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Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israeli Official Vows To Destroy Hamas For Its Rocket Attacks



Palestinian flag with the Israeli flag on the background of old locked doors | Israeli Official Vows To Destroy Hamas For Its Rocket Attacks | Featured

Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett delivered an ultimatum: If you don’t stop attacking Israel, we will destroy Hamas.

Appearing on Al Jazeera, Bennett blamed the Palestinian terrorists for the escalating violence in the region and the mounting death toll. He added that in order to end the violence, Hamas needs to lay down its arms. 

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‘Surrender or We Destroy Hamas’

“It’s up to Hamas as long as Hamas keeps [attacking Israel] in order to murder Israelis across the state, by the way, Arabs and Jews alike,” Bennett said.

He said the terror group already killed a number of Israeli civilians. He said these included a 52-year old father and his 16-year-old daughter in Lod. Hamas also killed an 85-year old Holocaust survivor. 

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“If Hamas thinks they can get away with this, they’re wrong. We’ll hunt down every commander, every post until we win,” Bennett said.

The Knesset member also said that the deaths of dozens of Palestinians in Gaza from Israeli airstrikes are also Hamas’ responsibility. “When you hide your rockets behind women and children, you are effectively murdering your own people,” Bennett said. He insisted that Israelis will defend themselves.

If Hamas decides to turn schools and hospitals into terror bases, they become responsible for the casualties when Israel strikes back. 

‘Israel Does Not Hold Responsibility’

Bennett said it was “nonsense” that Israel bears any responsibility for the civilian deaths. He pointed out that Hamas spends the money given to them on terror. Instead of investing in schools, hospitals, and building on its future, Hamas prefers to invest in terror activities.

In addition, Bennett said that Hamas’s decision is both stupid and wrong. ‘It’s stupid because they are not going to succeed because we’re strong and we are going to defend ourselves.

And, you know, I am in the position now, but make no mistake, we are all united, we stand strongly united. There’s one way for this to stop: For Hamas to lay down its arms. Then, it’ll stop,” Bennett said.

‘All of Israel Stands United’

Bennett reminded the audience that in this new period of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, all of Israel stands united. “When we get hundreds of rockets a night on Israel, we all stand united.

No one will divide us and we’ll fight back. We’re a democracy. I’m darn proud of that, that we’re a democracy. And, yes, part of democracy is the ability to criticize one another, but we in Israel have a sort of an unspoken rule: When we’re at war with an enemy that wants to annihilate us, we stand together,” he said. 

Asked about the allegations that Palestinians suffer from a lack of a recognized state. In addition, Palestinians suffer under an unjust “occupation” by Israel.

Bennett remained unfazed. “We gave Hamas everything, unfortunately,” Bennett said, referring to a 2005 deal where Israel agreed to leave the Gaza Strip. “If they decide that they want to start governing and stop being a failed terror state which is a miserable future for their own people, they’ll find a peaceful neighbor.

But if they continue this, it’s just going to get worse. And I’m telling every commander, every soldier of Hamas: We’re after you. We’re coming after you. We’re not going to let off. So you might as well stop shooting at Israel,” Bennett said.

Is a Two-State Solution Still Possible?

In addition, Bennett rejected the idea of a proposed two-state solution. He said that solution will leave Israel sandwiched between Palestinian terrorists in Gaza on one side and Palestinians in Judea and Samaria on the other.

The solution only creates a new terror state in Judea and Samaria. Also, it effectively puts Israel in a position where it can’t defend itself. “The whole width of Israel is just about seven or eight miles,” Bennet said. “We see what they turned Gaza into.

No Israeli is going to give up Judea and Samaria and allow them to create a terror state that’s just a few minutes away from my home. Would you?”

Watch The Sun’s video news reporting that Israeli army destroys Hamas' Gaza underground tunnels in large scale operation:

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