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Thousands of US Military Troops Missed COVID Vaccine Deadline



Vaccination of the military against corona virus | Thousands of US Military Troops Missed COVID Vaccine Deadline | featured

Thousands of active-duty US Military personnel missed the government’s COVID vaccine mandate deadline over the past few days.

This raises the possibility of US Military branches forcing unvaccinated personnel to leave their stations or the service completely.

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US Military Vaccine Deadlines

A military medic or doctor in a medical protective mask holds a syringe with a vaccine | US Military

The vaccine deadlines for US Military branches such as the Air Force, Navy, and the Marine Corps have already passed. Meanwhile, the deadline for active troops to get full vaccination is December 15.

Despite the early mandate announcement, around 27,000 US Military troops from Marines, Air Force, Space Force, and the Navy remain unvaccinated.

With less than a week remaining, around 19,000 US Army soldiers have yet to get their first jab. As a result, Army officials are continually hammering their troops about their vaccine status. 

David Barno, a retired Army lieutenant general who led coalition forces in Afghanistan, weighed in on the vaccine mandate. “From my perspective, it's a discipline issue. 

You've got thousands of troops who are essentially refusing a legal order to take the vaccine. I've never seen anything like that happen before. It's very unsettling,” he observed.  

Even A Small Number of Vaccine Objectors Can Undermine The Entire US Military

Barno warned that even a small group of unvaccinated service members can undermine the entire US MIlitary. “This is definitely a negative in terms of overall military readiness.

Even just 3 or 4 percent means tens of thousands of troops that are unvaccinated,” Barno said. “Which means they are hugely vulnerable to the virus and are pretty much nondeployable to anywhere in the world where the virus is raging,” he added. 

For those uninterested in getting jabbed with the vaccine, each US Military branch presents a few consequences. Among the branches, the United States Marine Corps is the most explicit about service members who refuse to take the vaccine.

USMC policy states that they will consider any active duty Marine who has yet to complete their vaccination program by November 14 as unvaccinated.

As such, the Marine will undergo processing for “administrative separation”. This means that discharged Marines will not receive veteran's benefits.

In addition, some US Military personnel may also need to hand back bonuses or benefits they enjoyed during their tenure. 

Part of Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandates

Months earlier, Austin issued a COVID vaccine mandate directed to all US military personnel. This is in line with President Joe Biden’s recent executive orders requiring full vaccinations for government workers. Biden also mandated vaccines for private employers with more than 100 workers. 

However, the President’s desire to institute mandatory vaccination for a majority of Americans hit a snag. Many Republican states and private groups filed lawsuits against the mandates.

This led some government agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to suspend their vaccine deadlines.

As of December 5, nearly 200 million Americans have completed their vaccination schedules. An additional 47 million also got booster shots for extra protection. 

Watch the NBC News video reporting that the US Department of Defense will require COVID-19 vaccination among all US service members:

What do you think the US Military should do with its unvaccinated personnel?

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Do you expect US Military forces to complete 100% vaccination for their personnel? Also, what do you think will happen to US troops who refuse to get the vaccines.

Let us know what you think. Share with us your comments below.

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  • BBA says:

    This is goddamned insanity. The REAL numbers on these poisons show they DO NOT stop COVID, prevent COVID or stop the spread of COVID over the unvaxed!! Hold the line Soldiers and do not cave to this unconstitutional tyranny!! We need to form a REAL American Patriot Army to go against this now communist led Nazi enforcement called the US Military!! I still have one active family member in the Armed Services and she has been brained washed into thinking Big Government knows best. She has risen up the officer ranks very rapidly for her compliance with the Marxist “leadership”.


    There is nothing to do but give them a dishonorable discharge.
    When you join the military you no longer are a private citizen. You belong to the government. You follow any and all orders “NO MATTER WHAT”
    YOURS IS NOT TO REASON WHY BUT TO DO OR DIE” That is what being in the military is all about. You can always be your own man and not follow orders. Just be prepared for the conseqences of your actions. Like being “DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED” !!!!

  • Watch123 says:

    God and country first but God first of all and always the government and their expectations. First in for most no one should be forced to take a vaccine that has no credentials whatsoever people are still getting Covid even after taking the vaccine. These vaccines that The government requires us to have has not been tested and some of the ingredients or chemical compound of this vaccine is dangerous and it prep it passes the brain barrier and organs and can cause all kinds of havoc on the human body it’s a foreign object to the human body in foreign objects are rejected and cause multiple problems, death could occur highly likely to occur and even possibly genetic mutation mutants if you’re having children or if you want to have children. In my opinion the Covid vaccine is not for everyone there are so many different races DNA types of blood types and not everyone can take this vaccine. I myself can barely take vitamins because they make me sick. And I do not take any type of drugs or even painkillers because I’m worried about what they’ll do to my body because I get ill just just taking painkillers of any kind. So in my opinion I do not believe that every American should have to be given this vaccine whether you’re working for the government or just a natural human being many studies have been taken that the COVID-19 disease can be cured by just going outside without a mask because our immune system‘s are lowered when we do not uncover our faces and breathe i breathing fresh air. However this country has a serious problem of believing everything the doctors tell you and everything the government tells you. That’s my opinion.

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