nightly clashes in Jerusalem between police and Palestinian protesters.

Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza since 2007, continues to fire rockets into Israel. Meanwhile, the Jewish state retaliates with airstrikes and bombing runs.

Since 1948, when Israel first declared its statehood, the United States continues to remain a key ally. Over the years, the US gave Israel a total of $146 billion in aid, bilateral assistance, and missile defense systems. In 2019, Israel received $4 billion in aid. 

Democrats Question Sale of Weapons to Israel

As a result, some Democrat lawmakers raised questions on the morality of selling weapons to one side of the conflict. “The devastation in Gaza is unconscionable.

We must urge an immediate ceasefire. The killing of Palestinians and Israelis must end,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tweeted last Sunday. However, Sanders also saw fit to revisit US policy on aiding Israel.

“We must also take a hard look at nearly $4 billion a year in military aid to Israel. It is illegal for US aid to support human rights violations,” he added.

Watch the Bloomberg: Quicktake Now reporting that Israeli PM Netanyahu defends airstrikes on Gaza Strip, Thanks Joe Biden for support:

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Do you agree with the US decision to reject the UN Security Council draft resolution for a ceasefire? In addition, do you agree with Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas?

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  • Monty Gold says:

    There can not be peace when the Palestinians teach their children to hat3 and do nit want Israel there in the first place.
    Impossible for a two state solution!!

  • john french says:

    Israeli has been fighting all their lives it is time that they wipe out their enemies that have been fighting for years. In our congress we have a few that hate them as well those few need to be impeached and and throne out they all could be and should be charged with hate crimes. May God have mercy on their souls

  • Scott says:

    At what age do Palestinian children become Israel enemies?

  • Rosco says:

    If Hamas hides within the civilization and innocent people/children, what means would you use to defend yourself? Which? What?
    Hamas has thrown the first attack, on reunification day for Israel – do you think that was calculated and symbolic,
    Tell me how YOU would respond! What would be appropriate if YOU were attacked?

  • len says:

    After all these years where the Bullies Hamas etc.have attacked Israel it is time that Israel flattened these cockroaches,till they stop there aggressive fighting.

  • Stephen Robinson says:

    The Democrats are now in charge. This is only the beginning. Iran has a master plan to overthrow the Israeli state, even if it means the destruction of the Palestinians.

  • William R Phillips says:

    This is rather simple. The ongoing war between these two has been happening before Christ was born. It is no other countries business to step in and interfere. Israel has every right to do what is necessary to protect themselves and keep the Palestinian radical terrorist at bay. Another point is for this AOC BITCH to quit being bias to Palestine because it is her country. She needs to go back to her country and stay. Oh that’s right she can’t do that because she would be jailed or worse for her NASTY MOUTH over there.

  • Carol Gacioch says:

    Who are the palestinians anyway?

  • Chuck says:

    Well as much as I don’t like Biden and his cabinet I give credit where it’s do and say he is doing the right thing here ? Cause some in his congress would do the opposite? Good for you Biden ? Israel is your Allie and Hamas needs to stop fighting this biblical war

  • Edwin Stumpf says:

    The cogress woman is wrong, once you become a citizen you are an American and all americans should be supported equaly. More so a Congess woman should not pick one american above another.

  • Jay Wolf says:

    Israel not only should defend itself, but become aggressive towards Hamas! Perhaps to the extent
    of invading Gaza and running Hamas back to Iran!!

  • roger knight says:

    I did not vote for Joe Biden, having said that, I must admit that he has this one right, he is standing for what is right and against those that are ultimately enemies of the American people and allies of Iran in the quest for Iranian domination in the Middle East.

    This is one good one for Joe, way to go!

  • DUDENATI says:

    HAMAS STARTED THIS MASSACRE ! Their own group started this and their children mean nothing to their leaders. When you fire 1000 missiles in 1 day and then act as you didn’t do anything wrong. HAMAS is responsibly for the death of their own children and all others killed. Face the facts. Republicans can you tell the truth, NOW!

  • Betty says:

    Yes I fully support Israel They warn that they are going to bomb giving those living there a chance chance to escape. They have built bomb shelters for their people because the Palestinians attacks over the years,

  • Natasha Lofft says:

    William R.P.— you are SOOOOOOOOO right!!!!!! Go get them Israel!!!! Teach them ANOTHER lesson.

  • Harry (STEVE) Skaggs says:

    Jews and Muslims have been fighting since God’s time, for thousands of years lets let them alone and finish the fight once and for all. We can not run our own country, how can we run there’s.

  • Lawrence R Callahan says:

    Israel should have taken Gaza and the West Bank years ago. They should create Palestine on the Golan Heights and a sliver of what is now Northern Israel, thus creating a buffer between Israel and Lebanon/Syria. Israel will then border Palestine in the north and Jordan in the east.

  • Natasha Lofft says:

    SCITT: It’s up to the parents. Only they would know the best age to tell their children about Israel’s enemies.

  • Nancy McZl says:

    Israel has the right to protect itself. As long as it’s enemies keep shooting rockets, Israel will return fire. Israel sends warnings before firing into a location. The enemy hides in schools, mosques, hospitals, homes any public spaces so when Israel shoots back, children, woman and families will die. Then their deaths are reported by the media. The media is one sided so the fact that Israel is retaliating is not mentioned. The media blames Israel ONLY for the fighting. Like all political stories, the media tells half truths. They don’t even try to hide their prejudice. They tell only one side and lie about the other side. I blame the news media for most of the problems we have today. Too bad NEWS used to be fair and balanced and honest. We don’t have that anymore.

  • Raj says:

    Every state and i mean every state, has the right to self defense. Israel included. A ceasefire does not work when one side stops and the other side continues to blast off rockets.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Funny how we can say things like jewish space lasers or blame Jews for every single thing wrong in the world but defend Israel isn’t this a giant contradiction🤔

  • David says:

    Who cares! Israel and Palestinians/Hamas are fighting?! Oh my God. Say it isn’t so, such a rare thing. This isn’t hiden doing the right thing in supporting an ally. This is $iden doing what he does best and that’s getting money. This is nothing more than to make people like him and schiffs brother, the people that sell weapons, super rich. And to help kill some brown people in the world. It’s what the US does best!

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