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US Birth Rates In Trouble As More Americans Don’t Want Kids



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US birth rates are in trouble as more and more American adults have no plans on having a baby in the future. A new Pew Research Center survey shows that US birth rates will continue to decline. This could pose problems in the future.

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US Birth Rates Declined For the Sixth Straight Year

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Experts remain concerned about the declining US birth rates. For the last six years, US birth rates continue to decline.

Consequently, scientists worry that the US may not produce enough of the next generation to keep the economy going. A lower population also means fewer Americans to fund social programs through their taxes.

If the population continues to decline, it means a lower number of workers need to support the benefits of a higher number of retired workers. 

For this poll, Pew Pew surveyed 3,866 parents and non-parents online in late October. This is part of a broader study of nearly 10,000 U.S. adults known as the American Trends Panel survey.

The survey asked those who indicated that they have no children to rate their desire to have kids in the future. Meanwhile, the survey asked adults who already have children to rate their likelihood of having more.

Pew also made a similar poll from July to August 2018. This allows them to make comparisons between the two timelines. 

Pew Research Shows More Americans Do Not Plan To Have Children

Specifically, the poll covered women between the ages of 18 to 49 and men between 18 and 59. All respondents said that they are not parents.

The poll asked them: “Thinking about the future, how likely is it that you will have children someday?”

26% of respondents said that they were “very likely” to have children in the future. In comparison, 32% answered the same in 2018.

Meanwhile, only 21% of Americans answered “not too likely” in 2021. In 2018, only 16% responded the same 2018.

‘They Just Don’t Want Them’

When asked why 56% of those who replied “not at all” or “not too likely” said it’s just because they don’t want kids. Meanwhile, the remaining 43% cited other reasons for not wanting kids.

This included medical issues, economic or financial reasons, and the lack of a partner. In 2018, 63% of childless Americans gave the same reason as having no desire for children. 

Cross-referencing with federal demographic data, the survey established a long-term evolution in parenthood trends in the US. Spiraling costs of child care, health care, and education is changing priorities among American adults.

Additionally, global instability brought by climate change and the pandemic, are also making people pause about considering offspring. 

US Birth Rates Are Slowing Down To Historic Levels

Last April, the Census Bureau reported that in the last decade, the US population grew at the second-slowest rate. This covers any ten-year period since America’s founding in 1776.

Gender differences did not factor in the responses among parents and non-parents. Both men and women equally expressed their preference not to have kids in the future.

However, the study did find differences based on age. American adults in their 40′s were far more likely than younger ones to say they’re unlikely to have more children. 

Watch The View’s video reporting that US birth rates continue to decline:

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1 Comment

  • kerry l appleton says:

    whats strange about this report is the fact they didn`t mention that 60 million abortions in this country and probably millions more apparently yet to happen that it dosn`t make a difference in the population of america.

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